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  1. Thanks. DS had a great day and can't wait to start in September 😊
  2. Hi, I'm sorry I have no idea. The boys class DS is in was a brand new class set up for them so only has a few boys in it.
  3. Good luck to those waiting for results. DS is sad that next month will be his last scholars class before he starts at Hammond. He's come on so much in the two years he's been doing it and has thoroughly enjoyed every class, scholars weekend and Dance Days.
  4. Thank you for sharing
  5. My son has been a BBO scholar in Manchester for the last two years and has loved it. The audition was a normal ballet class. There are 9 classes a year with two intensives held at Elmhurst, Scholars Weekend in October and Dance Days at Easter. Good luck to your DD.
  6. Thanks everyone, so it sounds like there's a bit either end of the day for parents with the rest just being for the children. We've been into Stardust and organised most of the uniform already as we were in Birmingham at Easter. What she didn't have in the shop, she's measured up for which for us is just the Blazer. DS is all limbs so she said she'd have fun with that 😂 Becky and her colleague were really lovely, very helpful and DS certainly charmed them!
  7. Hi again, Can anyone give me more details about the induction day please. Is it a drop them and leave them day or is there parental involvement. I know Becky will be there from Stardust so I assume parents are involved in that bit. What else happens? Thanks x
  8. Hi sorry me again 😆 How often is clothes washing done in the boarding houses? Obviously they only need 1 blazer, coat, scarf etc but how many sweatshirts do they need? Thanks
  9. Thank you so much everyone. I guess it will always be a mystery but some great suggestions there.
  10. Thank you. He went on to become a chartered surveyor in the civil service so not particularly artistic.
  11. Thank You. Unfortunately I know little of my father's early life. He was 23 when he painted this and all I know of his time before that was he joined the RAF during the latter stages of WW2 and was shipped out to Canada to train and then he travelled a bit post war prior to returning to Dundee. He will probably have told me the story behind the painting but I will have been too young to fully appreciate it and take it all in. I'm fairly certain it was a design piece as part of a project so a brief may have been given, possibly pictures to work from or it may have been completely conceptual.
  12. Thank you. It's quite poignant in our house at the moment as my son (who was born several years after his death) is heading off to the Hammond in September to study ballet/dance.
  13. Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post but will start here anyway. My father painted this painting back in 1948 while studying at Dundee Art college. All I know is it is a design for a theatre safety curtain. I would love to be able to identify the ballet/ballets depicted if possible and thought here might be the best place to ask. I believe part of the painting is a scene from de Valois' 'Checkmate'. Thanks in advance.
  14. Wow! I didn't realise there were so few funded places available. I feel even more shocked and proud that DS was lucky enough to receive one. Totally agree with this and just want to say to all those DC, keep trying, never give up. It may not have been your time this time but it will be one day, just like DS ❤
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