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Found 23 results

  1. Dear dance community, I have a question about training abroad. In the UK, lower school training that requires boarding is SOOOO expensive, even taking into consideration government funding. In contrast, the Arts are more heavily subsidised in some other countries, meaning that if one gets accepted at audition the actual training is much much much cheaper... we are thinking of auditioning e.g. at the State Ballet School in Germany, and wondering whether anyone has experiences with trying to train abroad? Thank you!
  2. https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/artsed-principal-resigns-after-damning-report-into-schools-sexualised-environment?utm_content=bufferf2bfd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR1MGoZkQtzX9Ze6OTemcznLl30HC63zWf_4Mh6NYIw9Q5BGYvV9KUXF7KY ArtsEd principal Chris Hocking has resigned following an external investigation into allegations of serious misconduct at the drama school, which the board has acknowledged were the result of “a misguided culture” made worse by a “failure in leadership”. The resulting report, a summary of which has been published by the school’s board, found there was an “overly sexualised environment” in the school of musical theatre at ArtsEd, and that some staff had inappropriate relationships with students, breaching the school’s policies. According to the board, the investigation – led independently by Rebecca Tuck QC – looked into allegations of serious historic misconduct against current and former staff members. Affected students were 18 or over and the incidents investigated mostly occurred during the period between 2012 and 2017 in the school of musical theatre. [...]
  3. As New - the original Flexistretcher - bought for £65, selling for £40 WHY FLEXISTRETCHER IS DIFFERENT - Unlike stiff nylon straps or flimsy elastic rubber stretch bands, the Flexistretchers resistance has been measured carefully to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle without sacrificing control. You will not find this combination of stretch and support found in any other product. The unique design allows it to be used in full body stretches such as arabesque but with its full adjustment can be used on smaller body parts such as hamstrings and shoulders. THE FLEXISTRECHER IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH - Using the Flexistretcher allows you to simulate specific dance or sport movement and patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility. Utilizing the elastic resistance increases strength in a safe manner. Training with elastic resistance provides resistance throughout the stretch or exercise eliminating the possibility of cheating your way through the movement. HOW TO STRETCH WITH FLEXISTRETCHER - The key to stretching is to engage and active stretch based Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). The PNF stretching techniques employ the concept that muscle relaxation part of the stretch is fundamental to effectively enhancing flexibility and deepening the stretch. A popular PNF technique is the contract - relax where the muscle is stretched contracted relaxed and then stretched further.by using gravity.
  4. Hi, just wondered if anyone had any information about EPA Academy (https://www.epa-academy.co.uk) in Mansfield? I have just been offered a full scholarship on the 3 year Musical Theatre Course but didn’t get chance to attend the open day! If anyone has any info or reviews it would be really helpful. Thanks!!💕
  5. From the BBC website, filmed prior to social distancing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-53385004
  6. Hello, I haven't posted here for a while. My oldest dd is 18 and at a crossroads. Brief background - she started ballet at 3 and picked up modern, tap, jazz and a bit of contemporary over the years. Dance has always been part of her life and it's extremely important to her. She did consider taking it further a while back but she didn't think she was good enough and lacked in confidence. She was at Abbots Bromley for Sixth Form which she loved. She got her BTEC with top grades along with A Level English and secured a place at Birmingham to do English, having decided not to pursue a professional dance career. The Birmingham place is deferred to this coming September when she is due to start. She is now having a gap year and has started classes at a local dance school where my youngest dd goes. This school has an attached full time college where dd is taking some classes and the teaching staff there seem to really like her. She is now having second thoughts about university and thinks perhaps she should pursue full time dance training. But it would be difficult to turn down a place at a great university and she doesn't know if she would be able to reapply as she missed her offer but was lucky enough they they accepted her anyway this time. She and I are both worried about competing in a crowded industry where there is no guarantee of success. I don't even know if it's too late to apply to dance colleges for this September, or which ones she should apply to or how competitive it is. What do dancers do if they complete a college course but then don't make it as dancer? I don't think she would want to teach. Does anyone have any advice please? This wasn't on the cards at all, it looked like she was doing English at Birmingham but this doubt has come in now and I don't feel very well informed. Thank you for reading.
