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  1. Bless you, you have a burden (but a good one!) blessing and a burden. Burden in that you need to control your sway backs, blessing in they will give you great lines. I am 54 and was made to put my heels together... not right for sway backs , you need that gap at the heels in addition to other advice (which I can not give) good luck!!
  2. https://northernballet.com/academy/training-programmes/summer-school Liberty do offer accommodation for SS at 16 independently. Accommodation The Academy of Northern Ballet is a non-residential course. The Academy, in partnership with Liberty Livingstudent accommodation, can offer students attending the course accommodation for the duration of the Summer School at student complex Liberty Dock. Students can book a room within shared flats at the residence which is a 10 minute walk from Northern Ballet. Students under 16 must stay with parent or guardian – family packages available. https://northernballet.com/academy/training-programmes/summer-school
  3. if you look at Liberty Living they take students from 16. Central SB and RCS use Liberty for their 16 year olds. Also the Northern SS in Leeds use Liberty in Leeds for 16 and upwards. Shame you didn't uncover this last year.
  4. Congratulations on your daughter being offered both places! Both myself and three other responders to your question (all lovely friends 'met' partially through the forum) have had children at a number of vocational schools simultaneously from Year 7 through to and upper school (and employed professionally) and they have given good advice. I have two DC's gone through the vocational route from year 7 to sixth form and beyond. I have a couple of thoughts, as asked previously what does your daughter want to do when she graduates? Joining Mathew Bourne is a great goal, but there's is only one MB NA so ask her to think beyond one conpany. From first hand experience of one of those schools and close friends of DD's at the other the only thing that Laine and Rambert have in common is neither have their own accommodation and use home stay or the students rent flats. Then comparisons end. The courses, content, environment, qualification and end point are very different. Key considerations are what does your DD love the most and what does she feel she will do best at? At Rambet she will do ballet and contemporary only (add in Pilates and conditioning). Days are long and to anticipate adding other genres apart from holidays isn't realistic. Most of the students are over 18 and often beyond. How will she feel about this? If ballet is key, Laine is dance/MT ask how much ballet is there on a daily/weekly basis? For you, which environment will your DD survive (yes survive) and thrive in? Your DC can have all the potential, training and performance in the world, but if the environment is not right for them the reality of sixth form vocational training and living can end those dreams for a multitude of reasons. Dig deep, both be honest with yourselves. Good luck with her decision NL
  5. The university halls Liberty Living accept students under the age of 18, this is where many of the students from Central School of Ballet live. Liberty Living have a number of halls in central London. Access to kitchens, security is excellent. They do offer short term summer let's
  6. I am so thrilled just had an unexpressed offer of a ticket from a friend for the Matinee tomorrow so I will be there LTD and Janet if you would like to say 'hello' NL
  7. Thank you ladies. I had to contact Emma, looks like I am not on the SS mailing list. Jane I have sent you a PM NL
  8. Have posted this in Tickets Exchange too, but I know lots on this part of the forum don't often look there.. I have spare seats for both these performance, (over bought to cover all casting possibilities!) Thursday 13th July at 19.30 three seats I16, I17 ,I18 in the stalls Friday 14th July at 13.30 four seats, front balcony L25, L26, L27, L28 Performance at Stratford Circus Arts Centre. All three years groups are performing including Ballet Central Tickets are £20 each face value Thanks NL
  9. Hello I have spare seats for both these performance, over bought to cover all casting possibilities! Thursday 13th July at 19.30 three seats I16, I17 ,I18 in the stalls Friday 14th July at 13.30 four seats, front balcony L25, L26, L27, L28 Performance at Stratford Circus Arts Centre. All three years groups are performing including Ballet Central Ticket are £20 each face value Thanks NL
  10. Anyone know when we will have the timetable and info for this years summer school. Thanks
  11. We will be visiting New York this August, I have looked at the ABT and NYC Ballet websites and I am unable to find performances during August. Are there any visiting companies in New York City during August? Desperately hoping there are this will be our once in a lifetime visit and we would love to see a great ballet.
  12. I would like to draw attention to the announcement on the web site that the two Central students were selected following a weekend of auditions.... so a competitive scenario for their associate appointments! https://www.facebook.com/MBNewAdventures/?fref=ts
  13. RBS have associations with Royal Ballet Company and Birmingham Royal Ballet, Elmhurst have associations with Birmingham Royal Ballet, Tring have students have opportunities with ENB, ENBS have associations with ENB, RCS have associations with Scottish Ballet. Rambert School students get opportunities with Rambert Company. How wonderful that Central now have an association for the grad year with Matthew Bourne. Any additional collaboration for our Upper Schools is positive. Mathew Bourne has regular open auditions for the Company and will take the best dancers for professional contracts irrespective of where they have trained.
  14. Interesting question as Elmhurst is a high level Upper School ????. However 'yes' they do. Last year and this year places were offered at RBS, ENBS, Central and Rambert and Tring. You will have seen from other information that it has been the same for Tring. Ultimately the dance training is excellent in both schools. The environment differs for reasons mentioned, broader curriculum other genres, larger/smaller numbers, differing boarding environment, distance from home etc. I had two DD's at Elmhurst, one thrived, the other didn't, but a change of vocational school resulted in a much happier child. Both have/are entering top Upper Schools. Get back to the schools, have discussions, work out where you feel which environment will be best for your child and also listen to what they feel. Most importantly if it isn't working don't be afraid to address... It's your precious DC, clearly very talented to be offered two MDS places. Good luck and let us know what you decide. NL Apologies should have mentioned edited as from my phone
  15. It was very lovely to see the Associates during the Friday evening performances, so young and yet so composed and beautifully delivered, ages just 8 to 11. Really lovely to see them included this year X
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