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  1. We are awaiting news as to whether Tring will go ahead with funding audition on Friday.
  2. Just thinking about final auditions, dd has Tring next week & RCS the week after. I wonder if they will be cancelled 🤔
  3. Thanks for the info, that’s more places than I expected. I’m guessing they invite quite a lot to finals then.
  4. I was assuming that there will be the cohort of lower school students progressing to upper school (I don’t think they need to audition with the rest) so I guess very few places. I wondered if they invite lots to finals. Dd will not be going anywhere without funding, in all honesty I’m not sure we can afford it even with dada 😢 but I will cross that bridge if it comes to it. Good luck to your DC.
  5. Does anyone know how many are invited to finals for 6th form?
  6. Does anyone know how many students are invited to finals at RCS?
  7. Dd has the chance to go to finals after auditioning last Friday. Can anybody advise on accommodation should she be successful? Also, i understand that the course fees are covered by student loan, is that right?
  8. Thanks for your responses, I have lots of reading to do!
  9. I’m looking at year 12 options for my DD, does anyone know if kings qualifies for student funding? I’m not in a position to self fund and struggling to find any info.
  10. I’m looking for a spinning wheel prop for Aurora character dance. Does anybody have one for sale or any ideas for a DIY project (must be easy to make as I’m not particularly handy). TIA
  11. I have nothing to add to topic but wanted to say crystaltips comment made me laugh. As our dance journey progresses I find myself getting more & more cynical about the dance world. I found myself saying at a recent dance school pta meeting that the pta needs to start recruiting younger kids parents before they become jaded like the rest of us 😀 next year is audition year so I’m expecting thi ha to get worse 😱
  12. Anyone from the seniors through? We are heading to Leicester later to watch the final
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