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  1. BellaF

    RBS JAs 2020

    Everything crossed that we’re out of this by then. Managed to change audition centre to the one closest rather a 3 hours away which is a small silver lining.
  2. Agree - there’s no hope of the auditions running to the original timetable so I’m sure they’ll extend.
  3. I'm hoping that some of the streamed classes are available after the event - a couple have said they'll try for this anyway.
  4. So glad you have a solution! Best of luck!
  5. Tanya Pearson also streaming classes (from Australia so times need adjusting) https://www.instagram.com/p/B90ept8gajY/?igshid=19bzdzi9xa2o2
  6. Still continuing for now and current line is it will close as soon as schools do. We have one exam session a year (June) which is likely to be cancelled - fingers crossed everyone can still move to the next grade rather another 12 months of the same stuff...
  7. BellaF

    RAD Video App

    What's the difference between the app and DVD? We have the DVD but foresee lots of home practice coming up...
  8. Such a sad situation for so many people. Understandable but still. Personally we have auditions for JAs, Elmhurst YD and Tring CBA coming up as well as MTB performance, exams and Malvern all of which DD has worked really hard for and was looking forward to. Much worse for those who still have finals to come - hope they can find some sort of solution for anyone in that situation 🙁
  9. I notice RBS promoting JA auditions on their insta page today so looks like they’re going ahead for the moment. Fingers crossed anyway as my DD would be so sad not to have a go.
  10. Our teacher sorted DD's photos but as I understand they are more for identification purposes than anything else so I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. Can second REC in Hinckley. My 9 DD is going to Malvern Ballet Seminars for the first time this year - super communication so far from the lovely Olivia Pickford and from the info we've had/feedback on here it sounds a wonderful course. Plenty to explore in the area too.
  12. Does anyone know what sort of thing DC are expected to do in the CBA audition? I imagine my DD will be auditioning for Group 1. Had a look through previous threads but haven't turned much up... Thank you!
  13. Thanks - that's really helpful. Newcastle under under Lyme is just about doable for us so might add it to the audition list!
  14. Anyone know who the teacher will be? Thanks
  15. BellaF

    RBS JAs 2020

    We're auditioning in Leeds for a year 5 Birmingham place.
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