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  1. From her fundraiser story: "..... I have a kidney stone which was NOT removed or blasted because of that lack of insurance. A stent was placed to save my life because thats all they would do, but no followup ordered for me. I was told to head back to the UK, only given limited medication, and this was all over 2 weeks ago. I can not yet fly... too much pain and the stent not removed. I need the stone checked to see if its still there, removed if it is, and then the stent removed. The hospital is refusing to finish the work they started without money upfront, I can't get the medications necessary..." In my book, follow-up care is a key part of treatment and safety. And if the hospital refuses to provide her with that follow-up, they follow rules that can put her life in danger.
  2. It's such a shame. Makes the US a third world country in my opinion. 👹 Donated.
  3. I would like to add the following: Bejart - Kabuki, Bolero Forsythe - In the middle somewhat elecated Neumeier - Kameliendame And very close to my heart, hopefully not lost already: Tom Schilling's work for Komische Oper Ballet in Berlin, especially his "Romeo&Juliet". Sadly, the maestro refuses to this day to release his work for other companies. I wish him a long life (he is 91 years now), but I do wish to see his wonderful choreographed again.
  4. Thank you so much Mandy, for taking the time. It is a very interesting read. I'd rather read some opinions here than speculation about his future plans.
  5. And I want to thank @Mandy Kent for proofreading!❤ couldn't edit my previous post, so sorry for quoting myself.🙄
  6. My review is finally up also in English, the German Ballet platform "Tanznetz" was waiting for official pictures from the Mariinsky. https://www.tanznetz.de/blog/29422/sensational-debut
  7. Wonderful summary of a beautiful night, I am sure. I love Ksenya, she is very elegant yet can be very edgy when it comes to contemporary pieces. As for "101" (ch by Eric Gauthier, if I may add), I saw this in June here in Berlin and loved the humor😀. I love this dancer/choreographer. Happy to see that you had a great night❤❤
  8. Beautiful pictures are on this Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100024832762996
  9. Sorry I'm late with my review...still travelling. Plus busy with writing an article. Anyway, I can only nod to everything Mandy said. The high delayed jumps in midair, as if the the air was reluctant to let him return to the floor. The excellent speedy footwork. The elegant arabesques, and beautifully controlled pirouettes. The FUN and excitement and great acting which came naturally and wasn't overacted at all. His excitement hopped across the orchestra pit. Hard work and total commitment to his art made this a wonderful evening and debut, and it's easy to remember the exact date: on July 19, 2019, at age 19. 😀❤. His dream to dance on the Mariinsky stage came true at such an early age, and I am happy and proud to have been there. Plus sharing that night with Mandy was an additional beautiful treat❤.
  10. All I can say right now is: I feel sorry for everyone who could not witness his debut-a dream came true. Shale was briliant, curtain calls curtain calls curtain calls...will write more tomorrow. ❤❤
  11. Yes, but what about "Royal Ballet dancers" as credit, at least. It's a movie I know but still sad. Educating the general public a bit is a no go? Sad.
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