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  1. Happy that Staatsballett Berlin is back, as good as possible. Just ordered my tickets for "From Berlin with love" 1 (With the "Goodbye" performance for M. Kaniskin) and 2, and Lab Work COVID 19. Cannot wait.❤❤❤
  2. Dancers of Staatsballett Berlin returned to the studio this week, according to Instagram stories by Evelina Godunova and Daniil Simkin. 😍
  3. Sasha Waltz recently said in an interview with BZ , that SBB expects to work again at the end of August but has 3 different scenarios, depending on a beginning in September, October or November. 😨 They are determined to save at least 2 premieres, Marcia Haydee's "Sleeping Beauty" and S. Waltz' "Sym-Phonie 2020". Let's hope the Sleeping Beauty gets a chance... She also mentioned that Alan Lucien Øyen's World Premiere for SBB and the premieres with pieces by David Dawson, Wayne McGregor and Mats Ek are cancelled for the upcoming season. I was looking forward to Ek and McGregor and I hope it will happen soon after next season.
  4. I know that Raimondo Rebeck recently worked in Astana, he helped stage a Beethoven ballet. Would that be available online too? The clips I saw on insta were stunning!
  5. I already miss going to concerts. Fortunately, some opera houses or single artists generously share their talent online during the Corona crisis. Maybe we can share some links to these wonderful opportunities, they shine a light of hope into these times of turmoil. I highly recommend the piano concerts by Igor Levit. He usually plays around 7pm from his home in Berlin, check his Twitter or instagram account, all concerts are still accessible. Tonite, he graced us with Beethoven's Moonlight sonata. The sound wasn't the best, but still made my day. Twitter: @igorpianist Instagram: igorpianist
  6. If you have trouble with refunds from Staatsballett Berlin, let me know, maybe I can help. I'm a member of SBB's friends.
  7. I am so sorry, Katherine. What a disappointment. Make the best of the journey.❤
  8. @Lizbie1 I think a lot of the turbulences still go back to 2004. Staatsballett Berlin in its current organisation was created in 2004 through a merger of the separate ballet companies of the city's three opera houses at a time when the city was going through a financial crisis. So it was a political decision, and not the brightest, if you ask me. Nobody thought about merging opera companies/orchestras but the ballet was "expendable" of course and many dancers lost their job/left for personal reasons. A mess!! Malakhov did some magic and brought the classical quality back within 10 years. However, politics hasn't shown much love for ballet over the years except for Sen. Scheeres with her support for the Landesjugendballet at the State Ballet School. And this is on trial as well, just like the school. So yes, the influence local politicians had a significant impacte on all the hassle in recent years. But it's not the only cause.
  9. For the trouble in Berlin, politicians were responsible in the first place, and only then personal trouble set a rift between the 2 directors, it did not come from within the company! Tim Renner (former head of cultural matters) brought Waltz as director in back then, following Duato (who left earlier than his actual contract lasted as well btw). Renner made this decision without asking for advice/suggestions from the dancers/experts. Waltz wanted Oehman as partner. The company was very much against Waltz and her kind of repertoire (contemporary only) in contrast to the interests of the biggest classical company in Germany. But they did give Oehman and Waltz a chance and supported the innovations and different styles, and it paid off, imo!! The rift developped between Oehman and Waltz, and this lead to his nasty behaviour when he decided to accept the new position in Sweden within a couple days last Christmas time without informing Waltz. I am so sorry for the dancers!! Let's hope for a BETTER future.
  10. Big Bang Boom: Waltz and Oehman are leaving together on July 31st this year. So TPTB have either a successor already in their pocket OR this nightmare begins earlier. Interim director until further notice is Christiane Theobald, deputy director of SBB. The future of SBB and a new director is a topic on Monday at a meeting of Berlin parliament . Wish us luck...at least all parties announced that they want to involve the dancers and other experts in the decision making/public tender. Wish us luck...again.
  11. Very happy for him and AUS ballet. Too bad it's so far away.
  12. Press conference of Staatsballett Berlin has been cancelled until further notice. It was set for this Wednesday March 4. Mr Oehman alone will present the new season to the SBB Friends on Friday, this also was originally set for Wednesday after the press conference. I am not going since the new program will be online on Friday afternoon. Oehman is leaving anyway, he is not going to announce a new director (haha), and I can read. 🙄
  13. Manuel Legris appointed director of the Ballet Teatro alla Scala ▶ https://www.buzz.dancechanneltv.com/news/manuel-legris-appointed-director-of-the-ballet-teatro-alla-scala
  14. This is ongoing for some time already and it's about time that it is investigated. I am sad about the accusations and it's hsrd to believe. I always valued Gregor Seyffert as wonderful and innovative dancer at Komische Oper Berlin and producer of awesome dance projects with his own company. I hope this doesn't cause serious damage for the school and its future.
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