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  1. Possibly consider the Spring Intensive. Everyone has to be at least 14 and Intermediate as a minimum. 3 groups-14,15 and 16. All got to do pointe. Dd1 really enjoyed and it was a very high standard. Quite a few international students. She is Advanced 1 too. She also really enjoyed the other styles particularly Flamenco.
  2. Sorry meant the Phyllis Beddlls Bursary. It is in the RAD magazine
  3. She is at Elmhurst full time. Her mother runs YBA. She was also in the Genée and it states she is at Elmhurst and coached by Denise Whiteman.
  4. She is but you could choose who you put down.
  5. From our dance school we know of 2 yeses. 1 girl and 1 boy (yr 5 and 6)
  6. Congrats on Swl. They do not put many on there.
  7. Pilates and yoga are good suggestions and are often available throughout the Summer.
  8. Well done for getting a place. Good luck for next year 🤗
  9. Hi Twoleftfeet just wondered how your Dd was getting on?
  10. Depend where you are. We did Wales for 2 years. Girls really enjoyed
  11. Cambridge ballet academy does associates. That could be an option dependent on your Central result. Mark Swan, who runs it, also offers private classes.
  12. My dds wear black footless over and pink footless under.
  13. Hi Leapfrog, it would help everyone if we knew your location. Then people can suggest useful schemes/teachers accessible to you. Plenty in London but no help if you are in Scotland😉
  14. Not discussing the aforementioned schools. Just stating where winners were from and this is in public domain.
  15. Kings International have an audition on the 23rd June. It is Barwell but not too far from Birmingham. 9 classes a term. MIDAS had some spaces left. This is in Birmingham
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