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  1. There is a Podcast on dance called "A body's language" and in November 2020, they had David Hallberg as incoming Artistic Director speaking about his transition from a dancer to incoming director. Of course he speaks about his performances, and I loved especially the memories he had with Romeo&Juliet and Sleeping Beauty. Available here, no registration required. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/a-bodys-language/id1555671551
  2. Very happy with the results for #226 Luca (3 prizes, among them scholarship no. 2) and Winner No. 218 Casalinho, and the 2 winners for contemporary - well deserved. I'm okay with the other prizes with one exception: the Nureyev prize went to #118 Maciano????? I'm not an expert but really...compare his dancing to Shale Wagman's performances 2018 and tell me who did deserve this "prize for exceptional artistry". πŸ™„ Also a bit disappointed that Gulio Diligente (Italy) didn't get a scholarship but well.
  3. I agree, I had Maia Rose on my list as well. But yes, I find that a lot of students are very close in their very good level, so I'm sure it was hard to pick. Also, I am pleased to see so many very good male students this year. I already mentioned Luca, also Gulio Diligente and Rui Cesar Cruz (giant leaps!) catched my eyes. Good luck to all of the finalists! As for "no Americans among the finalists: #231 Ashley Coupal is from Canada (which is on the North American continent πŸ˜‰) and she dances at the Orlando Ballet School. Maybe this is kind of comfort.πŸ€—
  4. OMG have you seen #226 Luca Abdel Nour? So elegant!!! From Tanzakademie Zurich (director Oliver Matz, former principal dancer in Berlin❀).
  5. Well I'm sure Zelensky hired him for a reason and made a smart move, aware of his height but moreso of his amazing talent. I can't wait to see him.
  6. I am so happy for him. Munich...you've got a gem. See you soon.❀❀
  7. Happy New Year to all!! 2021 will bring the lights back, in real life and onstage, and I cannot wait to sit in a theatre again. Be safe!!πŸŒΉπŸ’–
  8. Sorry if I missed info on this event, all I know is that the festival was scheduled for April, got cancelled and re-scheduled for December 2020. The website is not very helpful and confusing, so is here someone with more insight? Thanks.
  9. Here is the link to Staatsballett Berlin's contribution to World Ballet Day: 1. Pas de Quatre by Anton Dolin (staged by M. Kaniskin) Portraying famous ballerinas of the past Evelina Godunova as Lucile Grain Aya Okumura as Carlotta Trish Sarah Hees-Hochster as Fanny Cerrito Yolanda Correa as Marie Taglioni 2. Grand Pas de Deux from "Le Corsaire" Iana Salenko, Daniil Simkin
  10. Staatsballett Berlin continues careful steps back on stage with a 4th gala in December. The beloved Nutcracker won't happen this year of course, but they're trying to show a stream online in December, since it has been filmed some time ago. For me, Christmas is only complete with Nutcracker ballet. Sad news is that Marcia Haydee's Sleeping Beauty had to be postponed to 2022. So everything is still back and forth. Corona restrictions in Berlin are harsher than in Stuttgart for example, so SBB performances are still very limited. Other news: since today, Berlin's former Mayor for 13 years
  11. My thoughts as well. The piece blew me away. Bravo to Ivana Bueno for winning the award, she was gorgeous and confident and really surprised me. I would not consider myself as an expert but to me, both her pieces were flawless and she had a good connection to her partner.
  12. Will do!! I was at the dress rehearsal yesterday (tonight is premiere for the 1st gala programme) and we saw them in "Kazimir's colours", it was brilliant. As was the entire programme. Such a diversity, and superb dancers. Everybody was happy to be back onstage and in the auditorium!! Looking forward to Saturday and following performances.
  13. He and his wife Elisa in Onegin...they were brilliant. They will perform a Pas de Deux from this ballet as part of the farewell gala for him, can't wait o see this again on Aug 29.
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