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  1. I knew this thread could be timely. Both dds and their peers have been awarded merits (inter and Advanced) Dd1 has had distinctions consistently in vocationals and needed this one for the Fonteyn. 😿
  2. It does depend what the students plan to do but Phyllis Bedells, for example requires distinction in intermediate and Ad1. The Fonteyn requires distinction in Ad1 and 2 so if these comps are to be considered then results do matter. It is still worth registering an appeal as there is nothing to lose by doing so. Other students may have appealed if marks were very stringent.
  3. Yes, my Dds ex school appealed a few years ago due to marks being much lower. One student had always achieved 90 or more and got low 70s. That particular student ended up being re-examined and got 96% so it does happen. It is worth questioning 🤨
  4. Hi Canary, yes, I received this week as they have announced it cannot go ahead.
  5. Congratulations 🥳 Dd1 has been offered a place for 6th form but we too need lottery win. Looks a lovely course.
  6. Thanks Anna. After Canary’s post I found it under Daniel on Company House. Gives a start of who to contact
  7. Thanks Canary. It was just held there. It is a separate organisation but was associated with another school that has shut so may need to follow advice
  8. Hi, I entered Dd2 for this in March. I had an email in June to say it would be postponed until 2021. Now their website is down. Has anyone heard anything else?
  9. It is different requirements dependent on year. I have one for yr12 and one for yr10. Not sure if I can help 😼
  10. No, they are instead of a live audition.
  11. They will send details of what is required dependent on which course you are applying for.
  12. Do on a laptop or PC. I found it didn’t open on my phone
  13. Yes, places offered on videos but I am not sure about funding yet.
  14. Videos for all years not just yr7. For prelims anyway.
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