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  1. Hi SJBallet , i think you just have to do what feels right for your child and your family . Whilst weighing up the risks and the gains. It was with much trepidation I sent my dd off to full time ballet school age 11 but I knew that this was the best chance of her getting to do what she loves day in day out without having to juggle travelling to classes on top of doing a full school day whilst still living at home . She is now in her final year of the lower school and I can honestly say neither one of us have ever looked back . She’s made wonderful friendships , has benefitted from the sm
  2. When I was a child I also had a mouse named Eschappe as he escaped a few times.
  3. We have a dog named Nunez 😂 when I took him to puppy training the teacher said “ Noo who “ ???
  4. Thank you for all the advice , Im Stocking up on all of the above Incase of a repeat . Luckily it wasn’t too bad by assessments.
  5. Thank you I’ve not heard this one , anything is worth a try will pass this on thank you x
  6. Does anyone have any tips on how best to prevent blisters and also any tips on speeding up healing and recovery ? My DD has a very painful raw blister almost covering the back of her heel . Not the best timing with a busy week ahead including her annual ballet assessment.
  7. Yes students attending summer school could potentially be spotted and offered a full time place or a place as an international scholar. Well done to your son , my DD will also be 15 v soon and will be there weeks 1 and 2 , so they might see each other there 😃
  8. Absolutely not , I remember from my daughters Ja class three that got a no for summer school first time ended up as mid associates and from that , one is now a senior associate. My DD was wait listed in year 5 for SS luckily a very last minute place came up and she is now in year 10 at WL.
  9. Thank you one of my students was wait listed, fingers crossed the WL isn’t too gigantic and a place comes up . X
  10. I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news. Sending my love and prayers to his family and friends x
  11. I would definitely recommend centre pointe. Simon Gray is an excellent teacher especially for boys .
  12. In my DD’s year there were 13 places offered for year 7 , 5 of those were not recalled which I assume meant they had seen enough to definitely want to offer them a place . The remaining 8 were recalled including Other children that were put on the reserve list . I think it’s best not to read in to it too much the results will be here before you know it . Best of luck everyone .
  13. Thank you peanut very well put . The amount of children reported is incorrect in any case . It is still very early days for both the children and families affected . Whether they’re moving on or not already is irrespective. They should be allowed to do so in private without speculation , they’re real people children at that not just a number or a statistic .
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