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  1. They have been on Facebook. I suspect it will grow in popularity depending how this year goes.
  2. 1 is in the under 12s and the rest are in 12-14. It is around 2.5 hours for us but travel near there anyway for associates. Not much advertising about the event in Hinckley.
  3. Dd1 is doing along with 3 of her friends.
  4. Is anyone else auditioning soon? Dds are 14 and 12 and are advanced and intermediate. Yet they have been allocated groups 1 and 2 which on here would appear to be for much younger dancers. I have emailed to query but then thought maybe they had swapped the groups around.
  5. Gel toe pads may help. Dd2 wears these as she was getting pain in big toe. They have extra cushioning by the toes.
  6. Grishko would probably be the closest or you may find they stock R class shoes which are very similar to Russian Pointe (built in same factory, I believe). Shops we know that sell Russian Pointe are Dancique in Birmingham, Stardust in Lichfield and Just Ballet in Wisbech (just in case any of these are closer to you).
  7. Kings could be a very good fit. Both my Dds are Legat and RAD trained. They are associates with them and eldest is with Bristol Russian Youth Co. Kings have another associate audition coming up and Bristol could have space in their youth co. She could audition and then see what she thinks, if currently in yr10.
  8. Not official upper schools but do offer private coaching as do Bristol Russian. An expensive option though. Have you considered Russia? Olga at Masters of Ballet or Chika at Bristol could provide you with information. Bolshoi are running a summer school in Italy.
  9. 2 others include Natalie Kremen and Masters of Ballet Academy. Both offer pre vocational training/ private training and are serious training institutes based in London.
  10. Bristol Russian senior summer school is on towards the end of that week. Excellent classes and repertoire taught. They do also offer privates and are used to RAD dancers too. Alternatively, you could contact BW as they have entered dancers in the Genee before.
  11. Dd1 did summer course before. She was not a tapper. She did not do the tap workshop. Advanced tappers did this. Dd1 did an extra contemporary class instead. Do not worry about the tap. Dd1 really enjoyed the course.
  12. Do not forget Fred Astaire as an influence. They were often compared as both excellent tappers. They appeared together. You can see them both here:
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