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  1. I have been convinced that many different ballerinas were Juliet in the past. I have seen many Romeos danced beautifully, however, last night, watching Cesar Corrales, it may be the first time I have ever felt the same about a Romeo. His youth and raw talent; the fact that his eyes never left Juliet's face for a second, even as she looked up reverently at the Friar as they knelt before him in the marriage scene; the moments when his impulses were so strong that he was forced to use an 'unballetic' movement, such as when he grabbed Juliet's hand after she'd leapt from the stairs in the balcony scene; the inability to let her go at the end of each meeting, constantly sweeping her up for another kiss: maybe it is the fact that Cesar's teenage years are still so recent, that enabled him to portray these emotions, but it certainly reminded this middle-aged lady of those feelings of first love, of staying up talking all night at the start of a relationship because you can't get enough of each other, that I hadnt thought about in a along time.....
  2. As another out of towner, I too am taking advantage of the clash of programmes, seeing R and J on the 11th, Cinderella on the 12th and Firebird, etc in the 13th!
  3. Thank you, LinMM, yes send me your bar bill! 😄 Thank you, yes that looks remarkably like the signature on my pointe shoe 😊 it is is very faded so I will wait for a very bright day when I can photograph it outside. The fact that it is very faded makes me think it might be genuine, and also because it is written in green ink. I don't think a forger would use green ink or be able to get that faded look. It has obviously been danced in, with wear on the pointe, and the shank/insole? has been well trimmed. It also smells very musty, which is a good sign. The autograph is very faded which is why I think it wasn't very much at the auction, but I would be more excited to know that I was holding a pointe shoe that Fonteyn actually wore in my hand (and it is a tiny little shoe, size 4 and so narrow!) I'll have to wait and see if Freed can tell me about the maker....
  4. No problem, LinMM. I had the same problem, so I used the free resizing at picresize. com. I uploaded my photos and chose 'reduce to 75% and that worked perfectly and I was able to post it on this site.
  5. LinMM, I would love to see a photo of the autograph from your book sometime, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, for further comparison. I would send you a photo of mine to you with the same aim, but I cannot get it to read well on any photograph.
  6. The maker's mark may well be different, but the signature on the Bonham shoe looks remarkably like the faint signature on mine! I'm still struggling to get the right light and angle to photograph my shoe. Much easier to see on the actual thing. . 😞
  7. I have written to them to ask if Margot used both the Z maker and the N maker. Thank you for the suggestion, I wouldn't have thought of that.
  8. Hah! Finally managed to upload a photo of the bottom of the shoe. Definitely an N not a Z then. Thanks for all your ideas guys. I shall take another picture of the signature, which is very faded, in better light, LinMM. Thank you.
  9. I recently bought, at East Bristol Auction House, a pointe shoe, purported to be signed by Margot Fonteyn. I paid £160. Here is the description the Auction House provided: "Margot Fonteyn ( 1919-1991 ) British Ballet Dancer / Ballerina - autographed ballet / pointe shoe. Signed by Fontaine to the toe area in green ink (slightly faded). The shoe itself believed to be one of her own, made by Frederick Freed of England and being a size 4 (as per her preferred brand and size). Provenance unknown, but has come from an estate of some note. A rare and iconic signed ballet shoe." Obviously, I would love to know if it is the real thing (although my friend said it might be better not to find out, and to be as pleased with it as if it were!). However, curiosity has got the better of me, and I was wondering if any of you know anything of this shoe? Do you recognise it? The signature is in green, now very faded pen. The shoe had been quite heavily used although no darning on the pointe. Also, the maker's mark seems to be an N with a 4 above it. Is this a maker that you know Fonteyn to have used at Freed? Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you. I cannot get the photos of the shoe to load as it says the file is too big or something.
  10. Never seen Lauren Cuthbertson dance Juliet until tonight. Light as thistledown, the best I've ever seen her, completely convincing as a young girl.
  11. Seen Hirano dance Paris before as he did tonight, and thought once again that if I'd been Juliet, Romeo wouldn't have got a look in..... 😳 Thrilled to see Gary Avis cast as Tybalt, an unexpected treat. Being a slightly older Tybalt worked so well, he genuinely looked exhausted by the time his sword was knocked out of his hand by the much younger Romeo.
  12. Thank you for all your help ladies. Looks like I will be slipping out quietly during Symphony in C, even with prompt starts 😕
  13. Does anyone have any idea of the total running time for these three ballets please? I can't see anything on the website, and I need to organise trains/hotels/etc.
  14. I loved this. So interesting, especially on the ownership of women's bodies. Raised my opinion of Ms.Rojo by many notches.....
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