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  1. That's great to hear that other studios are helping students/parents, we have been really open from the beginning with the dance school, so fingers crossed we will gain some support. It's such a difficult situation and being business owners ourselves we know this only too well. Thank you everyone for your messages and private messages. Some great advice and help both for dance but also our own business. Really is appreciated that you feel supported when we are all isolated. Thank you again.
  2. No worries - it's really hard because our child lives and breathes their dance. Such a tricky situation, we would love to be able to support the school and teachers, but we have just got to hanker down right now and prioritise. No offence taken. I know a lot of teachers go above and beyond it's just the presumption here which makes it difficult, we've a lot of friends in the same situation. Realistically you could end up with an elitist situation, if schools are going to favour those who can keep paying fees and potentially lose those with talent because of financial circumstances. I know the dance world is competitive but there has to be empathy on both sides?
  3. We have suggested reduction in fees etc, as they won't be paying for room hire. We'd love to support the dance school, but we have to pay our mortgage and prioritise that first. We don't know what Government support will be available to our own business in 6 -18 months time when we will really need it. Such a hard situation for all.
  4. Petuska, we really do value our dance school, but I'm not sure if you read my post. We are going to really struggle to pay the fees. We have spoken to the school, who hire village halls to run their classes and they are still expecting fees to be paid or offer us a payment plan which we can't commit to right now.
  5. This is a bit of an elephant in the room...hate to ask this but was is everyone doing about their DD for dance? We are fully supportive of the school/teachers but we are really worried about our own finances at the moment as we run our own business and we are likely to be hit hard in 3 months to 18 months. Our dance school are continuing to take DD payments per month and have said they aim to do online classes/make up over the Summer. They haven't given anyone the choice to cancel. I am a little sceptical that hours will be able to made up as we don't know how long this is going to continue for. Other activities even gymnastics have advised us to cancel or freeze DD's so not sure why so different for dance? There is no reduction in fees either, even though halls will not be hired. It's the elephant in the room, as other parents at the same dance school have pm'ed the same but no one wants to bring up publicly or formally so no idea general feeling. Don't want to cause problems for our child but wanted to find out consensus amongst other dance schools. I wondered if there could be pay by play dance class option - at least give parents an option given current situation. I am also a bit wary of the platforms used for these lessons in terms of safeguarding.
  6. Thank you, that's good to know. Sounds really similar to DD in regards to gymnastics. She's on the regional squad (3rd in overall region) and is aiming for compulsory 3 (in age) next year (currently comp 4/national 4). It may be that she swaps to national grades then to reduce hours - I worry she's doing too many hours. She's got very long legs like her Daddy so not sure how long the gym will continue as hinders bar work. Great to hear that you can continue the two. She's got into Elmhurst so I see that as a positive, maybe she was just having an off day at RB audition - who knows (she did throw up that evening)! Massive congrats to those who got into RB and big hugs to those who didn't. x
  7. London refreshers! Have we taken your mind of it yet????? x
  8. Thank you. It has a lovely vibe there so think she will enjoy it. She's excited! x
  9. Aww will be lovely to see you at Elmhurst. I was impressed by the girls I saw on the day of the audition in their tracksuits, they all looked really happy. It would be the logical thing to do - cutting down gym hours. But I was chatting to another squad mum the other day and in reality it's really hard to do. Where do the coaches put them? They stand out like a sore thumb in the groups with less hours, and the squad coaches wouldn't let them stay in their existing squads if they won't do the hours. So it's a tricky one. Would be incredibly hard to go cold turkey with it! Regardless - I think Elmhurst will be an utterly lovely experience for them both.
  10. Good to know I am not alone! MY DD also more natural dance way and like you I'm worried about her shoulders, bulking up etc. I'll post or msg you if have any clearer insight in the next few months which may help you! xx
  11. Thank you, exactly like you said, we knew how high the odds were, and were not in anyway arrogant thinking she would get it in, it was more the advice we were given. Her dance teacher has already phoned up but was told they see too many people to give out individual results. Wouldn't even contemplate asking for feedback as no it's not the norm, however, guidance re. if it is her gym possibly with her physique would help guide us. The top dance teacher/owner keeps telling her to give up the gymnastics! So confused. But hopefully Elmhurst will give us clearer insight and great opportunity for her.
  12. Thank you much appreciated. Yes it's WA. She has two afternoons a school off a week for it, and can be anything between 16 and 20 hours depending on comp season. There has been movement of coaching - so not sure that has helped! She's got into Elmhurst so like you say maybe continue the two and see where it takes her.
  13. Thank you. Much appreciated. She starts at Elmhurst in September. I agree with the 'what went wrong' is probably wrong way to look at it. I think we have started thinking like that because her dance teachers were so confident in her and chance of getting in that we had gone with their thoughts on it all but like you say she wasn't right on that particular day. xx
  14. Hi, Ladies, a shout out to all those lovely London centre candidates waiting for their results...I wanted some advice (may take your mind off for those who are waiting). DD (aged 8 ) does around 16 hours of gymnastics a week (on the NDS pathway so compulsories/grades for those in the know) . She auditioned and got into Elmhurst but it was a no from Royal. Her heart seems to be in her ballet more and we actively ask her if she wants to give up her gymnastics. We worry about her over training but mainly about the effect it may have on her ballet wise IF this is what she wants to go with. Her coach is pretty harsh and I am not sure I want her in that environment (eg you've annoyed me, made me angry not running fast enough to vault etc), I am worried that the hours of gymnastics may have affected her Royal result, height etc. My husband is tall I am not (his mum was not tall but both him and his sister are tall), so not sure where DD will lie. I know it may seem like I am overthinking things, but in a way we do need to think this through now because of the hours of gym she does. She is in Year 3 (one of the oldest in her year) and auditioned for the year 4 class. In her audition there were lots of year 4's going into year 5's. I know it's really impossible to second guess what went wrong, but all her ballet teachers are surprised she didn't get in (two other girls got in for other years from her dance school), and her dance teacher took her to insight day where her teacher was positive they loved her. Not sure where it all went wrong? The other thing I can think I did remember seeing her in line up and thinking she looked particularly 'gymy' that day!! I want to be able to support DD with her decision in either giving up gym or not if that is what she wants. So glad she is in Elmhurst as it seemed such a lovely positive environment for her.
  15. We've got a no. But we have Elmhurst place so will re-try for Royal next year Hope little one is not too disappointed bless her.
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