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  1. Hello what time is this class in the school Covent Garden please?
  2. We’ve decided to not apply here. Know some girls who are happy there, but since posting I’ve had a few private messages which had has helped me and my partner decide it’s not for our DD. good luck to those there and I wish you all luck
  3. why did your dd leave Elmhurst? We know of two students who left? is yda better in terms of ballet tuition do you think? Or is it what suits each student? still feeling way through this complete minefield that is ballet!!
  4. Ok so this is clearly not an open forum for discussion as apparently my post was pompous! At no point did I say that schools being competition factories was wrong - just sad. I am entitled to my opinion I will not dare to comment again as it’s not worth the hassle how sad that a forum has become competitive parents being rude! Its goodbye from me.
  5. Well well not rude? I disagree such a generalisation is unnecessary in my opinion competitions and festivals are sometimes full of talent but also often full of parents and guardians who are so pushy and competitive that the whole ethos is lost. I say sometimes so as to not generalise. i agree with Mr Pownys concerns. . Some schools are just competition and festival factories and it’s sad. This is just my opinion
  6. Bored dads?! That’s rude and a complete generalisation. Proud thrilled excited dad’s and mums. Who’s to say there weren’t bored mums too? Too many competitive parents or guardians on this thread. Mr Powney from White Lodge wrote an extremely interesting and imho astute article recently about competitions and festivals, and concerns over them. My DC’s teacher is against them and I wholeheartedly agree!
  7. I agree totally Many different options out there even with some help we couldn’t pay the boarding fees on top But we are not downhearted as our dd has opportunities for next year I think a boarding school is better for us rather than one where it’s just staying arrangements however I know Yda is good so wish everyone there the best of luck wr know a student who moved to another school from Yda and is very pleased so choices are individual in the end really good luck to all
  8. Not going to YDA after all as flat fell through and we can’t pay boarding fees as well as fees also heard very alarming stories about the boarding arrangements and having to move out etc not ideal looking at other options all the best to everyone
  9. Hope we don’t have to wait a lot longer as one of my DC waiting for MA results for Bath word is that it’s a very strong class so not sure if they’ll get a position in that class paying for private’s if not successful
  10. I honestly think it is selfish for vocational students too take up associate places where other DC could do them just my thought also Yda strict about pupils not going other things but we know about kids who have done competitions and shows with other dance schools its an unfair workd we are still deciding about Yda fir next year looks good and that confirmed for us to use midweek
  11. Good luck to her 🍀 wjen are the ma and sa results being sent out?
  12. Yeah i think Yda kids do MAs i do not think that’s enough rest but that is there decision
  13. So those are fees then have to pay boarding on top?? How much is that may have to withdraw as couldn’t possibly pay it all london living in the week may be a better option how do people pay it? 🙁
  14. So how does the funding happen? If she got a place would we have to pay for fees and boarding? Not sure we can do it without mds as not on big incomes how much would we have to pay?
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