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  1. Does anyone know, please, which Royal Ballet performances are going to be screened in cinemas? I can't find any showing up, but I was sure I'd read that there would be some screenings and some streamings...
  2. I'm about to put this pair of tickets back to the box office, unless anyone here is keen.
  3. I've a pair of tickets I can't use for the performance of Coppelia with Naghdi and Ball on 23rd December, as follows, for £65 each. Before I offer them back to the box office for resale, are there any takers here? Coppélia 23 December 2019, 7pm | Main Stage LEVEL 1 Stalls Circle 1D, A-95 | A-96
  4. I agree totally with bridiem about this evening's Manon: Hallberg's dancing was so beautiful and his solos were stunning, but I couldn't feel any connection until the very last few minutes. I thought that his partnering had a few dodgy moments. Osipova for me was absolutely brilliant and utterly credible, and it's a shame really that they're not doing more performances together of Manon in this run, as I felt sure that they'll just get better and better together. Special praise for Hirano this evening. His death was shockingly convincing.
  5. I should have said it's on 22nd October at 11.30.
  6. Friends Rehearsals: Concerto / Enigma Variations / Raymonda Act III Any takers for this ticket which yet again I can't use owing to medical appointment? Stalls Circle 1D, C-81 £24 e-ticket so could forward
  7. Any takers for SCS D25 for this Saturday"s 7.30 performance of Spartacus, e-ticket, £15?
  8. For Sale Bright Stream, August 7th SCS D 22 £15 e-ticket – any takers for this? I can't get to London that week, alas.
  9. I had exactly the same experience. Massively annoying.
  10. Thanks Bruce. I'll double check when I can't do anymore & then list some on here.
  11. Do you know if they will accept returns? I suspect some of my tickets might be going back if they will.
  12. I was in the box office on Saturday afternoon and apparently there's going to be a trial run of moving it back into the main building, pretty close to where it used to be. It's scheduled to take place on June 10th. I won't be around that date to go and make use of it, but they'd really like to get plenty of customers and get moved back in permanently, if anyone else is able to do so. I'm sure that the box office being stuck out on the corner separate from the building encourages very few people to make use of it, find out about productions and buy tickets. The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable, and I guess it has been a miserable experience.
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