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  1. Many thanks Peanut68 - I will check out those leads - all very helpful! Thanks so much again.
  2. I am looking for a half term drama/acting workshop for my daughter, specifically in relation to ballet performance on stage. Can anyone recommend a suitable venue/course in central London? Many thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for your thoughts Pups Mum, Glissade and Glowlight. Glowlight so sorry to hear about your daughter's audition experience - that was brutal! I hope she was successful elsewhere in Covent Garden!
  4. London Children's Ballet have selected some of the same children for their productions several years running. Do LCB do this for a particular reason? As children can only apply for a few years due to age restrictions, it seems a shame not to have a 'level playing field' and introduce new blood by having an entirely fresh company each year, to give other children the best chance possible of being selected for such a fantastic opportunity. I would be so interested to know what the general thoughts and views are on this.
  5. Having been wait listed twice before for JA's, it was a no this time round for Mids - very disappointing but there are always other opportunities....
  6. Ballet Boost has recently established the Academy of Balletic Arts at the Pineapple Studios - any thoughts/opinions on it?
  7. Does anyone know when the London RBS MA results are coming out?
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