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  1. Tring dance course has a bit of everything x
  2. Thank you, I'll definitely look into them all x
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of any half term courses for children please? Preferably London way. Thank you 😊
  4. We got a very nice not yet, with some detailed feedback. Actually saved us the trouble of deciding between other associates that we had already accepted so no bad thing!
  5. Gosh they must be if the emails are still coming out, I'd given up for the evening! Lovely that you get feedback. I wonder if they will still do the November auditions?
  6. Oh no, I'm sorry. We are expecting a no too, but still nothing through x
  7. I was sure we'd hear one way or another by now!
  8. My Dd said exactly the same! She really enjoyed it though. Good luck everyone x
  9. My DD is really excited to go 😁 Good luck to everyone auditioning and hope they all enjoy it x
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