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  1. I agree, the standard of dancing was excellent. It was quite emotional seeing my dd up on stage dancing her ballet solo . I am so proud of her . There was plenty of amazing talent dancing at the finals and the gala was a fitting celebration of this.
  2. Yes my dd is starting in September at the upper school 6.1. 😁
  3. Aww sorry about that, it’s a cruel process. Glad your dd is fine about it too. They’ve done amazing to get so far .
  4. Dancermum2003 , sadly no recall for either . Dd is ok about it. How about your dd ? 🤞
  5. Hi yes my dd was at RBS Upper School on Saturday. Then ENBS afterwards . It’s been a tough weekend
  6. I watched the ballet final at the Lowry on Friday evening. It was a very enjoyable evening. We truly have some beautiful young dancers coming through . Definitely one to watch when it’s broadcast on TV ( I think they said April?)
  7. Congratulations ArucariaBallerina , good luck with funding. Perhaps contact your local Rotary Club, they can sometimes offer a little bit of help. ( it’s definitely worth a try)
  8. Can’t quite believe I’m typing this , My dd has finals for upper school . I’m so very happy for her . We just didn’t expect this.
  9. Ha ha brilliant, you can be a judge on “The Greatest Dancer” ................. with me 😁👍🏻😂
  10. The programme made me want to poke my eyes out it was so awful😂 apart from young Andrew who danced with grace and such joy . If Cheryl has been in “the Royal Ballet “ then so have I !!! ( well I’ve been inside White Lodge so that must count surely 😂 ) ha ha I will not be tuning in next week .
  11. It would be a nice problem to have. I hadn’t thought about the plus of not having to travel to London twice.
  12. I have just noticed that ENB upper school finals is the same date as RBS upper school finals !! Has this happened in previous years ? What would happen if you had the enviable position of getting finals for both ?!? Would you be expected to choose one over the other?? Totally theoretical question but could happen to a very gifted dancer .
  13. Letters are out for upper school finals from the 28th November audition. It’s a yes for my dd for finals . She is over the moon .
  14. Hi Just Dance, yes my dd auditioned for upper school, 10 days wait till results.
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