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  1. Well done to everyone who got a yes! X
  2. I bought my tickets in the new year sale back at the beginning of Dec. The tickets went for that and the gala really quickly and I suspect that's the reason for sell out? If you sign up for the emails, they send notification of when the discounted tickets go on sale. Tickets for Matt Bourne's red shoes were in the sale too
  3. I wasn't blown away by the music in part 1. The phrasing was a bit out. But I absolutely agree with your comments re. Erik Woolhouse. The elevation in his jumps were outstanding and he was just technically beautiful to watch
  4. https://officiallondontheatre.com/new-year-sale/ This show was brilliant. Costumes. Everything said above. My standouts were Erik Woolhouse, Shiori Kase and Brooklyn Mack.
  5. Discounted tickets for this are still available in the new year sale on the official London theatre website Thank you for your wonderful reviews. On my way to see this now. Really looking forward to it!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Seeing this on Friday and really looking forward to it
  7. I really think it's quite bad form to take pics during the ballet whether you are the famous Sharon Stone or not. I did wonder the fact that she publicised it and endorsed the ballet as being a must see might have ameliorated this but on balance I think you can still rave about a ballet without posting offending pics
  8. Romeo and Juliet with Naghdi and Campbell In fact, was Jewels this year? Or last?
  9. 😊loved the reminiscing of the drina series. And lovely for you to offer all those books and magazines xx
  10. Anyone seen this? https://t.co/7dsGGMXiSO Sharon Stone took pics of Swan Lake and tweeted it. Matt Bourne's response was perfect which was to thank her for going but said she was naughty for taking pics. I do have an issue with people taking photos during a performance but wonder whether the publicity of the ballet to a wider audience outweighs the negatives? Thoughts anyone?
  11. Thank you. Without this forum, I'd be so lost. You've pulled together a community who has some valuable info and advice that I have benefitted so much from. Thank you and hope you're having a lovely break xx
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