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  1. I too enjoyed David Donnelly’s performance at the matinee of 18th January. I thought he had wonderful musicality, he was able to project the emotions up to the amphitheatre and had beautiful technique. However, this was all spoilt for me unfortunately by his noisy landings. Such a shame and a schoolboy error for me. He had great plié and good feet but he didn’t use either on his jumps/landings. Meaghan Grace Hinkis captured such a delightful portrayal of Olga, I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I loved Cranko’s choreography. Tricky pdd’s but interesting to see a move where the dancers partner adds an extra tempo within the step to whip the dancer round his body (not explaining this well at all but have absolutely no idea what it would be called, sorry!). I’m very envious of you all who can attend multiple performances.
  2. I feel your pain Penelope Simpson, I too have bought tickets. Very unfortunate for anyone to be ill/injured but only natural in my opinion for punters to be disappointed. Obviously one hopes the absence is short as was mentioned and recovery is swift. It has happened to me twice recently and each time it took me a while whilst attending the performance to appreciate what was going on stage in front of me. Ridiculous, shallow, selfish of me perhaps....
  3. Danielle Cato in 42nd Street (sister). Nicole Cato teaching.
  4. There appears to be an update regarding this situation on the London Studio Centre website. Sounds as if they are temporarily relocating to North Finchley.
  5. Having not reviewed before I hope you will be kind! My daughter and I saw the Sunday Matinee performance and our thoughts/observations are as follows; Firebird passed us by a little. Not having seen the the ballet before we had no preconceptions but although the dancing was well executed we didn't follow the story telling and added to which the lighting on stage was dark which was very annoying. We enjoyed the simple movements and portrayal of Nijinsky's Faun and we too felt that the ending had been somewhat tamed! The duet performed by the two guest male dancers was beautiful. Very lyrical, lovely lines and fluid quality..we weren't sure why it was called Faun(e) however but enjoyed it just for the sensitivity that they both conveyed. The highlight for us was Rite of Spring. We haven't stopped talking about it! The energy and focus of the dancers completely absorbed us in the piece. Seeing the whole of the dancers bodies in the new costumes somehow made the choreography become mesmeric and we felt the tension build. The 'Chosen One' was scooped up and absorbed into the crowd on many occasions, so, so clever and when Tamarin Stott 'hopped' effortlessly in and out of the opening and closing of the dancers legs and arms lying on the floor we were in awe! FABULOUS.
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