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  1. I thinks it’s a combination of injury/general insecurity & pandemic panic, will pass this on to her mum. Just wanted to reassure her that some dancers have a bust. Thanks for your help 👍
  2. She’s 17 so already gone through puberty. Will check out Polina Semionova, I don’t really know much about dance so really appreciate the information.
  3. Also, just the actual breast tissue that is worrying her as her overall width is small.
  4. Hi Alison, thanks for responding. The dancer is roughy size 8-10 uk dress sizes, I’m not sure on exact bra size, larger bust than the average dancer, but absolute perfection to the rest of the world.
  5. I am looking for inspirational stories about a dancer overcoming the odds and having a successful career, (preferably in ballet) despite having a larger than average chest. There must be some positive stories out there! This dancer has suffered a couple of injuries and lost confidence during the last year, she is now having doubts over the size of her chest even though her teachers don’t see it as a problem.
  6. I was told that NBS are not running the usual summer intensive this year, but are doing the two day course, I messaged their FB account.
  7. I have just seen that Ballet International have posted a clip of their adult rep class on Instagram, hopefully some uk ballet teachers will take inspiration and start performance opportunities for over 18’s as from this thread it sounds like there is a gap in the market.
  8. Can’t give examples of pros but my dd had ok feet over the years they have changed so much over the years (not just in a dancey way but shape etc from met exercises) the are pretty good now, very strong and flexible. A dancer I always enjoyed watching at local festivals didn’t have good feet at all but every other aspect of her performance was breathtaking, she went on to study at Laine but tbh I am sure she could have done any genre she wanted as she is so special. I’m not really qualified as a critic but as a watcher of dance I want to see more than just banana feet.
  9. Dd was successful last year, she wore split sole canvas and the scruffiest leotard she owned 🤣 She forgot to pack her audition leotard so wore one that had been festering in the bottom of their dance bag so I don’t think it matters what is worn. Good luck to you all, Tring is a lovely school x
  10. Thanks for clarifying, had me a little worried for a minute 😀
  11. Can you clarify, are you saying that Tring ballet lessons are inferior? Feel free to PM if you would rather not post publicly
  12. It was very quick for us too, applied just before applications closed and were contacted quickly. Photos were done by me on iPhone at home (I have no dance experience or photography skills) so I’m sure photos just used for basic reference. DD started 6th Form in September and is loving it. Good luck!
  13. Thank you, dd seems to have settled in well. I hope your dd is well x
  14. Dd often just puts a bit on argon oil to smooth down the wispy bits, she does have nice thick hair that is easy to manage though.
  15. I read somewhere that wet room liner was a good alternative to dance flooring, I think it was an American article so no idea if it is readily available in uk (or how price compares to proper dance floor). i think this is the product: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shower-Pan-Liner-Kit-Oatey/dp/B00BAZ6FRG has anybody used anything similar?
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