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  1. Thanks both, that's really helpful 😊
  2. What does the means testing look at? Just income or does it look at other assets like property or company assets? Note that funding drops off completely after a certain amount. A place at any of the schools is a long shot but not sure we could afford to send DD anyway looking at the calculator.
  3. 😂 I suspect schools will be very forgiving!
  4. That might have been my DD. Spent weeks worrying that our JA videos had only been watched for less than 3 minutes (out of 35 or so minutes total) and still got a place 😊 Worth saying that others with multiple, longer views were also successful - you really can't tell that much. Feel for everyone doing 'big' auditions this year. Have everything crossed it's good news for you all in a few weeks... and that finals can take place in an actual studio!
  5. I'm only a recent newcomer to all this but entirely agree with the above. My DD is an associate of 3 of the biggest vocational schools (though only starts one in January) but I would say gets the most from a fourth scheme which is unparalleled in terms of personal feedback/corrections etc. In fact I know of lots of other JAs who travel a distance on a Sunday to attend too! Would also echo others recommending a performance based opportunities - we did Midland Theatre Ballet for a year which was just lovely and turned DD onto to applying for associates.
  6. I think there are some available on the ROH site now! Well there was when I looked a few minutes ago x
  7. This really shows the limits of the JA audition - even more so in a video year! Not much chance to show off musicality etc but thankfully that changes further up the years. Sure your DD will get to wherever she wants in the future, she sounds a lovely dancer.
  8. Could well be the case - YouTube Studio showed all 3 videos viewed briefly the day after submission, then video 1 for less than a minute last week which does seem strange. One thing that is clear is that you really can't read into the number of (estimated) views - judging from here there is no pattern!
  9. I'd imagine they'd chase for a response if they haven't heard after a while... super well done to your DD getting SWL, huge achievement especially given the very few places 😊
  10. That's brilliant news! Especially in such a tough year!
  11. After having 2.5 minutes of the audition watched in total, and counting ourselves out of the process, we've unbelievably had a yes! Sorry for all the 'not yets' and fingers crossed for everyone still waiting x
  12. I KNOW! And seeing that WL auditions are now video looks like will be the same painful process all over again 😫
  13. Ohhh how exciting that it might be so soon! Having had a cursory view right at the beginning we’ve resigned ourselves to a not yet. Have everything crossed for some positive results on here though - good luck everyone 😊
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