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  1. Tickets are available on Travelzoo for this production at a good reduced price.
  2. So I was talking to a young person who only knows Darcey B from Strictly, and I was thinking about a clip to send them of a performance that defined her dancing. If you were only allowed one, which ballet would you choose? I bet many people would be amazed to see her at her finest....
  3. thank you so much, Floss, I know there was a way to work it out, I just couldn't remember how!
  4. Has anyone worked out the running time for the triple bill, Concerto, etc, please?
  5. Has anyone worked out the running time for the triple bill, Concerto, etc, please?
  6. Thank you! Some days when I am creaking as I get out if bed I wonder how I did it.... Adrenalin maybe 😁
  7. thank you! I hope you get your resultsbsoon and you are happy!
  8. thank you so much! I so hope you get the result you're hoping for. I can't believe I wasted fifty seven years of my life before I discovered ballet class, but you have the chance to go all the way. Good luck!
  9. Thank you! Very hard work at this age, especially remembering the steps! Good luck to your daughter..... 🤞
  10. I got my results on 1st August, was only little old Grade 3, but I am 60 and only started ballet three or so years ago. I passed with a merit! Did a little dance and had a little cry (relief I think), so lucky to have a teacher who was willing to risk her 100% pass rate by putting in this old person! Can't say what it means to me..... Good luck to all of you still waiting!
  11. How tall is Corrales? I can't find a reference and have not been able to work it out seeing him on stage.
  12. Hi. Does anyone know how many senior students are taking the RAD exams, (grade 3 and above) now that the categories are open to all students of all ages? I am about to take my Grade 3 exam at the age of sixty, and would be fascinated to know how many seniors are doing the same?
  13. My heart was sinking a bit as this evening approached, having read tales of projection and puppets, especially after seeing the sublime Naghdi and Ball in R and J last night. so go, like me, with limited expectations and have a lovely, glorious evening! Pure ballet fans will not be blown away by Wheeldon's choreography (I love Bintley's Cinderella much more, ditto John Macfarlane's divine costumes) but it was much more than the sum of its parts, a gorgeous, swirling spectacle. The sheer hard work of everyone involved was so evident at every point, and there was such attention to detail (even to the backstagers wheeling on the props - the one bringing on Cinderella's mother's tombstone was dressed as an undertaker just for the sake of a moment's appearance) From my seat, I watched eight people feeding long strips of material back into a machine which took them all of the interval to do, only for it to be raised up to the ceiling and dropped down again for a five minute effect. Amazing. I had also forgotten what a fine dancer Jeffrey Cirio is! Fine courtly and comic acting by turns, clearly delighted by his prize, secure in his partnering, he filled up the whole of the massive stage. And he has a lovely b - ballon! 🤣 Do go if you can.
  14. I do wonder if the jury are divided on Ball's performance along the lines of those who were at the ROH and those who watched the cinema relay, to some extent? I definitely must go and see the encore to see Matthew Ball in close up, as I'm sure all sorts of emotions were crossing his face, but certainly, for me, Yasmine's acting translated right up into the amphi whilst I'm afraid Matthew's didn't (especially set against the as usual superb acting from Christopher Saunders, Christina Arestis, Gary Avis et Al). But he is sooo young, so I am sure it will come. It took a while for Vadim Muntagirov's acting to catch up with his artistry, after all. Also, yasmine kept bringing to mind a young Alessandra Ferri dancing Juliet tonight. Must be the divine arms.
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