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  1. Hi, anyone know of any routes to try source accommodation for a 15 year old DD to enable attendance at ENBS Spring course - & possibly other things over next year too. Ideally to stay with another attendee so travelling to course with another/others. I cannot be there due to work commitments. As course is non residential I am trying all routes to make it possible.... have exhausted friends & family so am now asking the lovely Forum Family to see if anyone out there has the solution as am sure this is a common issue? Mobe thought I had was contributing to the AirBnB or similar cost of another dancing family booking accommodation or a commuting distance attendee whose family may have a spare room they would be happy to rent in bed & board basis? Hope it’s ok to explore this here... Thank you
  2. Raw Talent Ballet Coaching with Jose Martin and Kerry Birkett have the last few places left on their summer course for vocational level students. Seniors from 23-25th August Juniors from 26-28th August in Chesham with easy access from London and M25 close to train station. small individual groups with lots of personal corrections - contemporary and sports coaching included email info@rawtalentballetcoaching.com for further information
  3. I've just come across this on FB: https://www.facebook.com/olivia.pickford.33
  4. I wondered if anyone felt it would be useful to share thoughts and experiences on the dance/ballet Easter or summer schools their children have taken part in this year? I thought it might be useful, given that there is often a choice and they can’t do them all (even if they would like to!) for people to share any experiences that they have had... It’s a good way to find out what is out there too! I am happy to share my DDs experiences this year if others are similarly interested 😊. She has really enjoyed both of the courses she did this year and found them very different from one another!
  5. If anyone has any experience (good or bad) of RAD summer schools, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance.
  6. Looking at this & rather confused....maybe I have missed something Am I right that for selection process you can choose to either send in an audition video or attend alive audition? For latter it states that you must write preferred date/venue on application form & refers you to audition page on website for dates. These dates seem surely to relate just to entry for Full Time Training? Or are these for Summer School also? From people's past experience, by roughly what time do people hear if they have been selected for SS? I imagine it to be a case of the sooner accommodation is booked, the cheaper it is..... And are there are scholarships/funding routes at all? Ever hopeful
  7. Does anybody have any experience of this summer school? My 15 year old daughter is keen to go but I’m reluctant to sign her up as she won’t know anybody and she will need to stay in accommodation provided as we live too far away to commute. Classes finish at 4pm so I’m wondering what they do in the evening? The last day to register is tomorrow as I’m leaving it all to the very last minute........ Thank you in advance
  8. I have read the guidelines about posting experiences from vocational schools. If I get the tone or content of the post wrong, then I am more than happy for the post to be removed. if I don’t post I will explode with annoyance!! my child is on their first ever Summer Intensive. They have the same teacher each day for classical and repertoire. My child came out yesterday really subdued and down which is very very unusual. The previous day they had been effervescent with excitement, Ballet makes them happy always! i asked if they wanted to talk about anything, and they said, points for given to children answering questions quickly and accurately and then the children with the points were given 100% focus of that teacher’s attention in each class over and above everyone else for the rest of the day. my child was 5 minutes late to their afternoon class because they got locked in their dorm room and had to be let out by a member of staff. Apologies for given for being late, but whilst then dancing, even during a solo the teacher would not make any eye contact with my child, and did not allow the class to clap when they had finished their piece. as an adult I get this kind of teaching approach, I don’t like it but I know it goes on. as a parent on the other hand, I was seething. Mind games in Primary School children is not IMO ever a good approach to teaching. i asked my child how all this had left them feeling, they said, ‘like I was rubbish, and my dancing was rubbish.’ They felt like they had to keep trying harder to get back the attention that had been withdrawn, but to no avail. thankgoodness my child is non-res or they would have had to manage that themselves. There is no way my 11 yr old could emotionally process what was happening without support. Neither would I want them to. others incidents occurred with the same teacher, but with other children so I know I can’t post that here, but experiences of my child were not isolated to him alone. is this type of approach usual/normal in people’s experience on here? it is the first time my child has encountered anything like this. worryingly the teacher is one of the top ballet teachers in the school. it will be interesting to see if this style of teaching continues until the end of the Intensive? It left me with a nasty conflicted feeling all night, because children don’t understand these type of emotional mind games they are not ready for them developmentally. Even as an adult they wouldn’t leave me feeling very comfortable but at least I would know what they were. apologies again if the post contravenes any guidelines.
  9. Back to School Course 2019 Brentwood- Essex 27th, 28th 29th of August 2019. 10am-4pm Non Residential £140 - Residential £265 ( Only 2 Places left) Open to Students from 8 years to 18 years Minimum standard required Grade 2 in any Examination Society Our Intensive Course is an opportunuity for young dancers to work alongside professional and ex professional dancers from some of the world's major ballet companies. The main genre's will be classical ballet, body conditioning, contemporary, Choreography and Jazz. We offer the choice of residential or day classes. It is an opportunity for vocational and non vocational pupils aged 8-18 to get expert tutiton and return to the studio with refreshed thoughts and motivation. The studio venue has FIVE state of the art studios and our residential venue is set in beautiful countryside with dormitories that hold up to a maximum of four, all bed linen is provided along with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Mid Morning and Late Evening Snacks. http://www.southeast-balletscholars.org/short-courses-and-intensives Our Tutors Include Michael Raynaud Classical Ballet - Simone Clarke Classical Ballet- Mikaela Polley Contemporary- Vanessa Fenton Choreography Roland Price Masterclass Other Tutors to be Announced For forms and more information please click the link above
  10. Hi all, My child 11 is on w1 non-res of WL Summer Intensive. Could anyone who’s child has done an Intensive at WL give me some information about what to expect. I would like to know is the day really well structured, what are the approx size of the classes, are the children supervised well in downtime. I am asking because my child has autism, RBS are aware, as my child is an associate with them. My child isn’t staying on in the evenings, they will be finishing after the last dance class of the afternoon. I am able to contact the Pastoral Care contact a few days before the course starts and make support arrangements with them should they arise. They were fabulous with my child at the WL finals, really supportive and accommodating. It would be v helpful for me to help my child prepare to know more from the parent perspective, not just the official RBS information given. 😊 i have some idea of how organised RBS are as my child has done workshops with them at Covent Garden, so am hoping for more of the same on the Intensive. TIA.
