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  1. Elmhurst year 4 classes are at 9.15 - 10.45, year 5 11 - 12.30 and year 6 12.45 till 14.15
  2. Will take them thank you. Have just pm'd you.
  3. Is anyone selling a Degas leotard in size 10A or 12A in vgc ? Thanks
  4. You apply for both Spring and Summer intensives on the 1 application form. That is how it reads to me.
  5. My dd was having pain in her heels and i put a thin round make up sponge inside to give a bit of cushioning. Seems to have done the trick.
  6. Think Centre Pointe do Contemporary at The Pointe on Sundays.
  7. I have spoken to my dd teacher again about this and she said absolutely no gap between heels. She said she will call the other teacher to discuss it as she shouldn't be doing it in the other class 🙄
  8. Well I have just asked my dd who is 9 and had to laugh, she said she imagines the examiner as a 'banana' and it always makes her smile and less self conscious!
  9. I have looked at the Buxton audition for my dd, she is interested in doing it but was wondering how her associate class would be with missing so many weekends?
  10. Ahh ok. I thought that was what my dance teacher told a friends son. Must have heard it wrong.
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts and advice. One teacher is RBS and the other Elmhurst .
  12. My dd age 9 has swayback legs. Her Associate teacher has said she allows her a small gap between her heels in first position up to an inch. When she puts her heels together she is slightly off balance and one knee crosses over the other knee. Her regular dance teacher said she must put her heels together. Has anyone else had experience of this and which way is best? She is doing one thing in one class and a different thing in the other class at the moment.
  13. I think the boys Mids are London only.
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