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  1. Hello all Do dancers need to wear their hair in a bun for ballet competitions, or is off the face sufficient? My daughter was asking about wearing hers pulled up tight on the sides and front, but long and wavy in the back. Is this ever a thing, or do I just tell her a bun is required?
  2. My daughter had the same problem, but with her heel. She changed to the So Danca SD120. They have a designated left and right foot, and they were heaps more comfortable for her. But the sizing is different from the SD16 so make sure your dancer is fitted.
  3. Email. My daughter is in the current group, but did not audition for next year. Her BW friends found out via email this morning.
  4. Auditions results posted today. Sunday was the year's final presentation - I figured they wouldn't post them until after that.
  5. My daughter has been in an associates program for 2 years. We've never been given any feedback about how she is doing... other than a scholarship award given to one student at the end of the year, we really have been given no information at all about her progress (short of passing the audition the second time). Is this typical? Child does not want to return next season (she is almost 10). I'm not wanting to push her as this has been on her mind for months (and she'll continue her other classes), but don't know if I should mention it beforehand to her program head that she won't be auditioning. What do you think?
  6. We get them quite often on the FB selling page "Ballet Tutus and Dancewear secondhand and new". Lots of people buy old ones to decorate. Come join if you want to unload some
  7. Thanks all - I sent this link to my friend but I think the end date for the program is over. I'm not sure how she handled it in the end. I really appreciate your input!
  8. I asked, but she didn't tell me. I promise this isn't me... I would have done this with our teacher as I'm no expert.
  9. Me too! Thanks for this.... I'll pass it to my friend.
  10. A friend of mine is helping her daughter with her dance program application, and asked me to help with one of the photo positions. The only one I wasn't sure on was this: Full length, leg in second position en l'air, en face Can someone clarify? Thank you x
  11. I'll be lurking at Dance Base... Middles aged with brown hair, jeans, navy tunic top and silver chain necklace.
  12. Diddydancer, what's your start time? As one of our mums isn't there until noon, shall we make lunch instead?
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