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  1. Bit of a disaster for DD 😩 She went wrong on a couple of exercises and just didn't feel she performed well. Oh well - CBA and JAs still to come!
  2. Thank you! Glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it 😊 Do you mind me asking what sort of stretches / exercises they had to do? Though will probably be a bit different for year 5. Fingers crossed it's a short wait for you all x
  3. I know that some auditioning for year 7 last Saturday found out late Monday night! Did you DC have to take their shoes off at any point? Have the sock glue ready for tomorrow but worried about using if they do.
  4. Best of luck to everyone auditioning today! Hope it all goes wonderfully for you 😊
  5. No curtains - we're doing a big renovation/extension on the house and haven't got round to putting any up. Will see what I can fashion!
  6. Yes finally have the info - phew! Good luck for Sunday 😊
  7. Ha I did this with a competition piece! Spent HOURS trying to compress into a size I could send 😂
  8. Just reading this - the space that DD usually dances in has a huge window behind her which makes her look a bit silhouettey. Might try and hang something behind her. All this stress over a zoom 😂
  9. Thank you! Our small living room will have to do 🙈 We're going for a year 5 Birmingham place.
  10. Still no email re Sunday 😩 Am a little stressed about having enough space for DD to dance in. Is there any mention of it in the info you have? Hope they get something out to us soon.
  11. Well done to your DD Amme! Super news 🙂 Fingers crossed for anyone still waiting.
  12. I have a DD auditioning for a year 5 place in Birmingham (group 4). Seems like we’ve been preparing for this audition forever! Ready to get it over and done with now.
  13. Oh wow!!! Well done to your DD. Amazing news 😊
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