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  1. New year, new lockdown. As if upper school audition planning wasn’t tricky enough! 😩
  2. Hi TBG I would say absolutely! It’s a classic camisole, flattering, elegant cut. I think most important that they wear a leotard that they feel very comfortable and confident in!
  3. I can highly recommend this course! DD did the summer one. Brilliant faculty and great personal corrections for all the dancers.
  4. Hi everyone, Over lockdown I started creating a collection of ballet skirts for my daughter and they are now available to order. Fun and adventurous and look brilliant on zoom, in studio or in photo shoots! Please see the full collection on my Instagram @kirstengracedancewear Thank you. (Hope this is ok to share, moderators please feel free to remove if not.)
  5. Hi everyone, apologies if this thread already exists. Thought it would be helpful if people with children auditioning to start upper schools in Sept 2021 wanted to post information on Audition dates and details for various schools. I know that auditions are delayed in the UK due to Covid but So far I only know that ENB prelim audition is set for January 9th. Anyone who knows more dates please can you add? Thank you!
  6. Yes you just go to the Instagram page and they announce what time they will be live and if you click on their icon you can just join and watch and some are also available after the session is over if in a different time zone. Love our Young dancers are able to be taught and inspired by some of their biggest heroes. Of course also amazing for adult dancers to learn new things.
  7. Tiler Peck has live streamed class for the last 2 days Via Instagram . My daughter really enjoyed following along from the kitchen! Think she will be back tomorrow. She even adapts the exercises for beginners to advanced.
  8. I think you are right! Apologies, I am Australian too so really should know better!
  9. Whilst in the midst of the virus crisis, dancers who cannot attained their regular classes and studios look set to benefit from some pretty inspiring live streamed classes. I am very grateful to all of the amazing teachers and dancers who are able to offer this to the dance community around the world. If anyone knows of classes being live streamed perhaps they can be shared here? Claudia Dean will live stream on Saturday 21st March at 9pm London time. I also think Tiler Peck may do the same?
  10. Hi Efftee, so sorry to hear that your daughter is not well, it must be very stressful for you. I can’t answer your question but just wanted to say sending positive thoughts and I hope she recovers well. Glad she is getting the support she needs So she can return to her passion when she is ready.
  11. Sadly My little boy is ill and I can’t make the 12.15 rehearsal today so seat A14 stage level is available again if anyone would like it.
  12. Hi, the chances are better for year 7 entry when there are 12-13 available places. Year 9, in the last few years no more than 1 or 2 new students tend to join.
  13. Please message me if you happen to have 2 tickets to Saturday eves show? Thank you!
  14. Hi, We were there yday too and I think the results for scholarships will be sent out at the same time as the results of the other applications at the beginning of March. Good luck to all auditioning!
  15. Thanks all for your knowledgeable and helpful replies. Early days but it does seem that Cinderella may have finally found her slipper! 😂
  16. Hi, does anyone have experience of Merlet Diva pointe shoes? Do they last? Any info greatly appreciated.
  17. Probably a long shot but if anyone happens to have 3 reasonably priced tickets to the 7.30 performance on the 12th October please can you let me know? Thank you
  18. Academie Princess Grace in Monaco. My dd went this summer and there are both boarding and non boarding options available. She loved it!
  19. Hi yes of course please send me your email and will send them. Thanks
  20. Hi, my dd was there week 1 and the start/finish times varied daily depending on group colour. In her group Some days 9.45 others 10.45 and most days finished by 3.45, latest 4.45
  21. Leotards available - lilac so danca lace top size 2 £8 freed cap sleeve green grey size 2 £8 intermezzo Black cotton Lycra cami size 2 £8 cornflour blue Lycra tank ruched front size 2. High leg very flattering for auditions. £10 (Worn once) Barreto dance wear all over print tank leotard adult small Brand new £22
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