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  1. My DD did LCB main company last year Age 9/10 and was unable to dance/audition this year, but I know that very few of her age group are in the main company again this year, even though a fair number auditioned. I really do think it depends on the parts. Xx
  2. yes, all those emails seem to come from her but when i click on her email address it says a no reply one. Pretty sure i spoke to her on the phone once i.e. she is real. Good luck! have you auditioned previously?
  3. it's a weird no reply address but it shows us as Liz Thorrington in my inbox. Maybe I've added her from years ago when I first called to ask if we could go to an Insight day even if we had no intention of ever applying....little did I know here i'd be two auditions in..
  4. Can't quite believe I'm writing this but DD just got a Yes for Eastleigh Year 6..... Guess I'm posting this because I want to say if you get a No, just keep going....we had a No last year. It's also weird when you get actually get the Yes when you're so completely braced for a no.....it doesn't really sink in...3 hours after reading email and telling DD, I'm still a bit glazed and can't quite bring myself to tell the world yet... Good luck people. What a journey!
  5. do people honestly think eastleigh will be soon? even though london auditions were late and people often put both centres down as options? thought we had weeks to wait for eastleigh. they said END june early July for results...
  6. I’m banking on Eastleigh coming out same day as London as children may have put both centres as their options. As London finished late my theory is Eastleigh will be late. Watch me be completely wrong now!
  7. Thank you and well done your DD. Do you know if the numbers shrink at this stage with lots of JAs not getting places to continue?
  8. DD has just applied for year 6 JA place after a no for Year5 and a wait list for WL SI. Anticipating a no, but having seen so much improvement in her over the past year, I'm just after advice about RBS MA's for Year 7. I realise the number of centres reduces but does this mean it's harder to gain a place or is there a natural attention rate with children not pursuing dance as keenly? Do most MA places go to RBS JA's? Does anybody have a child who joined MAs without being a JA who has a view on this? TIA x
  9. My DD auditioned in Eastleigh on 13th May this year after a flat no last year for a year 5 place , followed a wait list for White lodge summer intensive. The audition was identical to last year's even down to the specifics of the improv. DD says they were taught a little exercise/dance routine and even the steps for that were exactly the same as last year and they literally hadn't changed a thing..hope that helps if anybody going back for a second time and feeling nervous. The only thing she mentioned this year that she didn't last year was this reverse frog ( see thread above). I asked her to do it and her lower legs flopped out to about 45 degrees. I'm guessing this means she hasn't got amazing available turnout! Good luck to all the little dancers giving it a go this year xx
  10. how old is you little one? we're wait list too. not even sure which summer week i applied for- maybe there was only one for 9 yo. wasn't really concentrating at the time!
  11. 9 yo DD justo wait listed for summer intensive, so i join the club of mothers asking if anybody on this forum has ever got a place from summer wait list? wasn't expecting any place as photos not perfect and she isn't hugely experienced, so does anybody know how many are usually on the wait list? good luck to all others waiting on results x
  12. finally found it on the dining table courtesy of a helpful-post-moving-person....the wait is over!
  13. Has anybody else who received the yes email still not received the postal letter? My DD is only 9 and I haven't told her she has a place yet, because the email said wait for the letter which was posted Monday...5 days and counting....
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