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  1. Thank you Milzmam for letting us know.🙂
  2. When Dd1 was going to go you were asked to ring about bursaries. These were dependent on where you were on list. If your income was a certain level you were offered 50%. However, that was 3 years ago and it used to discuss them on the website. Now there is no mention of them. That year we knew 2 who got MDS in June so they can come later.
  3. No but it states their building will close Friday. I imagine their priority is to organise current children and then we will probably get an email.
  4. Yes, we use it and find it really useful. Grade 6-8 for women you have to buy the DVD.
  5. Still waiting for the Hammond but after announcements today I cannot see it going ahead.
  6. We also attend 2 local ballet schools. One has closed as teacher is in her 70s. Other is continuing. We are waiting to see what associates say and whether Hammond finals go ahead
  7. Apologies if my post offended in anyway. I was just pointing out reliable sources rather than social media 😏
  8. For accurate information look at the CDC and WHO websites. The UK are now only fully testing hospitalised patients so today it appears we have only 20-30 new confirmed cases. The severity of what this can cause is more than flu. I was a critical care nurse and now I am a critical care lecturer. No one should be scaremongering but precautions should be followed. Italian reports are also worthwhile reading.
  9. I thought they said they were aiming to bring around 52-56. They said there are 13 MDS available due to yr11 leavers.
  10. When Dd1 was going to go you could decline attending recall if you could pay/happy to take bursary. All staff seemed to have changed so could be different policies now
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