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  1. We had to accept by 31st March. Really everything 🤞 for you
  2. Or London MA2 timings? We were always wait list for JAs and first year of MAs so perseverance pays off!
  3. My DD has a year 9 place for Mids at London. So pleased for her!!!
  4. If schools all shut will we get Mids results?! Obviously not a priority but was just curious!
  5. I would prefer to be more cautious than lots more people getting ill if it can be avoided.
  6. Yes sadly 27 people in intensive care with it and 20 of those caught it with no foreign travel. I guess our priority should be helping take the pressure off the NHS.
  7. Sadly my DD did not get a place for Year 9 but good luck to everyone else
  8. London. The HK one they delayed to next year I think but we’re honoring places. Hope we get application fee back too
  9. Has anyone heard regarding audition on 28th February for years 8-11?
  10. Think they still have a place on course for next spring.
  11. What time did year 7 boys email come yesterday??? Was hoping older year groups would hear today but nothing as yet 😭
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