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  1. Viviana was a beautiful dancer. She might accept it on a more permanent basis. It is excellent news for the school
  2. Olga at Masters of Ballet Academy is very good. She is Vaganova trained.
  3. RAD HQ in London are running Advanced exams last week of August. You could contact them, if you are over here then.
  4. I can also highly recommend Kings. Rugby school is a good venue. Entertainment in evenings and good showcase at end
  5. Is there someone she is/was closer to? She could perhaps meet with them over the summer or even chat via social media. This may help her to feel more confident in returning. Hugs to your Dd.
  6. I would suggest retrying the higher level. You could explain the situation to the teacher of that level. They may be able to adapt certain exercises for you. If you then still find it too difficult then stick to the lower level. You want to remain safe.
  7. Bristol Russian is a dance school based in Bristol. Yuri trained at the Bolshoi before dancing in Russia. His wife also danced in Russia. They offer private sessions and assessments. They are very friendly and you could explain about some of the comments your son has received and then ask for Yuri’s opinions. Lots of vocational students have had private lessons from them. Their senior summer school is excellent and may still have spaces.
  8. Really sad news. We loved the school and the setting. Dd1 would have gone but it was too far for us.
  9. Replied to your other thread-departing envy. All full timers appear happy. The directors are very supportive.
  10. I would suggest asking for further feedback about some of the comments such as ‘no natural facilities’. He must have some to be where he is now. The comment could mean numerous things from lack of turnout to lack of elevation. It is vague and your DS needs to know what to work on. Kings is a good school but they do other genres as well as ballet. They also do singing. The directors are lovely and would probably offer your Ds an assessment, if requested. I could also suggest an appraisal by Yuri at Bristol Russian. He is excellent with training boys/men. Good luck.
  11. For the extended it was nearly 18 for 2 hours. I am not sure about yrs 4-6 as there is optional jazz
  12. A friend of Dd1 has been accepted at London Russian. Kings international is Russian based but also offers RAD. For us we still like Central
  13. Not saying it is the case but perhaps they thought she was younger. My Dd1 is petite and often her age is mistaken. She is also Russian trained but does RAD too as a few schools did not understand what level she was. Some schools do not appreciate that Advanced Russian is Advanced
  14. Oh that is a shame. They have done October intensives before. If that is any better?
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