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  1. I stayed in a hotel in Kings Cross, easy for Coventry Garden, and was absolutely amazed at how many restaurants and cafes and little shops were open on Christmas Day.
  2. I absolutely adored Patineurs last year! I don't mind Nutcracker being on everywhere for the children, but it was so lovely, last year, for the RB to cater adults as well, those who might want something to watch during the two week break that Christmas has now become for many.
  3. Thanks Alison, dying to find out. Not having much family, I stayed in a little hotel in London and had me a Christmas ballet fest instead. I saw the RB's Sleeping Beauty (glorious dancing in a rather silly story and possibly twenty minutes too long?), then Copelia, which was sparkling and so fresh (surely the RB are having a 'Golden Age')! Wish I could say the same for the ENB, whose Nutcracker was the third ballet I saw. The dancers performed with great gusto, but the production lacked sparkle, and the ten year old Eagling production feels a bit stale now. Anyway, despite the highs and the lows, it was a great way to spend a Christmas with no family available and I would love to do it again.next year, so am already excited to.see what offerings there will be next year!
  4. Could anyone tell me when the 20/21 season is announced please?
  5. As I say, I'm normally a huge fan, so can't imagine it was deliberate, but I certainly don't think it was anything like the performance last Wednesday according to reports, so maybe he wasn't well.
  6. Sarah Lamb gave 100% tonight, but Ryo possibly only 60-70%, and it pains me to say this as I am a normally a huge fan, but was he injured/ill, he seemed to be almost marking it some of the time to me? Very odd. No chemistry discernable between the two either. Thought Sarah deserved better.
  7. Tickets are available on Travelzoo for this production at a good reduced price.
  8. So I was talking to a young person who only knows Darcey B from Strictly, and I was thinking about a clip to send them of a performance that defined her dancing. If you were only allowed one, which ballet would you choose? I bet many people would be amazed to see her at her finest....
  9. thank you so much, Floss, I know there was a way to work it out, I just couldn't remember how!
  10. Has anyone worked out the running time for the triple bill, Concerto, etc, please?
  11. Has anyone worked out the running time for the triple bill, Concerto, etc, please?
  12. Thank you! Some days when I am creaking as I get out if bed I wonder how I did it.... Adrenalin maybe 😁
  13. thank you! I hope you get your resultsbsoon and you are happy!
  14. thank you so much! I so hope you get the result you're hoping for. I can't believe I wasted fifty seven years of my life before I discovered ballet class, but you have the chance to go all the way. Good luck!
  15. Thank you! Very hard work at this age, especially remembering the steps! Good luck to your daughter..... 🤞
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