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  1. Can I have the progressing ballet technique one please?
  2. Do you need much larger than a uk 14? Most of the bigger brands like capezio and Bloch seem to stop at about that size. I was browsing an American site the other day and noticed they had a specific plus size section so that might give you more choice? If the ones mentioned I’ve had the capezio bratek and it’s pretty flattering and a decent thick material
  3. Freeds use paste (similar to papier-mâché- flour based) whereas most of the others use various glues to stiffen. The other materials in freeds are traditional, natural materials too, whereas some of the others now use plastics.
  4. Grishko make soft and super soft shoes which are just as easy to roll through as a freed. To be honest all the shoes including gaynor’s can be ‘rolled through’, if the student can’t its probably more that they have the wrong strength rather than a problem with the shoe. I wonder if your daughter could get away with Suffolk pointe shoes as the construction is the same as freed but they go down very narrow and are designed for different foot shapes
  5. I was going to say the same I think you’ll struggle with freed with a narrow and shallow foot. The lasts they use are not that shape! I know they will tailor make for rbs but if this isn’t available to you, she may struggle to find one. As far as models go I haven’t found one great for narrow feet, particularly if they are also shallow. Wineglass maker is more tapered and narrow than some others and may be worth trying. Will she be able to visit a freed specialist who is able to custom order? Or could she get away with another soft shoe such as merlet?
  6. They’re the same brand as Russian pointe, although there are some r class models that don’t appear to be available in Russian pointe. The wings are quite flexible but last reasonably well, probably depends on what brand and type you’re used to? I think they’re made from a flexible glue so last longer than paste shoes but some of the new grishko models seem to be pretty much rock solid and indestructible!
  7. Trend is definitely towards extreme flexibility and wearing very dead pointe shoes to fake the feet! Personally think a lot of it is quite ugly but there have always been fashions, at least we’ve moved away from the ultra skinny I suppose. I see many more video clips these days so not sure I agree that musicality etc is less considered than in previous days when we had mainly just photos
  8. I think the issue is the cost, at around £20 a ticket (no child reduction) it’s a very expensive cinema trip for a family! Many of the live touring productions are the same price or cheaper. I’m not totally sure why the live cinema events are so expensive?
  9. What are you hoping to do at the end of the course? Perform/ teach/ choreograph etc? Is your higher education in an area where you could work part time or flexibly self employed?
  10. If she’s got a bust I don’t think any sort of dance bra/ leotard/ body will support adequately. If it’s for a performance/ exam then these are adequate as a one off but for regular class she’s going to need a proper bra. Do the school restrict leotard styles? There are many tank and sleeved styles that will hide a bra and maybe even a wider strap camisole. If her bra is too high at the front could she get a 3/4 cup style or shorten the leotard straps? If the school are dictating one style of leotard which won’t work with any type of bra they really cant complain...
  11. https://www.gov.uk/drug-safety-update/aqueous-cream-may-cause-skin-irritation https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/emollients
  12. Aqueous cream actually isn’t recommended as a moisturiser anymore and hasn’t been for quite some time due to it causing sensitivity reactions much more commonly than equivalent products. It’s only recommended for washing with instead of soap.
  13. Sorry to hear you have had such an awful time. I was going to suggest doublebase (not diprobase) as it has a nice texture for massage. Flexitol is a very good moisturiser but if your skin is very sensitive at the moment you may react to the urea in it. If you’re allowed heat on the foot you may like a parrafin foot bath, they are not that expensive
  14. Did you see Sarah at dancique? The other fitter is good but I’d say sarah is particularly good with difficult feet! What is the specific problem with the shoes? Are they bruising/ rubbing? Is she falling out of them? Not able to dance? Or just short wear time? The American site ballet talk for dancers do online shoe fittings from pictures which would give you a good idea of shoes to target to try and then look for somewhere that stocks those?
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