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  1. My ticket refunds have been successfully processed and the money back in my Paypal. Kudos to ROH's ticketing team for such speedy work at a trying time.
  2. I would hardly call WHO advice a 'diktat'. This is a global pandemic and the idea of 'charting one own's course' is not very helpful. I wonder why they are not enforcing closure. Seems like a mixed message. Surely enforcing closure would help venues and performers with insurance payouts and the like?
  3. Fair enough. I take your point. We need actual experts now more than ever. But there *is* a lot of expert advice pointing to the need to implement more radical social distancing measures ASAP. Speaking purely from personal experience as someone who was working in South East Asia when SARS broke out, the 'business as usual' mentality is not helpful or socially responsible.
  4. So would I. Hence recommendations to work from home and avoid crowded areas. Social distancing has been proven to help flatten the curve, and closing theatres, cinemas, gyms and so on is an important part of that.
  5. So when is the ROH going to do the socially responsible thing and follow suit with closure? (I know that this may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel that the UK is being extraordinarily complacent right now. See this link for the crucial distinction between 'true' and 'official' cases: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca)
  6. Yumiko Alicia leotard in size XS for sale. Barely worn. Velvet top with three-quarter sleeves. £28 including P&P. Please PM if interested.
  7. It sounded quite real and distinct! I also saw someone with a dog in the foyer (and it didn't look like a 'working' dog) so I am wondering... (The repeated text alerts/ringtones during tonight's performance is perhaps best left for the audience behaviour thread)
  8. I have a size small in the Dart model. Butterfly print and jade mesh. Bought for around USD76 (excluding shipping etc.) and worn a couple of times. PM me if interested xx
  9. Items still available: White camisole cotton Wear Moi size S - now £3 Good condition, worn twice for shows. Label removed. Designed by Alice black wrap skirt with flowers medium length - now £13 Very good condition, will come with drawstring pouch.
  10. Please take £5 off all these prices: I am moving and really need to clear out these items! And send me your email address via PM if you'd like pictures 😁
  11. http://perfectfitpointe.com/shop/perfectfit-inserts-kit Complete kit (I can't seem to find the instruction booklet, but everything you need to know can be found on the above website, along with a helpful video) RRP USD 42 (not including shipping and taxes) Asking £30 (with postage included)
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