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  1. Costs are available now. £15 masterclass, £30 group
  2. Ballet Boost is on Sundays and some teachers are RBS associate teachers so not sure how that will work
  3. Maybe. My oldest daughter is in ABAS so those weeks definitely😻
  4. Early, I know. We live in Barry Island 😹
  5. Congrats to all. Dd2 just awarded a place in SeniorA London.
  6. No fee remission for us 🥺 At least the wait is over. Good luck to anyone still waiting.
  7. Neither have I. I expect it will be within the next 2 hours. I really hope it is not going to be delayed further.
  8. Us too. We were flying to Rome Friday the 26th. Never mind saved me money.
  9. So sorry to hear Milzmam. We are still waiting. We have been here before with Dd1 but she has had lots of other opportunities since. Lots of roads to Rome. Good luck with the future
  10. Well at a loss then. More waiting 🤦‍♀️
  11. No not heard either. I wonder if they discussed yr7 and boys first??
  12. Summer schools in US are running. Dds were due to do Milwaukee and then Bolshoi one in Italy. Milwaukee is going ahead but lower class numbers and less hours. We are not going. The Bolshoi ones are not cancelled yet but again we have pulled out.
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