  7. Dear Friend Are you, or someone you know, looking for a coach to help you make 2020 the best year ever. In January 2020, I have capacity for four new UK clients. Does the following strike a chord with you? You are smart, qualified, experienced, usually have a good game, and yet there are side issues you need to talk about and resolve. There are things you know you can probably do even better, and you are ready to talk and reflect on dance, business, problems, and life. In my experience, you’ve been thinking about engaging a coach for some time, you don’t need to be convinced of whether coaching works or not, and it now feels the right time to have this conversation. Some of my clients are dancers and musician, but many are simply ambitious professionals looking for clarity of direction to what’s next in life and business and a way to get to where they want to be. I offer a 3-month fortnightly programme, or a monthly 6-month programme. I don’t want to over spin this; I am looking to next year, but if this sounds about right for you (or someone you know) please let’s chat. To register your interest for a FREE one-hour strategy session over Skype or Zoom click this link: www.matzskoog.com to my website where you can fill in your contact details, or simply reply to this message, and I will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for us to talk. I look forward to hearing from you and to talking soon. Kind Regards Matz
  8. My DS had been doing ballet for 4 years and wants to be a professional dancer and for us vocational training at year 7 wasn't an option he's now in year 8 were thinking of auditioning for a year 10 place or sixth form place. His current dance school has been great but has little experience with boys they are heavily focussed on girls and in particular at his age and grade the girls going on Pointe so they now have extra lessons and he's now down to 3 hours a week. How many hours should they be training at this age? How do I find somewhere to help him progress and push him to his his full potential?? Any tips or recommendations for schools in the East Midlands greatly received.
  9. Dear BalletcoForum community! With over fifteen years of experience in peak athleticism (professional Ballet Dancer), I now offer fitness training for private clients. Training One-to-One, within your own home (or in a nearby park!) The training I provide focus on both body and mind, enhancing your wellness to optimise your fitness. I can tailor classes for someone who would like to feel great in their body but not necessarily workout via a cardiovascular approach. To somebody who wishes to move more with an alignment-focus, for toning and sculpting their body. Categories of my training are: Floor-barre, Stretch, Strengthen and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) For more information please visit my website: https://balletfriends.co.uk/pages/privateclients or you can contact me by phone: 07445350205 I looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Laurie McSherry-Gray
  10. Hi guys, Hope this is ok to start but I could do with a boys thread to refer to. DS is 11, and has been dancing for nearly two years, his fave is ballet but also does tap and jazz. I’m getting a bit cheesed off at not being able to find anything for him. Bought new tap shoes today and ended up in ladies yet again!! (He’s a 4). I try to get things made when I can find and afford them. His ballet bag came from the USA and I’m so tired of googling “freed Aaron” like it’s the only leotard he’ll ever find. Can anyone point us in a direction of nice boys stuff? Good workshops, associate schemes?? He is in a nice school but still the only boy in his class and wonder if he’s missing out. We live in the NW of the UK, but will travel for the right opportunities. Thank youuuuuu! xx
  11. Hi, hope you don’t mind I ask a question. I am considering Germany for my child. She is currently at 1.62 m and is 16. Yes, we have been told her height maybe a tad short for Germany.. what are your thoughts? thank you.
  12. South East Ballet Scholars February Intensive Classical and Contemporary Course 19th -21st of February Inclusive Guest Teachers Include Mr David Peden, Ex Royal Ballet Soloist Mr Michael Raynaud, Ex English National Ballet Miss Mikaela Polley Ex Rambert Company Our Intensive Course is an opportunuity for young dancers to work alongside professional and ex professional dancers from some of the world's major ballet companies. The main genre's will be classical ballet, body conditioning, contemporary, repertoire and pas de deux. We offer the choice of residential or day classes. It is an opportunity for vocational and non vocational pupils aged 8-18 to get expert tutiton and return to the studio with refreshed thoughts and motivation. The studio venue has FIVE state of the art studios and our residential venue is set in beautiful countryside with dormitories that hold up to a maximum of four, all bed linen is provided along with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Mid Morning and Late Evening Snacks. To Book please visit our Website www.southeast-balletscholars.org were you will find our Application Forms or Call 01277 200768
  13. For those who may be interested, Danceworks are once again running an Improvers Ballet Course for adults taught by Dmitri Gruzdev, who has formerly played leading roles in the English National Ballet and partaken in several touring works during his extensive dance career. The course is aimed at those who have attended ballet classes in the past, such as beginner or other improvers classes, and are looking to improve their level towards intermediate. Students may have attended ballet classes, a beginners course or another improvers course in the past. Each class will consist of barre and centre work, improving placement and posture, building up strength and flexibility and learning new steps. The course will run from 21st August - 9th October 2018, every Tuesday from 18:30-20:00. Minimum age is 18, open to both men and women. For more information on the course, Dmitri or to book, click here. For more on all things ballet and dance on our general website, click here. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!
