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  1. The results for those UK students who could not audition in person and had to participate by Zoom with the international students haven’t come out yet, so I suspect no MA news until after that happens
  2. Congratulations to all! Now for the awkward part, we were informed that there would be alternative final audition arrangements made for those who were unable to attend in person and that this would take place after April 4. But since then there has been no further contact and now clearly places have already been offered. Very confusing indeed. Is anyone else in this situation?
  3. No we have not heard any information about what the plan is for those who could not attend in person
  4. Apparently they will let us know what is happening but whatever it is it will not happen until after Easter
  5. Just wonder how realistic that is when they haven’t even said upfront what that procedure will be? Very stressed since we will not be able to attend in person and feels like it will be a pro-forma afterthought for all those who can’t attend to be seen via some other method after all selections have already been made
  6. Yes we had to use the reply with the attend or not attend button. But there was no place to offer an explanation. it just feels like those who cannot attend in person will have no real chance
  7. Does anyone know what will happen with those who cannot attend the White Lodge audition in person?
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