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  1. Results went out over a few days last September - DD got a yes 2 days after her friend heard so don't give up hope!
  2. I've heard this second hand from a friend with a child at the full time school but, according to her, Tring quite like it when a child comes back for another try as it shows how much they want it! Pretty sure there are many stories on here of people getting in after a second (or third!) audition as well.
  3. Understandable 🤣 No they managed to squeeze in a face to face audition but most of the year has been via Zoom (still been a great programme!).
  4. Tring were pretty quick with CBA results in September so hopefully you'll all hear soon 🤞 And try not to read anything into views or lack of, DD successfully auditioned for one of the big associates last year having only had a couple of minutes or so watched of her video. You really can never tell!
  5. At least it won't be the nearly year long process as it was last year 😀
  6. Well done to everyone - yeses, waitlist or not yet... you've all done brilliantly to get this far! Everything crossed you get it sorted 🤞 Elmhurst obviously want her so sure something will be worked out!
  7. Well done everyone - great news to start the weekend! 😊
  8. I also noticed this! We'll be trying out for vocational school next year and have a lot of the same thoughts. DD does attend multiple associates but this is only as a result of not expecting to get into any and hedging our bets 😀 They have very much opened our eyes. We know of people who travel to a different city to have take class at a top school in addition to privates with a big name teacher - my DD will never be able to compete with that. I am relatively sanguine about it all though, DD is either good enough or not! I reckon I could have a reasonable punt about who
  9. A friend of DDs was waitlisted for MA last year having not applied for WL so all are definitely considered! She hadn't been a JA previously (or even tried for the programme).
  10. I know of a MDS being handed back - fingers crossed for everyone on wait list here 🤞
  11. I think London might have a dedicated boys class but the other centres mixed (I know Birmingham certainly is).
  12. So good to hear the yeses and waitlists here! Congratulations to your DS @Bunny @Mrs Tea @BalletBoyMumma 😊
  13. AMAZING! Huge well done to your DS. Enjoy telling him 😊
  14. Same! We have a year off auditioning after a never ending 2020 (and missed the deadline for SI - bad mum) but honestly have butterflies each time I log on here 😂 Fingers crossed you all hear soon!
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about the photos. There was a massive lag between taking ours in January last year and finally doing the audition video in October, during which DD entirely changed proportions. Looking back, the photos were awful (and I mean AWFUL 😂) so I can't believe they played any part in getting her place, in fact I think they would have gone against her. I've read on here before that they are primarily used for identification purposes which makes sense.
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