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  1. Thank you, it looks like central have extended their ages to 16 so I'll definitely look into bit. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of any dance camps going on for the February half term week? thanks in advance
  3. Its a very polite no for us too 😁, we will definitely do it again though.
  4. Oh no, thats a shame. I wouldn't say that any letter will be a forever no, its always worth trying again if your DD enjoyed it
  5. Yeah, I heard very few places are up for grabs in the November auditions. Would be interesting to know though, and still great experience either way.
  6. Hi, My DD also auditioned yesterday and really enjoyed it. Its a great introduction to auditioning and hopefully will give her more confidence going forward. She is not expecting to get in, but wanted to go along and see what it was like. I fear she may have caught the Tring bug now! 😱
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