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  1. We ordered from Lemark the one stated for ballet. Dd recommends 😊
  2. Yes. Thank the lord I thought I may be majorly crazy but now I know there are others like me 😂😂😂😂
  3. From memory there were 50-60 split into 2 groups. Then around 17 selected 😊
  4. My daughter is currently at RCS and absolutely loves it. They do lots of both ballet and Contemporary (different genre of contemporary every year) and I would say they very much have a range of body types. They have so many opportunities to be creative and choreograph their own work. My daughter loves both ballet and contemporary so this was a focus for us when applying. Is your daughter applying this year or next?
  5. A lot of the students now stay at BASE prestige Student Living, it is closer to the studios. It may well be that there is an option for ss.
  6. Hi Just to add a voice. My DD currently attends RCS (1st year) and loves it. She gets full student loan (so helps out with finance side of things) and scholarships are available too. She started at 16. There is a heavy focus on ballet, with 3 different genre of contemporary being taught across the 3 different years. It's a degree course. They also have jazz classes and have the opportunity to collaborate with the other performing art disciplines throughout the year which is great. Finally, there is the opportunity to dance with the Scottish ballet company in final year. 2 of the current 3rd years are in the BBC young dancer ballet final on TV next week- have a watch. DM me if you have any questions
  7. Hi. there were about 40-45 in the RCS final last year split into 2 groups of 20-23. The first year class is made up of only 17 so its nice and intimate. Good luck with auditions
  8. Hi best of luck with it all My daughters audition last year was Monday 22nd Jan, we had call back email exactly 1 week later 9although they did say it could take up to 2 weeks) Fingers crossed for you.
  9. The second day finish relatively early if you didn't want the tour of the main campus and accommodation- I would say 3pm at the latest. My dd is a 1st year here and absolutely loves it :)
  10. Thank you. She is excited but nervous. We have 3 weeks left yet so making the most of it
  11. I am feeling exactly the same and would like to wish everybody's dancing children all the best for their new adventures. I am a relatively quiet member of this forum but have found it to be invaluable when we embarked upon the audition season last year for the first time and thankfully for the last (well until job auditions commence but that is now a few years away). My daughter is also making list after list, we have been on the big move out shop this week and are picking up the bulk of the uniform on Sunday (Not leo's as they are made by a specialist via the school). I am so excited for my DD but I am very apprehensive at the same time. 16 is such a young age to move hundreds of miles away but like they say you have to let them live their dream. I wish your daughter all the best, northern ballet isn't far from me. I am sure we will all sink a glass or 2 of wine the weekend they move just to get through it
  12. You should be able to see the pages featured online- I did as I too anted to see it
  13. Upper school place week 1 and 2 AW have had to turn down our place to the Covent Garden Upper Summer School (week 1 and 2 ). In the end we simply couldn't finance it. Somebody on the waiting list might get a nice surprise soon
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