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  1. He’s just in his first term of lower school.
  2. Hi. My child is currently in a vocational school, but I’m feeling uncomfortable about it for various reasons. Is there already a thread on here to connect with parents who’ve chosen to take a different route?
  3. Thanks. Oh dear. That’s abit vague, isn’t it?
  4. Does anyone know when they finish on the last day? I’ll email them, but we need to book a train home to Scotland and there are only a few seats left. I’d like to know ASAP!
  5. Hi. I'm new to the forum and to the world of dance. My 11yo son has been offered a place at a vocational school. I'm very proud of him, I'm sure he'd have an amazing time, and he's keen to go, but I'm concerned about it as I can see how competitive the dance world is and am worried about him limiting his future career choices. He's talked about being a teacher. What other fields do dancers go into if they don't make it into a ballet company? Thanks in advance!
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