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  1. Our kitchen is now a ballet studio, I wonder how many times dd’s teachers have seen me crawling along the floor trying to avoid the camera just so I can get a cup of tea 😂. Our dog had featured on zoom as he particularly likes to join in with the stretch classes 😬
  2. Is anyone else not getting any response from Dance Forward. I have emailed and I have not had any reply !!!
  3. I haven’t contacted him with a reply yet. However I do think he is being very shortsighted if his stance is to not offer refunds. The ballet world is very small , his attitude to this would easily ruin any future for his business as no one would want to risk paying for one of his courses again. Not very forward thinking!
  4. Oh no , my daughter was meant to be on the same course . I was expecting the gentleman to email giving the option of a refund Rather than just saying it would be rescheduled ! I haven’t emailed him back yet but I will .
  5. Elmhurst Ballet School had one candidate at the Prix De Lausanne, Nicola Marchionni number 408 . He didn't make the final but I thought he did Elmhurst Ballet School proud .
  6. i sat down this afternoon just to watch a few ........3 hours later i was still watching . Lovely afternoon of dance
  7. I also highly recommend Centre Pointe in Denton .
  8. Yes , I think it’s been like this for a few years. Last year they handed you an envelope after the Saturday audition to say whether you were called back on the Sunday. Also last year ENBS finals were on the same day so we had to race from Royal over to ENBS . My dd didn’t open the envelope till after the ENBS final .
  9. Hi, just a quick question. If you are applying to do the scholarship audition for YBSS but can only attend the summer school if you are lucky to get a scholarship do you have to fill out the summer school application as well?
  10. My daughter uses a nail brush to tame the flyaways down ( along with wetting her hair and hairspray ) she says she finds the nail brush works better .
  11. I agree, the standard of dancing was excellent. It was quite emotional seeing my dd up on stage dancing her ballet solo . I am so proud of her . There was plenty of amazing talent dancing at the finals and the gala was a fitting celebration of this.
  12. Yes my dd is starting in September at the upper school 6.1. 😁
  13. Aww sorry about that, it’s a cruel process. Glad your dd is fine about it too. They’ve done amazing to get so far .
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