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  1. Thanks harwel, is this all 6th formers?
  2. Sorry not worked out how to quote yet! That's a great amount of Mds awards this year! Fingers crossed for you all.
  3. I believe a few of those auditioning are from the school too. Good luck everyone!
  4. Totally agree dancer123! Well done to those that have achieved what they set out, and good luck to those that it may take slightly longer to get where they would like to be!
  5. I agree harwel, some schools are perhaps more business like than others too, what do these children then do that have been on an mds but can't continye into 6th form as the increase in help from mds to dada is so different? I don't undertstsnd the transition from mds to dada!
  6. Thanks hair belles, if I do some quick calculations it appears that if a student has an mds at cut off point for dadas the increase the family would then pay for sixth form is enormous! After all those years training some children would then not be able to continue?
  7. 1. Are mds's transferable once given at a particular school or do they stay solely for use at the school given? 2. Is anyone able to confirm or give costs eg at Elmhurst 6th form if not on a dada if for example boarding to include all fees so I can clearly have 1 figure to look at? 3. So Rbs upper is MDS? Thanks
  8. I'm interested to know about costs in sixth form with the focus on ballet so elmhurst, Central, ENB, tring, royal, ballet theatre uk etc . I understand the dada operates and the cut off point. How much can you expect to pay if you are not entitled to anything? I'm happy for people to pm too if they can help. I need to know how realistic it is for my child to go if lucky enough of course. Thanks
  9. Sorry Sarah I misread this as from funding instead of for funding.
  10. I believe approx 6 per group but others may clarify that.
  11. I think it depends what year they are going into perhaps dancemum.
  12. Are all results out now? Well done to those who auditioned and also those going to finals!
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