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  1. Kate_N

    Adult Ballet

    Yes, RuthE, you're right. I'm doing paid-for classes with Nina Thilas-Mohs via Zoom. But I've done her classes regularly (although not as frequently as I could wish) over the last few years, so I know her teaching style, and she knows what I need to work on. I think starting right now, with unfamiliar teachers, might be hard. And not necessarily productive.
  2. Kate_N

    Adult Ballet

    As you've seen there are lots of options via streamed barres at the moment. BUT -- My advice would be that you don't start now, in following along classes where there is expert teaching, but no correction, because the teacher can't see you. Although you did ballet asa child, it's a whole different physical proposition as a 19/20 year old, almost adult. You need expert eyes on you, and expert correction so you don't fall into bad habits now at the start of beginning again. What I'd recommend is that you do lots of conditioning - get fit & strong via online fitness and Pilates classes, or yoga etc, or go outside running (use the Couch to 5k app to get started). That way, when we're out the other side (whatever sort of world we step back into) you're ready to go to live physical classes. Pointe work might come, but it might not. You need to be doing around 3 classes a week for strength, and have control over your turn out. I've seen some terrible adult pointe work - people who really shouldn't be on pointe for both physical safety and aesthetic reasons! There's enough to learn for at least 3 or 4 years in terms of learning the repertoire of steps and combinations, getting solid double pirouettes, and a good sense of control in the centre. To find classes, there are several threads - try searching the tag "adult ballet" In England, it's easier if you live within commuting distance from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Leeds; in Scotland, Edinburgh or Glasgow. It's harder outside the big cities, but the knowledge of Balletco members is astounding! Good luck, and let's hope we can all be physically together in our studios soon.
  3. Sander Bloemmart is doing a lovely barre at 11am each day on Instagram. He teaches vocational students, but the barre itself is fairly simple and really clean technique.
  4. Tiler Peck's online barre (find it on her Instagram stories @tiler.peck) was an homage to Mr Burmann, using some of his exercises.
  5. Just to add that I've signed up for Nina Thilas Mohs Floor Barre class tonight at 6pm and her ballet barre + short centre on Friday. These are charged for, but only £5 each and done via Zoom, so there'll be corrections - at a distance, but still, some feedback. You can find the details via Nina's Facebook page: Floor Barre London. Highly recommended I've been enjoying Sander Bloemmart's lovely clean precise technical barre - really well pitched for a range of standards of dancers. He's a really good teacher - thinks through the way the bare connects each exercise, and does a tiny bit of challenging centre work in terms of balance and alignment. Sometimes the simple stuff is the hardest. But it's weird doing class without specific corrections!
  6. Oh noooooo I never took class from him (not quite that advanced!) but he was a fixture at Steps. Every time I'm there, I peek into his studio to see the Maestro and the beautiful dancers of all ages who study with him. And between classes he is a presence in that Steps hallway.
  7. DanceXchange in Birmingham is streaming live classes via Instagram.
  8. Has everyone received this email from the Royal Opera House? They're streaming some of their back catalogue of productions via Facebook & YouTube. Looks terrific. #fromourhousetoyourhouse https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-opera-house-launches-a-programme-of-free-online-content-for-the-culturally-curious-at-home?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_March_Free_Content_Announcement_Public_Ask&utm_content=version_A&emailsource=49912 NB: I hope this isn't replicating what others have already posted; I did check to see ...
  9. Tiler Peck also doing something on Instagram I think.
  10. Kat Wildish has posted a huge list of online ballet classes on her Instagram feed. All PST, so I think we’re 7 hours ahead. But some amazing dancers and teachers.
  11. Loads of dancers doing stuff on Instagram. Sander Blommaert, as mentioned above, The maestro, Finis Jhung from his New York kitchen Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside (NYCB) from their kitchens!
  12. Wonderful that you've found a good class. And it does sound good! Technical & pacey - a great combination.
  13. To a well-trained and thoughtful dancer, a beginners class with an experienced and expert teacher can be tough and challenging because the slow pace and emphasis on fundamentals allows for no skimping on clean precise and correct technique.
  14. I think maybe some of the less "glamourous" brands do larger sizes for adults: when I was between a large 14 and a small 16, I found that Plume leotards (available from DanceDirect) were good, whereas Capezio was always small, even in the L size. But I suppose it's supply and demand. Most women buying leotards etc for ballet are not larger than the average female body (which is a size 14 across the UK I think?), I suppose.
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