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  1. I'm not going to comment further on this thread or any other thread.
  2. Why don't you want to see her go? You have been against her from the very beginning when she replaced Wayne Eagling, something which you've never forgiven her for.
  3. MAB, I take it that you are wanting to see Rojo go.
  4. And I assume that there is going to be a constant trickle of articles like this, which posters will no doubt bring to our attention on this forum, for some time to come.
  5. Yes, I'd also like to know what outcome the 'whistleblowers' are seeking. I assume it is that Rojo step down. I thought that the comment about Araujo was very petty. There are numerous photographs of her with dancers at ENB on instagram.
  6. I have no inside knowledge and I have no idea whether the allegations are true or not. I have said previously that a large number of dancers leaving within a short space of time is a big red flag.
  7. Actually, the article, in referring to a dancer who finished his/her career early and another who wanted to take a break to pursue other interests, does narrow down at least two of the complainants. I can take an educated guess as to who those particular dancers are.
  8. What's the problem with that? The identity of former ENB dancers is not in dispute and some of them have apparently (and we're supposed to accept this) complained about how they were treated whilst they were with the company.
  9. Well, it's becoming boring. My subjective opinion is no more or less valid than yours. I'm not going to comment further on the thread because it's become quite sour.
  10. Perhaps you're over-reacting, Scheherazade. And I can do without your patronising 'what a lot of fuss over very little'.
  11. How do my views deny your right to express your views, Scheherazade? You are the one who used the inflammatory term 'Ball-bashing'.
  12. Turtledove, why do you post almost exclusively about the internal workings of ENB (I've looked at your posting history)? Are you an ex-employee of the company?
  13. I can't be bothered with this forum if my views are not to be respected.
  14. I don't regard my comments as 'Ball-bashing', Scheherazade. I believe that they were respectful. If we're only allowed to express one point of view then there's really no point to this forum. I'm not interested in 'group think'. I stand by my opinion that Naghdi deserves to have the opportunity to dance with more experienced partners who will develop her artistically.
  15. MAB, how do you know that everything in this article is accurate?
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