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  1. Apologies I think what I was trying to say came out wrong too ! Of course it’s hard not to compare and second guess when presented with photos . Even now all these years on it’s hard not to do that . I think posting the journey on social media can add extra pressure for children but then there’s the flip side where it can help stay connected and of course it’s always nice to both share and read about good news. Best of luck for next year , what’s meant to be will be xx
  2. “ Guessing who gets in “ gosh that feels like a bit of a blood sport especially with children so young . I’m glad that once these children are in vocational training their posts are monitored ,would leave them very vulnerable otherwise . When my DD was in year six and preparing for vocational auditions she trained two hours a week plus her junior associate classes . Nearer the time of auditions she increased the ballet slightly and put a hold on the tap and modern just so she didn’t burn out . She was lucky to get a place at WL and in her class there was a real mix of levels of training . However they did all have the necessary ingredients.As a ballet teacher and a ballet mum I would always say it’s a marathon not a sprint . With natural potential taking a student much further than hours of coaching . I’ve never believed in having extra coaching whilst in vocational school other than Easter / summer schools . Young bodies need to rest and grow . Of course everyone takes their own path and decides how best to achieve their goals this is just the recipe I believe has worked for my daughter. She’s now in her final year at the lower school . Good luck next year to your DC, take the pressure of comparison away and try and enjoy the process it’s not for the faint hearted 😂 but it’s a journey we would both take again . Xx
  3. Also look at kings international, excellent training and accepts students going in at year 10 or 11 .
  4. I don’t have a child studying there , but my daughter attended the summer school and said the training was absolutely brilliant and she came on a lot just in the short space of a week . We also know a couple of current students who have just gone from strength to strength . Hope this helps .
  5. Hi SJBallet , i think you just have to do what feels right for your child and your family . Whilst weighing up the risks and the gains. It was with much trepidation I sent my dd off to full time ballet school age 11 but I knew that this was the best chance of her getting to do what she loves day in day out without having to juggle travelling to classes on top of doing a full school day whilst still living at home . She is now in her final year of the lower school and I can honestly say neither one of us have ever looked back . She’s made wonderful friendships , has benefitted from the small academic classes and despite being a small fish in a very large pond she has never felt undervalued or over looked . That’s not to say she’s complacent , assessments are a nerve wracking time , year nine in particular was tough emotionally not just from worrying about whether she would go through herself but also the upset when close friends do not , this can be devastating all round . That said those children have all bounced back and seem to be flourishing at other schools . There have been so many happy times and the majority of phone calls I get reflect that . Lots of giggles , excitement and news about the day . Of course there’s the other phone calls when it’s doom and gloom , an injury that is niggling or a concern in an area that is flagged for improvement not to mention the inevitable homesickness. On measure for me the happiness has outweighed the sadness and there’s never been a spilt second when either one of us have thought we made the wrong decision . We both realise that statistically the chance of gaining a place at the upper school is unlikely and I hope if this is the case that it doesn’t taint any of the wonderful memories of her time spent there or mine for that matter . I think no matter what the outcome , her five years at vocational school has tought , her to follow her dreams , to be motivated , independent and to not be scared of failure. She used to have a picture on her wall that said “ but what if I fall ?..... but what if you fly my dear “ ... something like that anyway and I think it sums it up perfectly . Best of luck to you and your little dancer , just buckle up and enjoy the ride 😀
  6. When I was a child I also had a mouse named Eschappe as he escaped a few times.
  7. We have a dog named Nunez 😂 when I took him to puppy training the teacher said “ Noo who “ ???
  8. Thank you for all the advice , Im Stocking up on all of the above Incase of a repeat . Luckily it wasn’t too bad by assessments.
  9. Thank you I’ve not heard this one , anything is worth a try will pass this on thank you x
  10. Does anyone have any tips on how best to prevent blisters and also any tips on speeding up healing and recovery ? My DD has a very painful raw blister almost covering the back of her heel . Not the best timing with a busy week ahead including her annual ballet assessment.
  11. Yes students attending summer school could potentially be spotted and offered a full time place or a place as an international scholar. Well done to your son , my DD will also be 15 v soon and will be there weeks 1 and 2 , so they might see each other there 😃
  12. Absolutely not , I remember from my daughters Ja class three that got a no for summer school first time ended up as mid associates and from that , one is now a senior associate. My DD was wait listed in year 5 for SS luckily a very last minute place came up and she is now in year 10 at WL.
  13. Thank you one of my students was wait listed, fingers crossed the WL isn’t too gigantic and a place comes up . X
  14. I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news. Sending my love and prayers to his family and friends x
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