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  1. Thanks @BalletBoysDad and @Spamcat 😊 Think we're going to view this year as a 'trial run' - DD didn't show her full potential in the audition and had a different attitude going into it than Elmhurst YD or Tring CBA which comes across in the video (like I said upthread she didn't even TRY to stretch her feet 😂). Really hope we have some good news for people on here in the not too distant future 🤞
  2. No more views for us... no surprise based on videos! Sounds promising for a lot of you 😊
  3. It means your DC is at least be considered - a good sign!
  4. Know it's very practical given the number auditioning but I'm not sure how I feel about different judges selecting candidates. A panel seems fairer.
  5. Not having been watched at all is better than having the briefest of views and being discounted 😂 I wonder if it could be in age order? My DD has just turned 10 so will be one of the oldest to audition and had her videos (albeit momentarily) watched on Tuesday.
  6. I find it easier to use analytics on the desktop version rather than YT Studio. Still only the very quick viewing of all our videos (around a minute) on Tuesday. Nothing more 😩
  7. But still a chance! SWL is a huge achievement - well done to your DD.
  8. Sorry I think my description was confusing! I was referring to the bit in the first video where they were asked to open their legs out to the side - my DD barely gave it any effort 🙄😂 Well done to all Group 3s - risk of repeating myself but seems harder than ever this year!
  9. My DD does a couple of associates (Elmhurst and Tring) which goes someway to offset the not so great ballet offering at her local school. Honestly it isn't! I know when DD has done well but I wanted to scream at her in several points in the audition 😂 She really didn't show herself in the best light 🙈
  10. Reckon this is spot on. My DD did an AWFUL first video (didn't stretch feet, when asked to open into middle splits didn't even try to go to full range etc. 🙈) so think they've watched that then quickly watched the other 2 to discount her straight away. I imagine those who have only the first video viewed will have gone on to a second stage.
  11. Yes. Can see on Youtube that were watched yesterday. Does mention on the site that there is a 24 hour lag for views to show so could be that others videos have been viewed today.
  12. Slightly too long to be checking they work but not long enough to be considering I'd say 😂
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