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  1. I'm a huge fan of Company Classes. Where you as member of the public (me - adult beginner) attend the theatre to watch the daily ballet company class. Having just watched another one recently, the following questions occur to me and I'd be interested in the thoughts of the board from the various backgrounds we have here (professionals, mums of, dancers etc....) 1/ Does anyone know what the company dancers feel about these events? Do they hate them as an invasion into their safe spaces or love them as a further oppertuity to perform? 2/ What do you think about small children (under 8 ) attending? I feel conflicted, I get why families might feel it a good short intro into ballet but equally becuase of the class methodology, I intrinsically feel that we as audience members should also adhere to class rules (no talking, no eating) allowing the meditative quality of the class to also encompas us? (COI - The small children who attend I have often found are understandably talkative the whole way through, eating popcorn and rushing in and out breaking my concentration). I'd be really intersted in the board's thoughts
  2. Hello everyone. I'm after any tips people may have for correcting my habit of scrunching up my toes. I'm doing my dooming and trying to focus on the ankle but whenever I try to really stretch the legs they seem to automatically scrunch Through practice I've managed to now be able to stretch my legs with a pointed ankle but now raised toes (a progress of sorts?) but I seem incapable of streching my legs with a pointed ankle and LONG (not scrunched) toes Does anybody have any tips, visulisations etc...? I'm an adult beginer so do I just need to keep on and it will come or is there anything additional I can do? I like the look of my feet with long toes so it woudl be nice to really achieve! Very grateful for any help
  3. Just wondering what the forum's opinon/expereince is of the various online (or in person) flexibility courses? Would you recomend any? Are any better than just setting aside time to stretch regularly? Are there any secrets for the inflexible adult dancer ?
  4. You guys are amazing. Loads of fantastic ideas and I shall try them all - THANK YOU
  5. Hello there! I was wondering if I could get your collective thoughts and experience. I'm after the lightest possible black, high waisted dance shorts (horizontal leg ideally rather than high leg if you know what I mean). They are for use under a skirt so need to be light to stop over heating and form fitting so they can't be seen the the skirt is closely fitting. I've looked at all sorts but the majority tend to be hipster (which then just ride up) or too warm or bulky. I thought of all the people in the world who would know my ballet friends would All recomendations gratefully received!
  6. Thanks Janet and Pas de Quatre this is really helpful. Thanks SO much
  7. Hello there! I've been working really hard recently on keeping my shoulders down but I find when I I do this, as well as bringing the shoulders down, I also activate my neck muscles Just wondering if any of the experienced members have any tips for keeping the neck muscles soft whilst also maintaining the back muscles? Any help gratefully received!
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