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  1. Ah - I see. I hadn’t thought of everything being tumble dried as I never tumble dry delicates like leotards or tights but I guess they just have to because of the large amount of laundry! Out of interest, what would they do if they did have an accident/leak?
  2. I can’t believe how much has changed since 2015 either!!! There are nude seam-free period pants by modibodi. They just pop in a normal 40 degree wash (just can’t be tumble dried) so don’t think it would be a problem at vocational school. I use them myself and laundering is the same as for any other pants to be honest!
  3. Does anybody know how many auditions they had for year 7 yesterday? I know there was one at 9am and 1.30 yesterday. Were there other year 7 auditions in between?
  4. Hi there, we’re joining Y6 also (not London) and I think I heard or read that buns are acceptable by Y6. I’m sure it said somewhere in the notes that the teacher will advise on hair in the first session anyway? I ordered ribbons but am not sure if they are worn in a bun or only if wearing the traditional plaited bun JA style..
  5. I was sent the details via Eventbrite and it’s definitely 2019. You can book the audition via their website I think.
  6. They are satin full sole and you can order them from the same place as the other uniform when you’re sent the list.
  7. That sounds like a good length - I’ll need to measure her waist tomorrow. Is that the max waist measurement? Thank you.
  8. I’m looking for a Royal Ballet JA skirt for my (tall) daughter who will be starting in Y6. Please contact me if you have one in good condition to sell. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for the replies - that’s helpful.
  10. Thank you for starting this thread. Does anyone know if the leotards come up small? I’m tempted to get a 3A for my daughter going into year 6 because she’s tall for her age. But then again 3A is for age 12-14 which sounds a bit big!
  11. We have also got a yes for DD Y6 24 weeks Birmingham!!!
  12. Hi, my daughter has a place with Elmhurst Young Dancers from September and is also taking the Jazz option. I just wondered if anyone knew, is the Jazz similar to ‘Modern Jazz’ (which she currently does classes in at her local ballet school)? Thank you in advance!
  13. My daughter is going to Elmhurst also. My daughter was in a gymnastics squad last year and got SWL for RB last year. She left gymnastics because she prefers dance and we couldn’t fit everything in! This year no for RB! To be fair though she was only doing a few hours gym rather than 16 and I don’t think it made any difference to the result. Maybe she could just do less hours gymnastics?
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