  14. Hi All We are again running our 3 or 6 day Summer Intensives at the end of August 2018. If you have not got yourself a Summer School, or want that extra boost to go back to school in September. Please email for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com. Price is £395 All inclusive Live-in for all classes, food and drinks etc. We work hard and have a lot of fun too. Kind regards Nicola x
  15. Dear All We are again running our 3 day Xmas intensive on the 28th/29th/30 December 2017. With only 3 places left and we will cover all the key elements of classical ballet, focus on your weak points, or areas your vocational teacher has mentioned. We will work on your confidence, and look to make you stand out and shine in Auditions or during Assessments. For some, the 1st term of 2018 is extremely important. We are here to help, and also make sure you don't lose your edge during the Xmas period and that you go back fully focused and at your best. Please email me with any questions nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Kind regards Nicola
  16. We have a new website at Science in Dance and we would love it if you checked it. Out we post regular blogs and articles for your reading leisure and offer unique services. https://www.scienceindance.com/
  17. Dear Ballet Mum's / Dad's and Students We are offering a lovely 3 day or 6 day Ballet intensive course at the end of the summer to get your ballet technique in check, your fitness back up and iron out all those little niggles just in time for the new school term and the looming auditions. Price is £395 all inclusive and live-in for 3 days, £695 for 6 days. We have 3 places left on our 1st course and 4 left on our second course. We only take 12 so the care and personal correction/attention is great. We are seeing some incredible results with our guests. Please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details, and to talk about your needs, worries or concerns. We are here to help. Kindest regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  18. Hi all, firstly, if one does not get into RBS or Elmhurst, does that mean that a classical ballet career is impossible? They say they take those with potential, so am worried, as I got into neither this year i got into the Moorland School weekly Saturday associate programme though, which I'm delighted about, and have two more auditions for monthly Sunday associate programmes. I'm also going to a BRB ballet thing, and a great summer school for 2 weeks. However, I can only do up to 2.5 hours of ballet at my dance school, as some of you know, and I am desperate to become a ballerina one day, even if it is the back row of the corps de ballet! I am willing to work to the bone all day every day! But will only start vocational school (cross fingers) at 16. does anybody have any suggestions of ways to top up my ballet training until it is at a good standard? I practise every day at home, but wondered if people could recommend things I have not considered? Any opportunities in the North West that are easily commutable from the Lancaster area? My dance school cannot offer more than what I do. im praying that a solution will come, thank you in advance!
  19. Dear ballet lovers, we only have 2 places left on our 2nd Principal week. ( the 1st is sold out). As always their are only ever 12 places. So we can offer exceptional care as well as tuition. You will be taught by amazing teachers including. Edward Watson MBE, Principal dancer with the Royal Ballet. Anita Young F.I.S.T.D A world renown teacher who currently teaches 1st year girls at RBS upper school Ricardo Cervera Ballet Master of the Royal Ballet Olivia Cowley Soloist of the Royal Ballet. Our aim is to inject positivity and encourage young dancers to be the best they can be. We help inspire and guide the next generation of dancers. Last but not least its Summer School and some fun must be had so we visit the theatre in a limo and have a photo shoot. Thanks for reading Kindest Regards Nicola Moriarty
  20. Venue: MAC Birmingham. To reserve a place simply email director@midas-dance.org.uk. NB EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS TODAY!
