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  1. About half an hour - 20 or so minutes on the tube to Woodside Park then a 5/10 minute walk to LSC.
  2. We’re a couple of years away from auditioning ourselves (and don’t think DD will ever be WL calibre 😀) but wishing everyone the best of luck these coming weeks and months!
  3. Yes she will be boarding. She's definitely not inter f standard! As I say she's only just taken grade 1 😃 But her teacher thinks she's got some catching up to do so introducing her to the syllabus now.
  4. What amazing news @Motomum! You DS must have really impressed. Good luck to all those already through to finals and hand holding to those still waiting.
  5. @SJBallet we've come to the decision to book our DD into Malvern - so they'll be at least one other 9 old there! I suspect she'll be one of least experienced there as well - she has only just taken her RAD grade 1 though is starting grade 2 and 3 at the same time now and is covering some inter F at the occasional private... hope she'll be ok.
  6. I’m pretty sure they held the audition as part of their winter intensive but could be wrong...
  7. What I find puzzling is just last month they advertised that audition dates would be released today - given todays announcement I'm not sure what auditions would be for. Surely plans can't have changed that much in a few weeks? Or perhaps I should stop trying to read as much into things 🙂
  8. Just clocked the FAQs - what a shame! This is the first year DD would have been old enough. Was expecting more information than we've got if I'm honest... Feels like they were planning to share audition dates etc.today but for whatever reason couldn't, so put up the FAQs as holder.
  9. Looks like the NYB website has been updated but I can't see any audition info... may just be me!
  10. In anticipation of audition news today, can anyone tell me what sort of level the junior company works at?
  11. Let me know what you decide! My DD (also September birthday) is so keen to go I think we might just book on.
  12. Exciting! Did it give the audition dates/venues?
  13. I have a pale pink 9501 I could sell on? Let me know if that's any use
  14. Finally news! Post just said that applications for next season open January 8th.
  15. Hi, I’d love to buy the Bullet Pointe skirt, sent you a PM. Thanks!
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