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  1. My mixed race daughters say wet your hair, use a nit comb, spray with gel spray. Have never seen them not look very neat
  2. If it’s jazz/commercial you’re looking for https://jazzassociates.co.uk/locations/midlands/ in Stoke is worth a look. Depends where you are and what you DC is wanting to do.
  3. I found stuckonyou.co.uk labels (the spot ones stuck really well) after years of sewing to be the best option.
  4. Almost all children assessed out of WL will be snapped up by another vocational school (unless due to injury). Everything WL saw to begin with will still be there and even one year training at WL makes a real difference to technique.
  5. angel


    I have always brought my DD's home whenever they have needed to, which has meant 7 years so far of driving forwards and backwards to WL,Hammond and Tring from the Midlands, most weeks, with the help of the kindest friends along the way. Personally, I think it is important to listen to your own child, not other parents or house parents. It is your child who 'may' suffer from poor mental health if not given the opportunity to offload. There is very little opportunity at vocational schools to do this in private and dancers very quickly learn that they are meant to develop a thick skin, and they may, whilst they crumble inside, learning to repress their feelings.... of course they may thrive. I don't know many young dancers who came through completely unscathed 😒 Every child/young person is different and only you can decide what works for your family 😊
  6. One of mine had a Vans galaxy print, the other started with a black Topshop leather one, then burgundy and various blues Noone batted an eyelid 😏
  7. My DD's have done this. It's a well run course with top class teaching faculty. Fairly large classes sometimes so it depends what you want out of it. I just had a look to see if DD could do it this time but she's on holiday.
  8. What the heck? Oh just realised that she asked! sorry to hear she isn’t in it. She deserves her place as much as any 😌
  9. Wells away (Dar Danse) put on adult courses too.
  10. I know that Wells Away do them (Morocco). Not sure of dates but worth asking. Gorgeous place to holiday too
  11. Good luck with not being a pushy parent. It kind of creeps up on you 😂 JA is a basic class aimed at mastering the basics of ballet. It’s exciting being a part of it but not necessarily an exciting class, if that makes sense. It’s hard work, almost tedious. A good grounding for what’s to come! One thing I wished I understood years ago is the absolutely tiny amount of dc who actually go on to have a career in dance, let alone Ballet, even after success at JA, vocational school etc. Wishong you and your dd luck 😊
  12. imo it would be easier to get into JA’s earlier because they do really take children on their physical and musical potential. The older they get, there is an expectation, to a degree, that they will have at least a working knowledge of the exercises they set. The more experience children get, in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, at auditions, the better. Even if they aren’t successful first time around, they can see around them the level of the other dc in the group and understand what they are working towards. With regard to CAT. I would imagine most dc who got into JA’s would get into a CAT scheme also, however they might work more on current ability rather than future potential?
  13. What year is your DC now KindleK?
  14. I have two dc at tring now. Both have done very well compared with how they would have anywhere else. However, I have resorted to tutors at home to help out when the pressure has been on. They have singing/piano lessons which take them out of class so I feel that it helps make sure there are no gaps. The only tricky thing as far as I can tell is fitting in the amount of studying around vocational shows etc and being exhausted by the time May/June comes around.
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