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  1. Legseleven

    MDS funding

    Yes, as you say it must be much cheaper to fund all eligible CAT students. Just such a pity that unless you are within reach of Leeds (and able to transport your child to the Northern Ballet CAT scheme there), classical training from 11 when an MDS is needed means hoping for one of the few places at one of the ‘Big Four’ and in particular for an RBS or Elmhurst place.
  2. Legseleven

    MDS funding

    So are successful applicants for Hammond and Tring, who need MDS funding but may not be awarded it, in a worse position than successful applicants for CAT schemes who need MDS funding? My friend’s DC is considering applying for classical vocational training. They would need MDS funding and aren’t able to get to the Northern Ballet CAT, which we understand is the only classical ballet CAT scheme. Do they have to pin all their hopes on a place at RBS or Elmhurst or that they will be lucky enough to get one of the MDS funded places at Hammond or Tring, as they don’t want to apply for a place at their local CAT scheme which is contemporary - but for which they would be funded?
  3. I would think that perhaps Corrales will be judged solely on his Royal Ballet performances, as it would seem unfair to consider promoting him on the basis of his English National Ballet performances? It’s a great shame that injury has affected so much of his first year with the RB - and indeed has also affected Bracewell. No doubt both will be considered for promotion in the near future and it seems that they are very different dancers whilst both being very worthy of elevation. The RB has such a variety of strengths at all levels; let’s hope that both Corrales and Bracewell will continue to flourish.
  4. Legseleven

    MDS funding

    Are the CAT schemes also covered by MDS funding? If so is this allocated to every eligible student or is it limited?
  5. Slightly rambling detour comment coming up - it looks from this photo as though Naghdi is shorter than Nuñez and Osipova - and possibly only very slightly taller than Hayward? I have often thought that she isn’t perhaps as tall as she can sometimes appear and that her leg length gives the illusion of rather more height than she possesses.
  6. Naghdi and Muntagirov dancing together - I so wish I was there! Are Morera and Sambe otherwise engaged? (Or I may have missed seeing them on the programme.)
  7. As far as I remember this happened in 2013 and again for most years since. And it does indeed seem unfair on those who auditioned at the usual time!
  8. If it’s just at the front that the leotard sits too low for you, would the invisible/nude coloured elastic used for pointe shoes be of any use if sewn across the ‘cleavage’ exposing section of the leotard? A 6’ tall dancer at DD’s dance school once did this with a leotard which wasn’t long enough for her to feel comfortable that she wasn’t going to expose too much at the front.
  9. I agree, balletbean. I can’t imagine why a vocational school would insist on a specific brand of pointe shoes when they must be well aware that it’s an extremely personal choice - and there is so much choice now available. It can only unfairly compromise those dancers for whom Freed is not the best choice.
  10. We certainly saw that the transferable skills learned from extra-curricular activities (not the activities in themselves) can make a difference; a girl at DD’s dance school was told that her explanation of how her ballet (she was at RAD Advanced 1 level) had given her those skills at her interview for a top medical school had propelled her to the top of the admissions list.
  11. RAD expects its teachers to include free work at all levels as far as I know? DD has always done RAD and has always done some free work in most classes (except perhaps just before exams).
  12. Legseleven

    Room 101

    Fiz, I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your mother and your accident. Thinking of you x
  13. Capezio tights have always lasted well here, both in terms of non-laddering and of colour retention.
  14. I have seen on social media that a dancer has been offered finals for a Y9 place.
  15. Legseleven

    Room 101

    Karma is clearly doing its thing for your daughter with an extra session - great news!
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