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Found 18 results

  1. Due to an upgrade I am selling SCS D4 for this performance. DM me if interested.
  2. If anybody has any Stalls Circle tickets for Coppélia on the 10th December I would be very grateful 😊
  3. Hi, Anybody got any tickets for Coppelia 10th December @ 7:30pm?
  4. Hello, would love to hear from anyone who has been involved with an EYB Coppelia production. Can see from previous posts that Swanhilda’s Friends are in 3 acts but can anyone tell me what the role entails for the Coppelia doll? Many thanks.
  5. The Bolshoi's season of live cinema transmissions started today with Le Corsaire. Please use this thread to discuss the performances. I have to say, I thought the production looked stunning on screen, and that the dancers were generally framed pretty well - no parts of bodies escaping the frame during the dancing. I was a little surprised to find two dancers being interviewed about the roles of Conrad and Medora and then two completely different dancers performing the roles, though! Oh, and I still covet those beautiful white tutus from the Jardin Anime scene, even more so havin
  6. Birmingham Royal Ballet gave 4 performances of Coppelia in Sunderland and I was very happy to be there. I saw 3 of the performances and I have to say that they all sparkled! SPW's production of Coppelia is just gorgeous with its sumptuous sets and costumes and its attention to detail. On Thursday evening Miki Mizutani was just sublime as Swanilda with Tzu-Chao Chou as her "cheeky chappy" Franz. Her dancing was glorious and her depth of characterisation was beautiful to watch. The role of Franz fits Tzu-Chao like a glove. The incomparable Michael O'Hare gave a perfor
  7. Hi my DD is doing Coppélia with EYB at Rickmansworth and the casting audition is on Tuesday. Does anyone know what to expect as she’s quite nervous. Also do any of you know what parts she may get? She just turned 15, is on pointe and she’s 5’3/5’4. Thanks! Xx
  8. Something to look forward to, depending of course on which cinemas are taking part: three Australian Ballet productions will be broadcast to 500 cinemas worldwide in October. The ballets are Ratmansky's redesigned Cinderella, David McAllister's jaw-droppingly lavish Sleeping Beauty and Peggy van Praagh's much-loved Coppelia. http://www.screendaily.com/news/cinemalive-partners-with-australian-ballet-on-trilogy-of-productions/5104519.article I'd happily pay to see all of them! I was on the verge of booking to see Cinderella at the London Coliseum next month when fate decreed that I'll
  9. It was a privilege and a pleasure to witness David Hallberg's return to the stage last night at the Sydney Opera House. Franz in Coppelia is a role he had never danced before and he danced it with his customary generosity, expansiveness and warmth. His time at the Bolshoi shows in his presentation and in the development of his musicality and phrasing. Not ideal casting but no one cared. A wonderfully attentive but earnest partner for the delightful Swanilda of Amber Scott, he was only limited by the tiny stage - one leap and he is in the wings. Clearly the rehabilitation has been long but
  10. Well, for anyone just back from the AB cinema broadcasts, here's your chance to discuss it. I wondered how Sleeping Beauty was going to come in at 2 1/2 hours - significant cuts to Acts II and III is the answer. The credits rolled through so quickly that I couldn't spot who all the dancers were, and there were no casts sheets: can anyone tell me who were Bluebird and Florine? I can probably guess if I go and haul this summer's programme out. And I'm guessing the fairy of musicality would have been the canary one?
  11. BRB has started its latest run of Coppelia in Edinburgh at the Festival Theatre. I missed the opening night but reports claim that Elisha Willis, Joe Caley and Michael O'Hare surpassed themselves. The Thursday matinee was notable for finally giving Samara Downs her first leading role, as Swanilda- previously she's always been a Friend, never the lead. Her dancing was confident and her interpretation impressive. Jamie Bond was a convincing Franz and Rory Mackay a touching Dr Coppelius: modern British productions underplay the sinister elements of Hoffman's eccentric scientist but within th
  12. So the RSB is coming to Belfast and Mommy got me and her tickets to go see them in January, seeing La Fille mal Gardee. I see there Giselle and it was pretty good, they are a small company so it wasn't going to be mind blowing but their Swan Lake is one of the best I've seen. It blew me away. Tatianna (Bolotova??) was an amazing Giselle. Anyway, does anyone know how I can find out who is dancing in La Fille? As I would simply love to meet the company. The Grand Opera house have told me to send in a request through them and they'll see what they can do but does anyone else have any other id
  13. A performance of rare artistry from Elena Glurdjidze as Swanilda yesterday afternoon in Oxford. She connected with the audience immediately she came on stage and carried them with her every step of the way. Her comic timing was a delight and the softness and phrasing of her dancing was beautiful throughout. Mention has been made elsewhere on the Forum of the frequent emphasis given to steps over interpretation nowadays. Elena knows how to deliver 'the complete package' and show the soul of her character. The near to full theatre had a lot of very happy punters indeed and, unusually for a r
  14. The long awaited production of Ronald Hynd's Coppelia opens tonight at the Coliseum. The leads at the general rehearsal were Shiori Kase as Swanilda and Yonah Acosta as Franz, supported by a very happy looking company. Here are pictures from the three acts. Swanilda - Shiori Kase and Franz - Yonah Acosta in act 1 Shiori Kase - Swanilda as doll and Michael Coleman - Dr Coppelius in act 2 Crystal Costa as Dawn and bridesmaids in act 3 More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  15. English Youth Ballet is looking for a total of 100 young dancers to perform corps de ballet and soloist roles in our acclaimed production of Coppélia that will be presented at The Hawth Theatre from 24 - 25th October 2014. Please find an audition registration pack if you are interested in the audition. Auditions on Tuesday 24th June in the Studio at The Hawth Theatre, Hawth Ave, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6YZ. 4.30pm - audition for younger dancers (aged 8 ­ 11). 6.45pm - audition for older dancers (aged 12 ­ 18). Each audition is a 1.5hrs ballet class on the stage and is an experienc
  16. Coming away from yesterday's general rehearsal and walking up Kingsway, a stream of Little Princesses were descending on the Peacock Theatre to see ENB and ENB Ballet School's, My First Ballet: Coppelia. Narrated this time by Dr Coppelius the little ones should be following the story of Coppelia. Here is a picture from the rehearsal. Archie Sullivan - Franz, Olivia Lindon - Swanilda and Friends More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  17. On the first Christmas after the death of my late spouse, my former ward (the nearest I have to a daughter) went into hospital and gave birth to a beautiful little boy whom she called Vladimir. Despite his Slavonic name little Vladimir is entirely African, his mum being Sierra Leonean and his dad Ghanaian. He has a beautifully expressive face and in his play I have seen him balance on one leg one arm outstretched before him the other to his side and his other leg off the ground almost in line with his body. Nobody told him how to do that trick. Now his mum says that all kids can do that. A
  18. I was in Sunderland for the first three performances of Coppelia. Sir Peter Wright's 1995 production is handsome and very traditional and still looks as fresh as a daisy. Opening night honours went to Elisha Willis and Matthew Lawrence. Elisha is terrific as Swanilda - her outrage at Franz' flirting is a joy to behold and she is very deft of foot in Act 2. Matthew Lawrence "acts big" and Franz suits him. He's a terrific partner. On Thursday evening we were treated to a delightful performance from Laetitia Lo Sardo and Joe Caley. Laetitia is sublime as Swanilda; she is totally subs
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