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  1. That's odd. I'm certain that Bloch do split sole satins as my little one had them. Wonder, maybe they discontinued them. They come in narrow sizes as my daughter's a B. Have you tried dance wear central or move dancewear? Good luck trying to find them
  2. I think Hong Kong has been cancelled
  3. At the Bromley audition a couple of weeks ago, there were three half scholarships awarded to juniors and three half scholarships to seniors
  4. I'll DM you my email address as realise you can't send pics over messaging. Thanks
  5. Please may you send me a pic? Thank you
  6. Thank you everyone. Those dratted exam uniform leotards are the worst! Looks like I need to go shopping with DD. Great tips re. ruching!
  7. My DD is starting to develop and the leotards she has are fairly unforgiving. Can anyone please recommend leotards that are sufficiently lined in the chest area to prevent embarrassment?
  8. I know nothing of ballet, only from hearing the dance teacher bark at DD 'square hips!'
  9. Is it not better that she's raised this now rather than enrolled somewhere that costs a mini mortgage and then wanted to drop out. Defo worth a proper heart to heart Wishing you and your daughter all the best xx
  10. I'll go and hide in a corner with my dunce's hat on Sorry
  11. Sorry, I didn't realise copying the list of prizes and winners offend the rules. Sorry
  12. I remember there were quite a few scholarships to summer schools at various dance schools, even to those who didn't get through to finals. I remember there was something on social media. I'll see if I can find it and post. Just a black leotard and you can have a practice skirt for the prelims. Tutu/costume for the finals Hope this helps
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