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  1. @Glissé If Dd thinks that pursuing these opportunities will bring her happiness, I’d say go for it. If not, be sure not to let anyone make you feel guilty for the decisions you take. I do think now more than ever it is important to secure a strong idea of plan b. I completely relate to how she is feeling, especially considering you enter into ballet at such a young age and it is expected to become what you live and breathe. I would really recommend not rushing into ideas of what other interests Dd may have. Take a little time, have casual conversations about it. I had a rough idea that I
  2. I just wanted to add my views coming from an ex vocational student that went all the way through and graduated, but did not gain/pursue a dance career. Most students will suffer from an identity crisis, myself included, and it is incredibly difficult to deal with! I found my self esteem regarding self belief and body image was crushed, and counselling proved very beneficial for that. I’ve also had a couple of years out to re-study (I personally didn’t feel as though vocational school gave me the right qualifications to pursue what I’ve chosen to do) and I’ve also worked in little job
  3. I wonder if attention should be drawn to this article - despite being well over 20 yrs old, it does make you consider how little has changed... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/a-step-in-the-wrong-direction-1250670.html%3famp
  4. I would also recommend checking out @thedancersanonymous on Instagram. That isn’t with the intention of putting anyone off vocational training, but it does certainly highlight many elements that are wrong with training and the wider dance world.
  5. @cotes du rhone ! I totally agree. Although I think the concept of an assessed lesson every three weeks is a good idea, I found that as an institution Elmhurst can dodge around points that should probably be made. I had a great five years at lower school and then three years at upper school which weren’t so great. I was blatantly struggling in many ways, and would’ve appreciated greater transparency over these crucial years. Being assessed out seems heartbreaking initially, but I do believe that every cloud has a silver lining. This may be with training elsewhere that a
  6. Hi, just thought I should add that I also managed to gain student funding for my university degree having had a DADA and completed my Level 6 Diploma. I’m also a law student, so not a healthcare based degree! Just be really careful whilst applying and be sure to declare your qualifications correctly. I personally had absolutely no problems and was granted all the necessary funding I required 🤷🏼‍♀️. As far as I know all of my fellow schoolmates have been just as successful with a plethora of degrees.
  7. My heart really goes out to all of you - even when I was attending auditions in 2017/2018, many of us were warned at auditions that they weren’t sure if they could take on British dancers due to the uncertainty of Brexit. I hate to think what it must be like now, especially with a global pandemic! Although I had a good experience with a postgrad scheme, I would say tread with caution. In many cases they are money making schemes and a chance to fill in a few costumes at no cost to the company. I knew of a few dancers who have done more than one, and it gets to the point when you can w
  8. I am slightly late to the conversation with this thread but I’d just like to say tread with caution. More students/professionals read this forum than you’d think (we are internet savvy young people after all! 😉). Discussions about physique can easily get out of hand and can be quite triggering if you’re not careful. Ballet unfortunately does have a particular aesthetic that only a tiny percentage of people possess genetically. As an ex-vocational ballet student at one of the top schools, I can confidently say my body shape has fluctuated as a result of comments/pressure to reach pa
  9. I’ve often hung around this forum as a student and agreed/disagreed with many things. This thread is excellent and something I personally can certainly relate to. I recently wrote a blog post that may be of interest to you all: https://lizzie-donson.medium.com/trials-and-tribulations-of-the-dancer-are-we-reaping-what-we-sow-c9278b0dba11 Out of my seven years of vocational school, I can confidently say that the last (and most vital) three years were the worst, and in hindsight the worst of my life. I went in as a high-achieving, promising student and left damaged. Ballet ended up be
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