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  1. I’m wondering how much information will be available for the live streaming. It would be good if the ROH resurrected the digital programmes they used to produce in the early days of the live screenings.
  2. The photo gallery in the Links page look stunning. This seems to be a successful fusion of some of the most interesting and talented, creative artists working across the spectrum .So looking forward to the live stream. Thank you for your review Bridem.
  3. Looking forward to seeing Miki Mizutani and Yasuo Atsuji in Plymouth later this month. Am I right in thinking it is Miki’s debut as Juliet? Interesting that the casts in Plymouth are totally different from Birmingham reflecting perhaps not just the apparent depth of the Company but also the confidence of the director in his dancers. Very much in the tradition of Sir David.
  4. Yes, you’re right, but those ghost dancers are so sinister how they emerge silently and steadily take the people away. Moving indeed.
  5. Christopher Bruce’s ‘ haunting’ Ghost Dances would have to be included in my list.
  6. A stimulating fusion of two remarkable works of art. What a tremendous initiative. I share your enthusiasm for Agon to be brought back into the repertoire.
  7. Really pleased to see Sky Arts showing performances at better times in the day, but I’m wondering if there will be some more recent broadcasts from Royal Ballet. Sky used to show the screenings less than a year later which was brilliant.
  8. Me too Alison. Technicalities aside, there’s nothing former about his dancing.
  9. A very important observation. I’m not being flippant when I say it was ever thus, in that certain versions of events are venerated and hold a higher truth. For me it is his deployment of the English language that makes such a delight to read. I have frequently disagreed with his view. That he can cite so much passion, whether or not you agree with him, is why I am so pleased to have a compilation of his writing. edited to say I appear to have attached this to the wrong quote, I was actually referring to Ian’s post and I don’t appear to be able to correct this mistake in edit mode. Perhaps moderators can.
  10. Yes, of course, you are right. Performing arts sections in bookshops are rare, and books on dance never number more than a few. There are very few independent, small publishing houses that have managed to survive, and it must be a real labour of love to be able to produce a quality volume such as this. I wonder what the print run is - really hope it sells well and who knows, it may go for a reprint.
  11. Yes, I was (pleasantly) surprised by the book’s format. My copy arrived at the weekend and I have already found that it’s ideal for dipping into rather than to read in hefty amounts (my habit is to read in bed at night and the sheer weight and size would make this an uncomfortable experience!) So it’s found it’s place on the coffee table and a handsome looking volume it is. I like the inventive way the reviews are arranged which is far more interesting and conducive to short bursts of reading than had it been a chronological run through. Does anyone share my surprise that the illustration used for the cover design, which is repeated throughout the chapter pages, doesn’t reference dance? That such a beautifully produced publication, devoted entirely to the elegant writing of one critic about a minority art form, can be produced in today’s economic climate makes me very happy.
  12. Re: Clare Calvert. I am so pleased that she is getting the opportunity to dance a role she has long coveted. But all that preparation for one performance is such a shame. Just as last season, Melissa Hamilton got one Manon ( and in her case, not a performance you could book). Surely there must be a way to ensure all that coaching isn’t wasted. Plus, for first soloists who, to put it kindly, have reached a stage in their career where they are unlikely to be promoted to Principal, and are obviously only going to get one or two lead roles in a season, it would be ‘nice’ and ‘ fair’ were they to have more than one opportunity to perform in the role. But I guess ,sadly, niceness and fairness doesn’t come into such decision making.
  13. It made the BBC Spotlight South West evening news yesterday with some brief footage of rehearsal and an interview with Meaghan Grace Hinkis You can watch it here at about 22mins in. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000zqjr/spotlight-evening-news-13092021
  14. Sad to see more of the ‘old guard’ departing . Denis Bonner has been a fixture of BRB for so long. Have very fond memories of Wolfgang Stollwitzer. In particular, his striking interpretation of Edward II.
  15. I am hoping to book for Romeo and Juliet at Plymouth Theatre Royal. I haven’t been to this theatre before and would appreciate any advice about best seating, value wise and particularly where to avoid. Thank you.
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