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  1. Thanks for your responses, I have lots of reading to do!
  2. I’m looking at year 12 options for my DD, does anyone know if kings qualifies for student funding? I’m not in a position to self fund and struggling to find any info.
  3. I’m looking for a spinning wheel prop for Aurora character dance. Does anybody have one for sale or any ideas for a DIY project (must be easy to make as I’m not particularly handy). TIA
  4. I have nothing to add to topic but wanted to say crystaltips comment made me laugh. As our dance journey progresses I find myself getting more & more cynical about the dance world. I found myself saying at a recent dance school pta meeting that the pta needs to start recruiting younger kids parents before they become jaded like the rest of us 😀 next year is audition year so I’m expecting thi ha to get worse 😱
  5. Anyone from the seniors through? We are heading to Leicester later to watch the final
  6. My Apologies, the workshops are for Senior competitor standard, age 15 to 21.
  7. My daughter is unable to compete his week so I have several workshop tickets available. Looking for face value, incredible teachers. Gutted to be missing out 😢 Neoclassical with Christopher Moore - Fri 31st 13.30 to 17.00 £5 Ballet with Robert Parker - Fri 31st 12.00 to 14.30 £5 Allegro & Pirouette with Sharon Story Fri 31st 14.00 to 15.00 £5 Finalist observation class sat 1pm to 18.30 x 3 £6 each The event organisers are happy for me to resell tickets but ask that participation tickets are used only by dancers of the required age/standard
  8. I have several workshop participating and watching tickets to sell if anyone is interested. i have checked with organiser and they are happy for me to sell but request that participation tickets are only used by those at the required age/standard. Neoclassical with Christopher Moore - Fri 31st 13.30 to 17.00 £5 Ballet with Robert Parker - Fri 31st 12.00 to 14.30 £5 Allegro & Pirouette with Sharon Story Fri 31st 14.00 to 15.00 £5 Finalist observation class sat 1pm to 18.30 x 3 £6 each The tickets can be emailed to be printed at home
  9. Dd is entered but it is unlikely that she will be able to complete due to illness 😢
  10. There is no problem, my DD was allowed to do a year of northern assoc on a Sunday when she should have attended on a Saturday so that she could do both RB & Northern. The following year dd dropped northern to concentrate on RB. When it came to Seniors DD again auditioned for both and was offered a place at northern without the need to attend finals so the definitely don’t bear a grudge. She was also offered RB SA and that was the one she chose to attend, we feel that this was the right choice. I’m guessing you were at yesterday RB audition, I hope all went well.
  11. I just wanted to show support and tell dd’s story, I believe everything happens for a reason, if dd had been successful in her first ever audition we would probably stayed with old dance school and subsequently missed out on many other opportunities. The first associate scheme we ever heard of was York Scholars, dd auditioned at year 6 and was put on the reserve list (a place never came up) at the time dd was doing one syllabus class of 45 mins per week. Not long after we decided to move to another school that offered more opportunities, dd immediately auditioned for Northern Ballet associates and was offered a place for year 7, at year 8 she successfully auditioned for RB MA’s and has progressed from there to being offered RB SA2’s in September. I regret not taking dd’s talent/passion seriously earlier, we missed the boat for voc school as I really had no clue about dance. My advice would be, don’t worry about being pushy, surround your dd with great teachers and sit back and enjoy the ride, good luck x
  12. We have received the travel bursary, we do not qualify for financial assistance but travel further than 151 miles. It took a long time to come through, the second half of fees were due before the bursary was paid, so after Christmas if I remember rightly, I did remind them once or twice too 😜 i provided 3 weeks worth of train receipts and was paid 25% of the average cost. It wasn’t a great amount but every little helps.
  13. SA1 is 12.15pm to 2.30pm, Dd likes to get there 45 mins before to warm up etc. Uniform is black leotard but they prefer plain. We have a Zip card for tube, it works out super cheap 75p each way for Dd’s Journey kings cross to Covent gardens, I just too it up online. We also book train 12 weeks in advance to get best price, if claiming bursary you will need to provide receipts for first 3 weeks travel and then they will average cost for the year from those tickets. Well done to your Dd, it has been a very positive experience for my Dd and she is looking forward to attending SA2 next year.
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