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  1. Hi, my daughter has a place with Elmhurst Young Dancers from September and is also taking the Jazz option. I just wondered if anyone knew, is the Jazz similar to ‘Modern Jazz’ (which she currently does classes in at her local ballet school)? Thank you in advance!
  2. My daughter is going to Elmhurst also. My daughter was in a gymnastics squad last year and got SWL for RB last year. She left gymnastics because she prefers dance and we couldn’t fit everything in! This year no for RB! To be fair though she was only doing a few hours gym rather than 16 and I don’t think it made any difference to the result. Maybe she could just do less hours gymnastics?
  3. This is my first post having followed this thread! My daughter got a no for RB (Birmingham) but a yes for Elmhurst. Last year she got no for Elmhurst and SWL for RB!! So the result this year was surprising as she’d felt she was more likely to get into RB! She is thrilled with being offered a place at Elmhurst!
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