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  1. Well done to all those with yeses, good luck to those with WL and sorry to those with no's. It's a tough old slog and we're just not in the financial position to keep throwing money at applications. That said, some schools don't charge and others have reduced fee. It's a shame that ballet is so expensive for so many.
  2. I once made a boo boo on the form and put in the wrong age. They picked that up right away and emailed to check. So I think they're likely to check if they are in doubt. Also in answer to another question, you want to apply for another week, that's another application and fee you need to make and pay...
  3. It's hard not to be disheartened by the no's. It's nice to hear of success stories but we really have resigned ourselves to a no really just means that and not a 'not yet'. It saddens me that ballet remains such an expensive pursuit, constant application fees which are simply unaffordable for very many families.
  4. Hong Kong- Those who had places 2020 were offered a guaranteed place for 2021 but have been informed that the places cannot be carried forward two years. They've offered free application fees to those who apply in 2022... Not sure whether they've simply offered the same for those who have already applied
  5. This absolutely. A good teacher will always try to support you and your dd and not hold them back because they want to keep hold of talent in the studios. Be honest and that will go a long way. We were there once. We ended up leaving and going elsewhere. Not looked back and wished we'd done it earlier
  6. Does anyone please have any recommendations for decent hair spray that holds a bun properly in place but doesn't end up looking like super bad dandruff close up? And doesn't require fairy liquid (or something similar) to wash out?
  7. My own thought is that it won't be until next year, probs Feb half term... I totally do not miss the running around, trying to remember all dd's bits and the stress of all of it!
  8. Excellent condition Degas black leotard 9501 12A From pet and smoke free home £30 Inc PP DM for pics
  9. Still places available for this. Looks good https://bookwhen.com/elmhurstballetschool
  10. My thoughts are with all affected by the news and hope that students are being fully supported and other schools will rally to assist insofar as possible
  11. We'd booked but dd can't make a couple of the workshops on sat. I think it's great value. Two half days for £50. Says min grade 3 rad but I think any experience is good and sometimes going back to basics is not a bad thing, esp when very basic technique often goes out of the window as things get harder for them. Just my tuppence
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