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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I’m in the process of preparing for my RAD intermediate foundation exam and I’m hoping to sit it at the end of this year or next year. I’m doing 2 classes a week, a one hour private lesson, 2 hours of weights and tracking my calorie and protein intake on my fitness pal with my online personal trainer. I started ballet a year ago now having never danced before and was wondering if there’s anyone on here preparing for the same exam so we could share experiences and tips. Or any teachers that can share wisdom about how best to prepare, how much to practice, how many classes to take, cross training etc. Looking for some RAD intermediate foundation buddies - I’m nosy about how other people prepare for RAD exams 😂🩰
  2. Hi everyone, DD is joining some additional classes from her dance school soon and one of them is RAD Intermediate. Does anyone know how RAD’s Intermediate compares with ISTD’s Intermediate? In terms of difficulty, no. of exercises, etc. Also I believe for the RAD exam she needs soft blocks/Demi pointe shoes as well as pointe shoes. Does she not need regular flats at all? If not do they wear the soft blocks in class instead of flat? Many thanks!
  3. Hi I was wondering if any of your DC had taken the intermediate exam with BTDA. I understand it involves doing some coursework and an interview. Could anyone enlighten me as to what this entails? Thank you x
  4. My dd has just done her first RAD ballet exam, Grade 4 and did well but seemed to fall down a little on the performance scores. She has another exam in two weeks time and is worried that she is missing something in the performance area but just doesn't know what exactly :/ We don't come from a dance background so we're of no use to her. We'd love if all you pro's could share some tips on exactly HOW to perform more - her teacher keeps saying "you need to perform more" but is not telling her exactly what she is supposed to be doing to achieve that! All help gratefully received Thank you
  5. The Ballet Exam Fun comedy sketch by 'Hunt & Murphy', showing the delightful humour of a Ballet Exam. I'm sure we can all relate Hope it makes you giggle, and perhaps relax and enjoy your Ballet Exam's a little more after watching this! Please share & subscribe if you like it, and we'll do more! xoxo
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