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  1. Yes. I was pointing out that you generally have to be 18 to go on Bird and Performers’s degrees. Their degrees require A levels. Central, RCS and LSC will accept 16 year olds on their degrees.
  2. The funding for Urdang, Bird and Performers can depend on age. Bird, for example, offers Dada for 16 year olds. Their degree requires A levels. LSC offers a classical ballet degree from 16 now.
  3. LSC is classed as a private University and charges similar fees to Arts Ed. Their new degree courses are validated by the University of Creative Arts. LSC do have good links with Chester House. They provide catered halls at a very reasonable price. Luckily we live in Wales so we get very good maintenance loans that pay for the halls and have surplus to put towards the fees. LSC also offer scholarships for certain incomes.
  4. The Hammond also offer a dance course with A levels. There are hardly any courses which just do ballet now as most will also do contemporary and jazz. Moorland and Tring are very good but with limited funding on offer. The other alternative is to do A levels online or complete the equivalent in Cyprus and then pursue training. Lots more schools offer classical ballet with diploma or degree.
  5. Thanks Lara, I will check my emails too.
  6. Has anyone had a schedule or a list of what is needed?
  7. Hi Milzmam, Always worth applying if your Dd wants to. The worst outcome will be a no but the best would be a place. If you don’t try then you won’t know. We know 2 girls who became SAs after several nos at JAs and MAs. Good luck 🤞🏻
  8. Congratulations Primrose on receiving an OBE and for highlighting such an important aspect of care. I am just so sorry you lost your son. I have shared Oliver’s story with student nurses so they are aware to see and hear the person and not a ‘disability’.
  9. We have booked Premier Inn in Earls Court. It is about 35 minutes walk or there is a bus. My other Dd is doing a different course so Earls Court is a good base.
  10. Dd1 has been accepted for intensive course 1 but clashes with another course and we will lose our deposit 😟 We are not sure about swapping to course 2 as DWC have still not announced their timetable. Dd1 really wants to do ENB. Anyone else doing course 1?
  11. EFB is run by Peter Schaufuss who set up ENB school and has been Artistic Director of numerous famous companies. Johann is a very good teacher. Your Dd will be in very good hands.
  12. Dd1 is meant to be going to Moscow for Bolshoi SI. Is anyone else considering or going? Not sure about travel with Covid.
  13. Both schools are good so I think you need to go with which you prefer. Dd1 has opted for LSC but really liked KS dance too. LSC’s new course is specialist from the beginning but you will still do other genres. LSC does require a fee top up but there are scholarships available. Luckily, student finance in Wales is generous so makes it doable. We would have had to pay accommodation fees with Dada. Dd1 loved the idea of being in London and Chester House is reasonable and includes food. Dd1 also knows some of the ballet faculty at LSC who have coached her previously and have been excellent. Dd1 is very classical but is aware that classical work is hard to obtain. For that reason I also liked that LSC are very strong in other genres so if ballet did not work out there were other possible options.
  14. Dd1 has decided to do the classical ballet course. Is anyone else joining in September?
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