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  1. My DD auditioned in Eastleigh on 13th May this year after a flat no last year for a year 5 place , followed a wait list for White lodge summer intensive. The audition was identical to last year's even down to the specifics of the improv. DD says they were taught a little exercise/dance routine and even the steps for that were exactly the same as last year and they literally hadn't changed a thing..hope that helps if anybody going back for a second time and feeling nervous. The only thing she mentioned this year that she didn't last year was this reverse frog ( see thread above). I asked her to do it and her lower legs flopped out to about 45 degrees. I'm guessing this means she hasn't got amazing available turnout! Good luck to all the little dancers giving it a go this year xx
  2. how old is you little one? we're wait list too. not even sure which summer week i applied for- maybe there was only one for 9 yo. wasn't really concentrating at the time!
  3. 9 yo DD justo wait listed for summer intensive, so i join the club of mothers asking if anybody on this forum has ever got a place from summer wait list? wasn't expecting any place as photos not perfect and she isn't hugely experienced, so does anybody know how many are usually on the wait list? good luck to all others waiting on results x
  4. finally found it on the dining table courtesy of a helpful-post-moving-person....the wait is over!
  5. Has anybody else who received the yes email still not received the postal letter? My DD is only 9 and I haven't told her she has a place yet, because the email said wait for the letter which was posted Monday...5 days and counting....
  6. a sad moment....i can only imagine it gets tougher to get in as the age rises...hope she finds another door opens soon instead x
  7. thank you both. DD will be grateful that I have managed to get some clarity on it. Telling her the news after school tomorrow!
  8. Thanks MAK. Did your email actually say your DD1 shortlisted for the tour ? Our email just offered a place in London Children's Ballet which I took as meaning we will let you know after casting if you're on the tour or on the stage. Am I just completely misunderstanding? So grateful for this forum sharing all this info that is so difficult to find out anywhere else. Dance parenting is such a journey...
  9. My heart goes out to any little, or not so little, dancers, who didn't get the yes today. We received a yes, but although the letter goes into great detail about the level of commitment required, it doesn't clarify the difference between cast and touring company commitment, or if there is any. But logically the touring company's commitment is bigger because they are on standby for shows in case anybody is ill, but they also tour- yes? So does anybody understand/know if they do the division between cast and touring company straight from the auditions in January? Or do they rehearse everybody together and then choose their child to play a certain part nearer the time of the shows? If you get touring company when do you find out your touring "dates'? Again, sorry to those who aren't joining the company this year. I hope the forum members don't mind me asking these questions so close to the yes/no email...
  10. we're last-minute hotel booking for saturday night- on the hunt for recommendations from trusty forum members? good luck to all attending sunday x
  11. Could be wrong but I think that was the nutcracker workshop which is open to all..
  12. My 9yo recalled. We’re not hugely clued up on the process but from memory of reading the website those that didn’t progress beyond this stage another year received a masterclass with anna rose o Sullivan. Perhaps other forum members have more info (or I could go back to the website and read!) so definitely exciting to get this far whatever happens next. Sure it was difficult to not take all of those beautiful ballet children through. Well done to all for giving it a go, whatever the outcome xx
  13. Thank you so much for the reassurance that this list is the complete list and it doesn’t run every Sunday from the New Year- and as you say, huge number of entrants so we’re statistically unlikely to end up on the tour/ company anyway. We’d only miss 2 CBAs in the spring term and one in the summer and I understand they are ok as long as it’s no more than 2 per term. Becalmed...good luck to all our little hopefuls xx
  14. only just realised, while reading this thread, that there may be sunday rehearsals- or is the conscensus that this year the sundays have been dropped? i thought the list of rehearsal dates on the site was all there was, and it didn't cross my mind there would be extra days. are the sundays mentioned on this thread in addition to those rehearsals? not sure how Tring CBAs would feel about not having a terms' notice: equally would be very annoying to pay for tring and not attend. for the touring company, are the rehearsal dates exactly the same as the main company? and when do they tour- obviously not the performance dates so when?! thank you in advance....
  15. Same here. They're practising something in groups in their bedrooms! Looks really fun and friendly. Lovely to see those scenes on insta. Hope they keep posting. I think I wish I was doing NYB myself 😀
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