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Found 11 results

  1. Has anyone heard anything about NYB this year? I’ve had a look at their website and it still doesn’t have anything up about the timing of auditions or even what it will be this year (apart from not residential) but I thought someone here might have some insider knowledge!
  2. Has anyone's DD or DS on here done this? I have signed my DD up to audition and looked at the dates of rehearsal which will definitely clash with associate classes. If she gets a minor part, how likely is she needed for all of the dates? Can anyone impart any wisdom as to what is expected? Obv if she gets in, then we will totally committed but would like a good idea of what is realistic? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am trying to find out more info about English Youth Ballet as I keep reading about it on here but I can't find much info on their website. Can anyone please explain? Is it a weekly class or do you just do a set number of classes then 1 performance? If a set number roughly how long does it last and how many classes are there? What day is it usually on? Would it clash with Saturday associate classes? Thanks in advance!
  4. Morning all! Registration seems to be open for LCB’s autumn auditions for their 2018 production of Ballet Shoes. It’s taking place in early July. Excitement in this house as DS is old enough to audition this year, but sadness too as DD is too old this year.
  5. Hi guys, Pretty new to this game so bare with, My daughter is 10 years old, very keen and pretty good (I am a little bias), she wants to start auditioning and to do more competitions, so here's where I need help...….I've looked through threads and found things like RBS junior associate, London Children's Ballet etc.. Is there more? Thanks in advance
  6. So new EYB dates are out I'm so happy that one of them is near enough to me that I can audition! P.S. Does anybody know what the auditions (particularly the senior auditions) entail? I know it is just a class, but 1h 45 mins is quite a long class. I can imagine it would be very busy! P.P.S Out of interest, who does the part of Clara go to in the Nutcracker? http://www.englishyouthballet.co.uk/auditions1.html RICKMANSWORTH Audition date: Tuesday 14th November 2017 Audition Venue: Watersmeet Ballet: Coppelia Performance dates: Friday 2nd &a
  7. For any kids taking part, Miss Lewis offers a private assessment for those considering vocational training. It's done one to one with a written report at the end for a reasonable fee. She's incredibly honest and will tell you if it's worth spending time and money to persue it. My DD was a little nervous before hers but she really put her at ease. For us it was definitely worth the money.
  8. Hi can anyone give me a heads up? My daughter has developed a love of ballet, shes been dancing for nearly 3 years and managed to achieve a distinction in both her pre primary and primary exams. For her to be able to gain more experience her teacher suggested she should audition for EYB (they are performing on our doorstep). Ive put the application in, but so nervous for her as this is the first time shes done anything like this 😣 Could anyone let me know their experience with them, what sort of things do they get them to do in the audition (dd
  9. Hi my daughter has got through the first stages of audition and is due to attend the final audition for them to select cast members. Has anyone on here been through the final audition process who could give me an idea as to what happens please? She is 8. Thank you xx
  10. Just had an email to say my little girl is through to finals for the junior company. So happy for her. Even if she doesn't get in it'll be a lovely experience for her to get this far.
  11. Just seen Midland Theatre Ballet have released their auditions for their next production, Beauty and The Beast, how exciting!! My DD did it a few years ago and loved every minute, I would highly recommend it if anyone lives in the Midlands. Forms available from www.midlandtheatreballet.co.uk Midland Theatre Ballet full length productions Midland Theatre Ballet is an exciting and unique Midlands based project which aims to give talented ballet students the experience of being part of a youth midlandtheatreballet.co.uk
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