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  1. I'm not sure. I seem to remember having to put in dd's dob. You could contact them? Not sure how much actually dancing there's going to be...
  2. Yes. You click the link and it takes you to different website, Eventbrite or similar. There you can complete your 'ticket' purchase. Try making sure your browser accepts opening of new windows/tabs...
  3. Elmhurst cancelled their summer school a few weeks ago. Which was absolutely the right decision I thought. The email was perfectly sensible and explained their reasons clearly. I can see why RBS might hold out as long as possible- it's a massive source of income for them but bottom line, it may be taken out of their hands esp if the UK get hit with a second wave of covid as other countries have
  4. Massive congrats to your child. Which venue and what age is she? A friend of mine still hasn't heard anything and has given up hope!
  5. What's still available please?
  6. That's odd. I'm certain that Bloch do split sole satins as my little one had them. Wonder, maybe they discontinued them. They come in narrow sizes as my daughter's a B. Have you tried dance wear central or move dancewear? Good luck trying to find them
  7. I think Hong Kong has been cancelled
  8. At the Bromley audition a couple of weeks ago, there were three half scholarships awarded to juniors and three half scholarships to seniors
  9. I'll DM you my email address as realise you can't send pics over messaging. Thanks
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