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  1. Is it actually good for the company to have such a competition among themselves? Doesn't it put lot of stress and unnessessary rivalry in the company's soul? Like, dancers who are members since years have to compete with "newbies", to proov their value for the company? Maybe electing emerging dancers and have them present their skills WITHOUT a competition would be a nicer solution. I don't know if such a company competition exists elsewhere. I know that dancers are competitive anyway in their daily job so why put more stress on it. Just some thoughts...
  2. I give this right back at you LinMM, it was really nice to meet you and chat about our favorite topics😀. We agreed to repeat this. And yes, now that I have seen the live stream, I noticed Shale's trademark smile was a bit forced after the Pd2. I could not see that from my seat. Perhaps going first on stage took really its toll. We agreed on Shale anyway. And yes once again, Julia danced technically very good, without that final "wow".
  3. I didn't say that she did not deserve to win. But I do believe that there's also politics involved in such decisions, and if it's "only" being longer in the company than e.g. Rentano. Just saying.😉
  4. It's very interesting how different the views of people in the audience can be. Despite of rooting for Shale, I was really looking forward to the Forsythe piece, danced by Yeomans. When this music comes up, I can't help it but Sylvie Guillem and Laurent Hilaire pop up in my mind. I was disappointed with Yeomans interpretation, I didn't feel any tension which his so much part of this ballet. The contemporary choreography Rentaro danced bored me, whereas in the classical part, he danced with so much verve. I also liked Julia's contemporary part very much, like I already said. I didn't see any errors from Shale Wagman but I noticed Alicia was nervous. I was sad that Shale didn't get to show thoroughly his skills in the classical part, there were less solo parts for him than for the other two male dancers. It was the first time I saw him dancing a classical piece with a partner, and yes, there is probably improvement on the horizon, agree here with @Sim. As for his contemporary piece: I wholeheartedly disagree with you here @Sim 😉Especially here he was able to show his artistry, put out his pure soul and technical skills, especially his extreme flexibility. I had the impression that not many people got what this piece was about, even laughed in the beginning, I don't know what was so funny. Maybe they expected some sort of slapstick? Couldn't be more far away. It touched me deeply, and I was sitting in Row N. I even didn't see his face very clear from there. Was the highlight of the night for me. As for the decision who was about to win...maybe it was time for a woman, after 2018 saw a male winner.
  5. I was happy to be in the audience tonight. Julia Conway is a wonderful winner. She was very focused from the beginning and especially in her contemporary part. Also, I agree that Rentano was very convincing in the Pd2 with her. I was a bit surprised that the classical Pd2 were so very diverse, when it came to show the technical skills for the male dancers. The piece that took my breath away was Shale Wagman's contemporary part. I am not sure if everyone got the message of this piece, I certainly did and told him so afterwards. It was also very lovely to chat with @LinMM, we must repeat this.😍
  6. I always sit in the stalls. Depending on the venue (Staatsballett performs in 3 theatres - Deutsche Oper, Staatsoper and Komische Oper, guest companies often perform at Haus der Berliner Festspiele). I prefer to sit Row 2 or 8-10, center. Like capybara, I like to be "wrapped up in the action". Aso, I'm pretty small, so I try to avoid "towers" in front of me as much as possible. If I don't have a good view to the stage, it sours me the entire experience, e.g. craning my neck from left to right. Ugh.
  7. Thanks @Sim I am just not sure if the queues are really that long. I haven't been to Sadler's before. Here in Berlin, it really depends on the venue, e.g. at Deutsche Oper it takes ages to get your drink.😉
  8. A bit off topic but I would be grateful for your input: I got an email from Sadler's Wells about their new service re interval drinks which can be ordered online already now. I understand that this is good service to avoid long queues during interval but does this really work? I am more a spontaneous person when it comes to order drinks, but if interval is very short, this service sounds interesting. Thanks.
  9. The solo videos for 4 of the 6 dancers have been released so far and are worth a check out. I'm not sure why they don't release all of them simultaneously but maybe it's only to keep the tension up 😊. Hope Shale makes it back in time from St. Petersburg for Tuesday night 😀
  10. I was confused about listing him as working for the Berlin State "secretariat"😀
  11. Today, in 80 minutes from now, is a live stream on YouTube from the City of Cheboksary (spelling?). It's another international ballet competition. Got this link from Ksenja Ovsjanick (State Ballet Berlin), she will perform there.
  12. Daniil Simkin and Elisa Carillo Cabrera from Berlin State Ballet - yay! not sure why the list says Jerome Kaplan, Berlin State Secretariat😀
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