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  1. Hi, just a quick question. If you are applying to do the scholarship audition for YBSS but can only attend the summer school if you are lucky to get a scholarship do you have to fill out the summer school application as well?
  2. My daughter uses a nail brush to tame the flyaways down ( along with wetting her hair and hairspray ) she says she finds the nail brush works better .
  3. I agree, the standard of dancing was excellent. It was quite emotional seeing my dd up on stage dancing her ballet solo . I am so proud of her . There was plenty of amazing talent dancing at the finals and the gala was a fitting celebration of this.
  4. Yes my dd is starting in September at the upper school 6.1. 😁
  5. Aww sorry about that, it’s a cruel process. Glad your dd is fine about it too. They’ve done amazing to get so far .
  6. Dancermum2003 , sadly no recall for either . Dd is ok about it. How about your dd ? 🤞
  7. Hi yes my dd was at RBS Upper School on Saturday. Then ENBS afterwards . It’s been a tough weekend
  8. I watched the ballet final at the Lowry on Friday evening. It was a very enjoyable evening. We truly have some beautiful young dancers coming through . Definitely one to watch when it’s broadcast on TV ( I think they said April?)
  9. Congratulations ArucariaBallerina , good luck with funding. Perhaps contact your local Rotary Club, they can sometimes offer a little bit of help. ( it’s definitely worth a try)
  10. Can’t quite believe I’m typing this , My dd has finals for upper school . I’m so very happy for her . We just didn’t expect this.
  11. Ha ha brilliant, you can be a judge on “The Greatest Dancer” ................. with me 😁👍🏻😂
  12. The programme made me want to poke my eyes out it was so awful😂 apart from young Andrew who danced with grace and such joy . If Cheryl has been in “the Royal Ballet “ then so have I !!! ( well I’ve been inside White Lodge so that must count surely 😂 ) ha ha I will not be tuning in next week .
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