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  1. Has anyone heard from Elmhurst Upper school finals yet? X
  2. How did your DS get on? Was it by email or post? X
  3. Any idea how many girls were in the yr9/10 audition? X
  4. Did they indicate how many MDS places available? X
  5. Was that the audition that started at 9am?Was it a mixture of girls and boys?x
  6. Was he in a group of all boys from yr7 - yr10?
  7. Best wishes to all auditioning today at Tring. Enjoy the experience and what ever the outcome be very proud of being there today. X
  8. My DD attended NBS with a Dada for tuition. You can also receive help dependant on income ( sliding scale) for accommodation. It worked out approximately 50% reduction on her accommodation fee's at unite ( New Medlock / Parkgate) x
  9. In the world of today this behaviour should not be happening anywhere. The long term damage of physical and verbal abuse is proven to ruin a young persons future years.
  10. Congratulations to your DD. Does your DD have an idea which part of the dance industry she most wants to go into? Have you had chance to see where the graduates from both schools end up working and how soon after graduation they gain employment? X
  11. Are both courses the same level eg level 6? Are both courses with a Dada? X
  12. Not sure if we can respond to this as site is not allowed to discuss anything Ballet West wise. Hopefully moderators can explain this more technically. there is a post regarding Ballet West that is locked at the top of the wall.x
  13. When my DD started she was 16 and a girl in her year was 21/22. A lad was 23/24. X
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