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  1. Thanks. That is super helpful, margarite and confuddled. I've deferred her ballet exam to next year just in case she gets through to the finals but we signed her up for the Rad competition which if she gets through, she's going to have to miss or some miracle has to happen with the rehearsal schedule. Then there are the associate classes she has and would miss at least 5. 🤪🤪 This is all very difficult. That is, of course, assuming she gets through. It looks very competitive. Over 700 kids for 56 spaces... If she doesn't get through, then there is no issue 😁😁😁
  2. Go with your gut. Mine was held back. No reason given. Eventually we went elsewhere for other reasons and wish we left earlier. If it doesn't feel right, it's probs not right.
  3. Ah. I searched under London children's ballet and no matches came up! Thanks Jan!
  4. I think it's unlikely your dance teacher will accept your DD doing her exam elsewhere. Can I suggest approaching them again and ask whether she can do grade 1 now together with the primary classes? That way, she can learn stuff that is new and also keep reminding herself of the stuff needed for the exam next year. It will mean extra fees of course but a suggestion? Or alternately, move her. The school should have given you a cogent reason in the first place and to tell you to leave if you're not happy is hardly a dance school worth your effort?
  5. Has anyone's DD or DS on here done this? I have signed my DD up to audition and looked at the dates of rehearsal which will definitely clash with associate classes. If she gets a minor part, how likely is she needed for all of the dates? Can anyone impart any wisdom as to what is expected? Obv if she gets in, then we will totally committed but would like a good idea of what is realistic? Thanks
  6. Best of luck to everyone starting and fingers crossed to those on the waiting list xx
  7. Sainsbury's! They often do 25pc off and they come in packs of three, two pink and one white. They do perfectly well for every day classes and for festivals or exams, we usually go with Bloch
  8. Devil play for developpe? As someone who never managed french at school, I constantly struggle to my DDs amusement
  9. I wonder whether she would have apologised if she had made a similar remark about another boy, i.e. not popular Prince George, doing ballet. So disingenuous. Sadly the prejudice is deep rooted
  10. Next stop Great British sewing bee?
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 The day my DD says she will do her own sewing is the day I win a lottery ticket!
  12. This might show my age but I remember being taught sewing and how to use a sewing machine in home economics and art classes at school. Does this not happen anymore? Sorry can't help with sewing tutorials but I'm sure YouTube has a great selection that they can google
  13. Blochs do full sole leather in different widths. Currently on sale. Some are £3.90, £4ish.
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