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  1. Thank you Dancer123! Feel better already
  2. Hello! I am really concerned about a comment my dd’s ballet teacher made recently. She told me that one of my dd’s legs is longer than the other but not to worry as it is probably due to a growth spurt d they will eventually even up. My dd is 9 years old and very serious about ballet. I worry this may stand in the way of her chances for vocational training at the age of 11 when auditions take place. Has anyone else made similar experiences? I am having to wonder why it is that my daughter’s legs are unequal and not the legs of the other girls in her class who are also growing? She has being doing a lot of stretching over the past year so I am also wondering if she might have overdone it and some damage...
  3. Hello, would someone be able to recommend a good dance course during the Easter half term break? My daughter is 9 years old and live in the South East. RBS and Elmhurst start age 11+ and I was wondering if there were any other comparatively good courses for younger ballet dancers?
  4. Is there a JA class (year 4) in London next Saturday 30/09?
  5. White hand towel? Had no idea they needed one...Do they need to take a mat too? Ot anything else?
  6. What did everyone do with the hair ribbons? I bought two but it now looks like they are too long. Is it okay to cut one ribbon in two or would they end up too short?
  7. So are we Littlebear! See you tomorrow. Xx
  8. First class in Eastleigh is on 16/09. Was told invoices will be sent out in September.
  9. This is what was mentioned in the Handbook we were sent: The school aims to invite all Associate students to attend one pre-general rehearsal at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden during the year. In addition, we try to invite students to attend a workshop held at the Upper School to enhance their training. Invitation to events will be sent by email and parents will be asked to submit a short form online along with payment.
  10. No, I don't know anything about it. How did you hear about it Littlebear? I guess we will be told about these things by the teacher?
  11. I have to say that I told the school and they offered to put something about her in the newsletter and a feature on the school's website but the newsletter is not particularly relevant as they tend to use an app for any school related communications so I am not sure how well read it is. I also looked up the school's website and the page where pupils' successes are shared is rather well hidden and difficult to find. But at least they did offer to do that.
  12. When I asked them about returning one they said this wasn't possible because of the print in the back making it a customised item...not sure it makes sense and maybe you will have more luck with it
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