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  1. Academie Princess Grace in Monaco. My dd went this summer and there are both boarding and non boarding options available. She loved it!
  2. Hi yes of course please send me your email and will send them. Thanks
  3. Hi, my dd was there week 1 and the start/finish times varied daily depending on group colour. In her group Some days 9.45 others 10.45 and most days finished by 3.45, latest 4.45
  4. Leotards available - lilac so danca lace top size 2 £8 freed cap sleeve green grey size 2 £8 intermezzo Black cotton Lycra cami size 2 £8 cornflour blue Lycra tank ruched front size 2. High leg very flattering for auditions. £10 (Worn once) Barreto dance wear all over print tank leotard adult small Brand new £22
  5. Not sure what the age groupings are but my dd is 14 and in blue group. Would be good to know the upper and lower age range for each group.
  6. Perhaps the few missing were also injured. Sadly there are always a handful of students at any point who are recovering from injury and unable to perform.
  7. What a lovely review and summary! Sadly didn’t make it to the upper school evening performance but hoping much of this is repeated on Sunday at roh. Was very impressed by the students and the work showcased at the Saturday matinee.
  8. I have one ticket for the RBS show at Holland Park Opera Friday night (tomorrow!) great seat J42 it’s £30 I will be there so can meet or hand to box office thanks
  9. Here is a pic! Pls Message me for any further info. Size Small
  10. I have one spare ticket Stalls c18 for the Royal Ballet School performance at Linbury on Wednesday 26th. Paper ticket. £20
  11. Brand new Barreto leotard adult size S. Unique all over print multi colour. Pls send me your email if you would like a photo. £24
  12. And importantly, congrats to those with a yes and swl and also to those with a not yet- Keep trying! Things can easily change in a years time. Hope the wait is over soon for the those still awaiting results, it must be agony! Fingers crossed for you all!
  13. No expert here and I’m sure some qualified person will answer better but I think it’s to check turn in? As opposed to turn out. So this one gives an overall picture of hip rotation in both directions. This is just a guess though, happy to be corrected!
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