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  1. But ballet exams are the same. If you don't meet a certain score you don't get a distinction, or a merit. Same principle. If there is one good candidate amongst a number of average candidates, that one doesn't get elevated to distinction, there's a marking scheme or criteria. Guess principle is the same?
  2. There were three pdd in finals. And yes, In some categories, medals were not awarded as judges did not think the scores did not meet necessary threshold. This was most apparent in the groups category where bronze was not automatically awarded to the third group. Tough on the seniors tho where the boy got a silver but no gold was given for the section. Similar also to some festivals I've been to
  3. Argh the 11+??! 🤪🤪🤪 Not got a clue about that either. No idea how the answers to the questions are what they are. Everything I look at looks like a magic eye poster and I'm waiting for the answer to jump out at me! Good luck everyone, whatever you do. Can't say I'm enjoying either this dancing malarkey or looking at secondary schools.
  4. Good for you. So sorry it's a no. I've had two years of no's and it will be a no again this year. I tried to discourage DD from applying- the last two years were so stressful and the lack of transparency, the constant speculation of what they are looking for and the wait is all too much. There are very few spaces already, which decreases the older your DC get that really one is looking at less than a 10% chance of getting in. I already told my one to expect a no. No expectations mean no upset.
  5. My biggest issue isn't with bullying teachers: it's with bullying parents who feel the necessity to assert themselves, further their child's interests by putting down others.
  6. Was tempted to doctor my dd photos to make her look like Margot Fonteyn! 🤣🤣🤣. Don't worry, I didn't. I think they'd quickly realise very quickly that my child bears little to no resemblance to her, other than having a head, some arms (in the wrong place) and legs (just!)
  7. That's interesting. I thought the overall winner was from Elmhurst. I recognise the name from an article. She won the Phyllis Bedells Bursary...
  8. Anyone catch this at the peacock theatre in London before it ended? Not your average dance show but it was enjoyable
  9. I was one of those on twitter commenting during the intervals in the cinema I don't know much about ballet; everything I know comes from taking my daughter to lessons but I thought the production was exceptional, the music was excellent and both Romeo and Juliet were beautiful. I love the way the cinema has made ballet accessible to all. I wouldn't necessarily have either the money nor the wherewithal to go otherwise. I can't comment on technique or shoes as I was captivated by the story and the acting. Overall absolutely stunning and a real treat
  10. Thanks. It will be Central. Doesn't appear to be much publicity about this scheme
  11. Anyone know anything about this programme? Any views?
  12. I've told my one to assume it's a no. It's so competitive and only a few spaces. No expectations mean no disappointment. Dd is happy tho. Said it was a good class.
  13. No worries... Not sure. I can post my list but probs best wait for their official announcements on Instagram or website
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