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  1. For moderation to be fair then exams could be taped. We tape all practical exams in Uni so moderators can actually watch. I do not see how RAD moderators can properly assess. Dd1 Russian ballet exams are taped and they cost far less than her RAD ones.
  2. This is a very worrying article. A full investigation needs to happen. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated.
  3. I used mine in zones 1 and 2 and did not pay more than £7. It was cheaper than buying a travel card.
  4. It really depends on the course and the University you apply to. Courses such as medicine typically prefer A levels but other courses accept a multitude of qualifications. Do not forget the OU also offers degrees/masters and PhDs.
  5. Yes, they do an Easter course. It is a really good course. Not residential though.
  6. Second vote for Kings International. Situated in Barwell. 1 bed flats available for around £350 per month with 2 beds around £450- many share. Focus on ballet but do do jazz, contemporary, character and a singing class. Singing is to give them another string to their bow but they are not expected to be Mariah or Celine. It is still small so retains a family feel. All students known well by faculty.
  7. Is it because her friends are going out? I know Dd’s friends stopped inviting her to parties/shopping trips due to ballet. She fell out with a couple of them for a little while as they were annoyed she would not go out as it ‘was just ballet’. This has now settled as she is 15 and they know she will not miss it. 13 is fairly common for school friends to meet up and go shopping/cinema or parties. It could also be she has fallen out with a few in the class or perhaps she wants to try something else. Does she want to stay in MAs and just reduce normal classes? Dd2 would give up every now and then but would miss it and return. Hopefully, she can tell you why. I appreciate it is frustrating when you and her have invested so much time but perhaps a little break will rekindle her passion for it.
  8. For mental health and learning disabilities you can look at the benefits of dance therapy. For elderly you can look at the benefits of remaining active eg; keeps brain focused and joints supple. Any exercise is beneficial-plenty of research to support. The RAD launched Silver Swans for older dancers. Other benefits include being able to meet other people. One of the biggest mental health issues today is loneliness which contributes to anxiety and depression. With many budget cuts, elderly people have lost access to day centres so being able to access dance classes can fill a void.
  9. Moonbeam if you roughly state the area you are within then people can recommend good schools to you. Grade 2 at 13 is very slow progress. Most children at 13 would be studying interfoundation/intermediate and are usually somewhere in grades 4-6. RAD is a good syllabus but there are many others just as good.
  10. Many schools do not even do pre-primary/primary. I would suggest moving her. She will not be missing out by commencing at grade 1. It is more important for you and your Dd to be at a school where you can communicate with the teacher and feel settled. Over the years we have stayed too long in one school or another. We stayed because we didn’t want to upset people or hoped it would get better. Dd2 was being held in grade 2 from age of 8-10, for example. When asked why we had a multitude of excuses from not ready, needs to work on strength to “we do not enter until they can get distinction”. She is now 12 and taking her grade 6 with a different school. Moving my children as been the best thing we have done. Good luck.
  11. Consent and confidential information is evolving legally in relation to 16 and 17 year olds. 16 and 17 years old are becoming more recognised in the UK as young persons. This means they can visit health practitioners without their parents and are entitled to have their health information kept confidential. The law is clear on this and the General Medical Council provides information on this. They can now even consent to surgery without parental agreement (but if they refused and was in their best interests to have the procedure then their parents could be asked.) Schools do have a duty to care but if a young person requests for their information to not be disclosed evolving legislation may prevent. In University at 18 level, we can recommend the student tells their parents or even wellbeing/GP but we cannot force this. On professional courses such as health professionals then concerns about the mental wellbeing of students is dealt with by wellbeing/occupational health and fitness to practice.
  12. Accommodation is another thing to consider. If the school does not provide then you may have to source. ENB, for example, provide a list. Only certain places permit under 18s.
  13. Viviana was a beautiful dancer. She might accept it on a more permanent basis. It is excellent news for the school
  14. Olga at Masters of Ballet Academy is very good. She is Vaganova trained.
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