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  1. Massive Congratulations to those with yeses and waitlists, and please please please if your DC has got a no, this doesn't have to be the end of their dreams. DD didn't ever make WL finals. She got an MA place for y9 and trains with an excellent after school pre-professional school (not a full time vocational school). She is in y11 now and has got finals for RBS upper as well as other top schools in Europe. She has worked very hard, never taken anything for granted and never given up. A no for year 7 is most definitely not the end.
  2. I Believe the plan for international candidates who can’t attend is there will be a review of videos and then another selection and those selected will do a zoom audition after Easter - this is for upper school.
  3. Yes emails came out on monday for UK applicants and some international applicants have had their results also, as they have posted on this topic.
  4. Yes that is what our email said. Congrats to your dd too!
  5. Hi Vivian grace is that enbs or royal? enbs email says there is a zoom option but royal haven’t said that. The email just said live audition on 27 March and if you can’t attend they wouldn’t discount you. Is that what your email said?
  6. Does anyone know how many girls are normally at finals for RBS upper? I say normally as this year is obviously anything but normal ...
  7. Hi VivianGrace The email said first day was audition class and second was medical and physio. Not sure how long the results will take. They don't have boarding but I think a lot of students rent shared accommodation and I think the school help them co-ordinate this. I would email the school and ask for more info on this. RBS has boarding yes. You can find a list of destinations of graduates from ENBS on their website. Good luck with it all - particular if you are travelling from abroad for the audition at the moment, is that possible with all the travel restrictions currently in place? The email said if you couldn't attend in person due to travel restrictions they will provide a zoom audition I think.
  8. Yes email arrived yesterday afternoon from ENBS.
  9. Are you saying then most if not all who go onto upper school are students who joined later eg y10?
  10. Also I saw on their website a few weeks ago that enbs are not going to require an initial video this year to select for prelims.
  11. Enbs cancelled their non residential intensive on Friday
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