  11. Hello, im very new to this and have some questions which I hope you may be able to help with.. I’m wondering which are the best summer and indeed Easter intensives that are non selective, and the best selective? For my 11 dd. Also has anyone any experience of Rosella Hightower in Cannes, both their intensives and full-time training? thank you
  12. Has anyone’s child been to the Paris Opera Ballet summer intensive before? I’m wondering what a typical daily schedule looks like?
  13. Hello does anyone know of any ballet summer schools or intensive workshops in the summer holidays in the south east? Asking for my 8 year old daughter, who will go spare without ballet over the long break.
  14. I was just wondering if anyone’s child has done the RAD summer school before (and done the residential)? We’ve been offered a cancellation for my daughter, who’s just turned 9, and has just taken her grade 2 RAD. It’s a lot of money, but I think she would enjoy it (she was keen when we looked before, then found it was fully booked), but my only concern is that 9 is quite young for the residential aspect, but on the other hand, I can see they would get most of out of it socially by staying. Would appreciate any experience anyone may have on this.
  15. My daughter goes to ballet boost. She thoroughly enjoys it. It is not something that her dance school suggested. She applied and auditioned herself although got her teachers permission. Her teacher is keen for her to audition for York Dance Scholars. She admittedly doesnt know too much about ballet boost due to it being quite new but has had a number of students over the years attend YDS. I suppose my question is does anyone have any good ...or bad experience of BB or YDS...or even better does anyone have any experience of both and are able to advise on differences? I have no idea if she is good enough to get in at YDS but if she does I don't know how to choose! Thanks x
  16. Hi, I wondered if anyone has any experience of the Dutch National summer school? My DD has been offered a place but it's eye-wateringly expensive as accommodation is extra on top. Is it worth saving for though? Frustratingly, we have to commit before we find out about other schools so not sure what to do.
  17. Iam over in Australia but wonder if a website/list/topic already on here exists of all summer schools offered in dance in the uk..... looking at UK summer 2018 for a 11 year old dance crazy girl So far iam aware of RBS Elmhurst Yorkshire ballet summer school do others exist which are RAD ballet focused? any tips wrt numbers applying for these would be very helpful thanku x
  18. Dear ALL We are extremely honoured and excited to announce that Director, Oliver Matz from Tanz Akademie Zurich will be joining our International Summer Schools in 2019. Possibly one of the most influential teachers/directors on the planet. Oliver travels the globe sharing his knowledge, judging the BIGGEST competitions in the world, successfully training the winners of many major competitions. He is an extremely busy, and important figure in the Ballet World today, and to have him choose 'Woodside Dance Retreat' as his only UK Summer School in 2019 is a big deal. A BIG, BIG, DEAL. If you have not secured a Summer School for 2019, then please email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com to get the final few places and ask about our payment plan to help spread the cost until next summer. Oliver Matz will join our already confirmed incredible line up below to share his extensive knowledge for a full day with our lucky 12 students:- Edward Watson MBE (Principal Dancer Royal Ballet Company) Ricardo Cervera (Ballet Master Royal Ballet Company) Anita Young (Royal Ballet Company and RBS) ONLY 12 students. Be seen by, helped by, and work with some of the best teachers/professionals in the business. Don't be stuck in a room of 35-40 and disappear to the background. Personal care, personal correction in a warm and friendly learning environment. Be the best you can be. Plus a few little extra's as normal :- 2 x professional photo shoots, one on location. 1 x West End theatre trip and return by Limo. Course fee's £1,395.00. We are not the cheapest Summer School, but we feel we offer something incredible, personal and a once in a life time experience which could change your dance career forever. We hope to hear from you soon Many thanks Nicola Moriarty Principal
  19. Hi my daughter wants to apply for the RBS spring intensive and summer school for 2019. She isnt bothered which one she attends if she is even lucky enough to receive a place (she knows its a huge long shot). Question I have though ....can we do one application and one application fee to cover all 3 options? Or do we do a seperate application for spring intensive and one for summer school? I have emailed and asked but no reply yet. Also has anyone applied and know when we will be notified of results? Is a week for spring intensive long enough? Has anyone had a child attend? thanks
  20. Hi, Has anybody heard back from ENBS re: Spring Intensive yet? Just wondering when they will send notifications out and if by post/email...or even if you get to hear anything if it’s a No? Applied for DD so fingers crossed. thanks😊
  21. Hi I'm looking for any residential Easter courses suitable for 9+ and due to travelling distance, from Chester down to Bristol. Birmingham is fine also. TIA
  22. Anyone know when you hear back from the RBS Summer School Applications? We've applied for White Lodge SS. I know that hardly anyone gets offered it but I was just wondering 😊
  23. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone was going to dance forward this summer. My DD is and I wondered if anyone is going or has been. I haven’t really heard much about it and am thinking I maybe should have picked a different one for her??
  24. Looking for a residential summer school appropriate for Grade 3 over summer but not between 10th/11th - 25th August. Wanting to test whether able to stay away from home and likes it before deciding on applying for vocational school - anyone any thoughts? Many thanks
  25. I've picked this up via a newsletter from Rambert: A series of workshops, classes and public performances curated by Rambert's Guest Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer. http://www.rambert.org.uk/join-in/summer-at-rambert/
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