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  1. Thanks everyone, very reassuring 😊
  2. Thanks, he started his growth spurt toward the end of primary school and has grown 8 inches in the last 2 years (4 inches a year) so I'm hoping he's an early starter. His dad remembers being the tallest at primary school then was overtaken by most of his peers during secondary. Reassuring to know that men in ballet are getting taller though because ballet is his end goal, although we have plan b and c too!
  3. Does anyone know what height would be considered too tall for a male in classical ballet. DS is 14 in October and is already just shy of 5'10". My husband is 5'9 and I am 5'4 so I'm hoping he'll stop growing soon but is it possible to be too tall? Thanks
  4. DS had a place on YBS summer school this year. He's done a few masterclasses with them and we'd hoped there would be something separate to the RBS offering. Thankfully he's now doing Central's online summer school and a set of weekly classes with Sander Blommaert so all is not lost!
  5. DS is doing virtual schooling with Hammond. Our living room is out of bounds for the rest of us during the day so we have a choice of garden, kitchen or bedroom. We've removed the dining table to make room for a small barre area and put a very lightweight desk in for academics which can be easily moved for dance lessons.
  6. DS puts the laptop on the floor at the far end of the living room. The angle of the screen/camera means we can get all of him in view.
  7. DS has been doing his class every day too. He thinks it is excellent 😊
  8. DS has a place and I had an email this afternoon saying that, at that time, it would still be going ahead but they would let us know if that changed.
  9. DS has a place for week 1. Non residential as we live locally 😊
  10. I queried it last year as DH had just been made redundant and we didn't have the money to pay by the due date and could only send if MDS funding was received. It was confirmed it was non-refundable regardless of outcome of audition and we had to remove DS from the MDS audition list. Thankfully a guardian angel of a friend insisted on helping us so DS attended and was successful in gaining MDS funding. I am eternally grateful to that friend!
  11. True. Anyway, at least he's happy where he is and getting excellent training already
  12. We go a no letter yesterday for Year 9 🙁 wish you could get feedback.
  13. Thanks. DS had a great day and can't wait to start in September 😊
  14. Hi, I'm sorry I have no idea. The boys class DS is in was a brand new class set up for them so only has a few boys in it.
  15. Good luck to those waiting for results. DS is sad that next month will be his last scholars class before he starts at Hammond. He's come on so much in the two years he's been doing it and has thoroughly enjoyed every class, scholars weekend and Dance Days.
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