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  1. This masterclass was today. DD said it's by far one of the best masterclasses she's done. Very challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Thoroughly recommended
  2. Sorry to be thick. Leg rises. Are they the same as going on tiptoe then back down? Not quite down with the lingo yet
  3. RT and have commented. Ridiculous to think that this is only just happening in 2019!!
  4. We missed her ballet exam for the finals. Told her this morning. She's a little disappointed but said stoically 'well, the competition is tough and the other girls were better than me'. She's my hero.
  5. You're welcome 😂 I'll have to tell my DD in the morning she didn't get through. Bit sad about it as it would have been an amazing opp but I'm sure she will be fine. Does anyone know if previous years' dancers will always make the cut? DD was auditioning in the same group as that amazing girl who was Posy in Ballet Shoes last year. Massive congrats to those who got through. Commiserations to those who didn't.
  6. A no for us. Turns out the email was sent hours earlier but landed in my spam! Well done everyone who got through
  7. Congrats x No idea I've given up refreshing my emails now.
  8. Me neither. I hope we hear soon. I'd like to book my hols whilst there are some good Black Fri deals still on...
  9. No the masterclass is open to anyone I think. The application form is on the website
  10. Oh and I specifically asked about the suggested Dec date as I wanted to book my hols. They reassured me Monday.
  11. They called me yesterday about the masterclass. They said results were supposed to be yesterday but will be Monday now.
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