  21. Summer School intensive Have you ever wanted to spend a week or two training in a professional Dance / Musical Theatre environment? SSA Summer School is delighted to give young dancers and performing arts students the opportunity to enhance their training and will be held at the prestigious Urdang Academy in Central London. A Number of our associate course teachers will be teaching at the summer school together with some very big stars from the stage and screen! Stinson Stage Academy Summer School and Associates provides the highest calibre of artistic education for gifted young dancers, singers and actors from around the United Kingdom, so that they can each achieve their fullest potential within dance and theatre, preparing them to go into full time college or straight into the profession. We achieve this by: ◾Providing a professional environment which fosters their artistic, intellectual and personal development of students and prepares them to go into further education or to lead a successful career. ◾SSA ensures that the most modern and classical techniques are taught to enhance the students' training which they receive at their local dance school. ◾SSA will attract and ensure that its faculty members are of the highest calibre and are currently performing in West End Productions and Dance Companies around the world and also teaching in leading conservatoires and educational establishments. ◾ We are not syllabus focused. We enhance current training through learning original choreography from the stars of the stage and also developing new and innovative choreography. SSA summer school will give you the challenge to find out what it is like to train in a professional environment. 1st Week - Classical Ballet 3rd August - 7th August 2015 from 10.30am till 4.30pm SSA Summer School offers an opportunity to dancers aged 9+ Students will be put in classes dependent on level. Classical Ballet week: Ballet is obviously at the core of the course and pupils will be grouped by age and ability. Classes may also include Pointe (where appropriate), Contemporary, Jazz and Repertoire all taught by outstanding performers and SSA teachers. Fee: £50 deposit per course secures your place. £250 for one week. £450 for two weeks. 2nd Week - Musical Theatre 10th August- 14th August 2015 from 10.30am till 4.30pm SSA Summer School offers an opportunity to dancers and performing arts students aged 9+ Students will be put in classes dependent on level. Musical Theatre week: Students will learn how to be a “triple threat”. As with the classical course, they will be grouped by age and ability. Classes may also include Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Singing, Musical Theatre Repertoire and Acting all taught by outstanding performers and SSA teachers. Applicants can choose to attend either one, or both weeks Open to students from 9 to 21 Years Old Fee: £50 deposit per course secures your place. £250 for one week. £450 for two weeks. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL DUE TO LIMITED PLACES To book your place, or for any queries, please contact us on email or telephone: The application form is on the website which you can obtain by following the link below. Email info@i-path.biz or call 020 3714 3393 for further information http://www.stinsonstageacademy.com/ SSA Associate Weekly Courses are by audition only and based at Arts Ed School in London, we provide weekly associate courses in Classical Ballet and in Musical Theatre every Sunday during term time for students aged from 9 - 21. We have THE most incredible faculty of teachers and stars leading workshops from some of the biggest shows and dance companies internationally! We have students in the West End and on Screen! We also have top Casting Directors who visit us regularly to audition our students for West End Shows and Prestigious Movies! SSA really is worth taking a look at and exploring! If you say never heard of them that’s because your performing friends are keeping it a secret. Take a look and you will know why ! They are ahead of the game !
  22. Hi I just was wondering if anyone knew about the youth company 'Kayzer Ballet' in Portugal? Anything about where people go on to afterwards and how prestigious it is? Thank you ☺️
  23. Hi there, I'm living in Ireland and have two years left in secondary school, so I'm starting to look at possible colleges to audition for in 2016. I'd like to train as a contemporary dancer, but would prefer to go to a college that would also give me a strong ballet base. Although I am interested in and enjoy performing most modern and contemporary dance styles, I love more ballet influenced choreography, and watching contemporary dancers who clearly have a strong ballet technique (like the dancer of Nederlands Dans Theater!) I was wondering if anyone knew of any schools that would be suitable for me? I'm looking for somewhere where I can study for a BA in dance, and am thinking of schools in Europe. I've been looking at Fontys Dansacademie in the Netherlands, Palucca Hochschule in Germany and maybe Rosella Hightower in Cannes... does anyone know anything about these schools or have any others to suggest? Thank you, any help would be much appreciated!!
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