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  1. Sadly, misogyny is everywhere, I suppose. In olden times, women getting together to talk were called witches ...
  2. Ditto! But it also made me realise that large groups of people mixing indoors was something to avoid!!
  3. You may have heard the Front Row programme on Thursday 4th March about the proposed restructuring of the staff areas of the V&A, which will result in the closure of the Theatre & Performance specialist section, and if followed through, will likely lead to the redundancy of expert staff in that team. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000srg7 (starts at around 18 minutes into the programme) We know the amazing exhibitions produced by that team - the Ballet Russe exhibition for a start. There's more to this than simply losing the staff and the named team - co
  4. Here's a link to Dr Bromage's blog. It's a really readable guide to the science epidemiologists have been doing. https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking. If you read the regulations, one to one outside training sessions held outdoors and socially distanced, (between 2 people not in the same household, obviously) are permitted. Gyms are likely to re-open on 12 April, but group classes unlikely to resume until after 17 May. It's all there in the regulations. Children are being treated differently to adults because there's evidence to suggest that they don't become as ill as adults if they catch C-19, although they are a vector of community transmission. I suppose it's the government's bala
  6. It’s pretty clear, I should have thought. Gyms re-open, but no group classes. look at the RAD response: adult dance classes are scheduled for resumption no earlier than 17 May. if you and your coach are not in a household group, you can’t meet indoors until that date in May at the earliest. I’ve been training one to one with a PT throughout lockdown but we work outside and maintain 2m distance (usually more) all the time. It’s indoors that’s the issue for group classes and things that mix households.
  7. What???? Gosh, MN is the epitome of middle England and an amazing place for women to speak their minds! It's also a place where many, many highly qualified women read & post; and it's multi-cultural - there's a dedicated section for Black British mums, for example. Excellent grounds for MI5 recruitment, I'd have thought ...
  8. We were told by the national government to cease any teaching in person from early January. My Department had special permission from our university to teach our practical classes in our studios, face to face fromJanuary 2021. However, the Government law prohibits this at the moment. We're doing what we can, but safety of vulnerable students and all staff has to be paramount. As does obeying the law ...
  9. Thanks for that clarification @Anna C
  10. Looking at this from a university educator's point of view, and not school-specific, I wanted to ask about your daughter's general situation. Does she have BTEC or A Levels or Scottish Highers? It may be difficult to be accepted straight into any UK degree course without those higher level qualifications. It's worth checking with all the places she's auditioning. Again, this is not school-specific, but a Foundation year may be the offer instead of A Levels in order that the degree eventually achieved is a Honours degree (not just a Pass) degree). A Foundation year is st
  11. Brava! This is so true. Focusing on the mark is putting the cart -of assessment- before the horse -of actual learning.
  12. @meadowblytheplease ask your DS to respond to the consultation. Anyone can! They need to hear of experiences like his. I teach at a very desirable Russell Group university, and we take BTECs as a qualification into our challenging degree which is both highly academic and very practical. BTEC students sometimes need to do a bit of catching up on the written work, but their practical skills often outweigh students with A Levels in drama/performing arts etc.
  13. I hope it's OK to post this here. I chair a national organisation for theatre/drama in UK universities. We've had it drawn to our attention that there is a Government consultation about the future of the BTEC qualification. Word on the street (or the corridors of Whitehall) is that the Government wants to close down BTECs. They see them as 'low value' qualifications. Can I urge any teachers, parents and/or students here who've had anything to do with the BTEC qualification to make their views known via the consultation? It closes on 31st January. You can access the su
  14. I loved the film. I did quite a few years of Cecchetti syllabus training and came to love the Advanced syllabus adages, even though I am rubbish at adage. The training is very dance-y - I had one teacher ask me the first time she taught me in an open class - did you have Cecchetti training? I have to say, though, that I disagree with the opinions at the beginning, although I understand where they come from. I enjoy the new athletic contemporary ballet style (eg Wayne McGregor's choreography). I think there's room for both. I adore the kind of Romantic (eg 1830s-50s) ballet of La S
  15. Kate_N

    Room 101

    Jan, totally feel this! I didn't book a show at my local theatre (where I used to see everything they did) because I couldn't easily book a single seat online. Theatre booking systems have ALWAYS discriminated against single seat bookings, but now it's well nigh impossible.
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