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  1. Yes, places offered on videos but I am not sure about funding yet.
  2. Videos for all years not just yr7. For prelims anyway.
  3. When Dd1 started she was a size 13 shoe but luckily Grishko 97 size 1s fitted her perfectly. When we were looking the only ones stocked in this size were Grishko or Sansha. Before you go to Dancia, it might be worth checking what sizes they start at. Grishko do small sizes but many U.K. shops start at size 2 or 3.
  4. One to cross of our list. Dds are too short. 5ft 7 minimum is quite tall as with pointe shoes most will be 5ft 9-10. Oh well you can’t win them all
  5. Hi Medora, if you give your general location then people could recommend people or schemes where you could go for an opinion. She is very young yet and a lot changes as girls mature. It also depends on her wants too. You can have all the potential in the world but not have the desire to do. It is a tough career. Do not stay at a school where you are not happy or feel unsettled. There are lots of schools which will make you feel welcome and supported.
  6. Unfortunately the bursary has changed at the Hammond. It is no longer advertised and this year they confirmed it was fee remission only. They stated there is no bursary fund anymore.
  7. Being weighed causes much anxiety. I also remember them stating a nutritionist attends all meals to let the children know what they are eating and calorie intake. It was one of the reasons we decided against Elmhurst. It was meant to discourage eating issues but as a teen I remember being obsessed with my physique and counting every calorie I ate. This type of obsession leads to eating issues rather than dissuades them.
  8. The £160 was registration and to attend funding. There is a separate deposit of £300.
  9. We cannot get on either. If you have a Dd or Ds yr9 or above then you can take class with Natalia Osipova or Camille Bracher as an alternative. Camille actually coaches yr 5 and over. These are organised by a lady called ‘Devoted to dance’ on Instagram. We have done a few of these and Dds have enjoyed
  10. Costs are available now. £15 masterclass, £30 group
  11. Ballet Boost is on Sundays and some teachers are RBS associate teachers so not sure how that will work
  12. Maybe. My oldest daughter is in ABAS so those weeks definitely😻
  13. Early, I know. We live in Barry Island 😹
  14. Congrats to all. Dd2 just awarded a place in SeniorA London.
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