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  1. I remember this too (I think it was more than a decade ago). Also wasn't Laura Morera featured ? IIRC she was a First Artist at the time - I may be wrong.
  2. Is she allowed to wear a ballet skirt over her leotard ? It would maybe disguise the pad a little. x
  3. Aimlessly scrolling through youtube yesterday I came across this documentary 'Winner takes it All' about the Russian rhythmic gymnasts. I wasn't able to watch until the end (internet problems) and haven't managed to finish watching it yet today. But from what I saw I found it interesting, eye opening and not without some significance to the demands of classical ballet training. Over the last couple of decades some have voiced the concern that ballet is turning into gymnastics. Apparently the concern is reciprocal ! Hope that this link works. x
  4. Very well said Pups_mum. I believe that this piece by Isabella Gasparini has been posted on the forum already, but it's worth sharing again. Best wishes to you all. Hold tight ! x https://www.thedancepsychologist.com/blog/2020/4/20/trust-the-road-less-travelled-my-journey-to-the-royal-ballet
  5. At around the time the Cats movie opened, two very pretty white kittens appeared in our neighbourhood. We nicknamed them Francesca and Hayward. Francesca has been keeping a low profile recently. Hayward, not so much. He has been re-named Hayward - 19 since I witnessed his, rather aggressive encounter with (our) Mummykat.
  6. I found the report interesting and appreciate the time that Liz Bouttell took to write it and The Ballet Association for publishing it, for free online.
  7. I agree. With a thick strapped/cap or long sleeved leotard, a sports bra ( without padding) is fine.
  8. I just came across this post via The Ballet Blog's FB Page and thought it may interest members of the Doing Dance Forum.
  9. Thanks. I think you're right.... x
  10. Can anyone tell me if the RAD syllabus music is available to download ? My original CD's have seen better days ! I've seen on their online shop that it's possible to buy video and music to download, but not just the music. Am I missing something ?
  11. Hello Fiz. Not in Croydon, but I have friends whose tiny DC's attend Butterfly Ballet and speak very highly of the school. http://www.butterflyballet.co.uk/
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