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  1. I agree with Glowlight that it needs to be your daughter’s decision. I am appalled to be honest that she seems to be getting no support from her teachers in terms of the behaviour of her peers; I cannot imagine how their teasing and bullying is being allowed to continue when a simple statement that everyone goes through puberty at a different time and rate and that everyone will have to learn to adjust to their new body shape as a result should have been made as soon as it became apparent that it was necessary (or indeed, as with my DD’s PE teacher, several chats about puberty and its usually
  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I was able to see the Muntagirov/Naghdi Apollo! Totally dream casting.
  3. Absolutely, balletbean! Same for DD - at least she could still dance with strapped fingers. Her piano teacher was never thrilled, but her music theory was allotted extra time!
  4. Netball is also hard on the joints as it is played on a hard surface. DD’s teacher (non-vocational) was never very happy about her students playing netball for that reason; I can’t imagine that the vocational schools would sanction it?
  5. KS Dance in Warrington or the Hammond may run associate or similar classes? I have also heard good things about MIDAS, which is Midlands based but not every week as far as I am aware.
  6. In terms of White Lodge and Elmhurst seeming to prefer different student personalities, what was the opinion in terms of what each school preferred? I wonder how that tends to work with those students who are offered places at both schools; perhaps they simply gravitate towards and accept the offer from the school where they felt most at home? Or is the kudos of an RBS place likely to sway any such self-selection?
  7. I couldn’t agree more, taxi4ballet.
  8. I suspect that not wearing underwear was the original way to avoid any possibility of underwear showing. Now that high leg, seamless, high waisted knickers or full bodysuits are available even in smaller sizes it isn’t necessary to do without altogether. My DD didn’t ever forego underwear but we did ensure that it was never visible (even to the extent of ‘remodelling’ knickers when necessary 😉).
  9. Just checked the DAM Health website and they also offer the lateral flow test in Liverpool for £59. PCR tests are also now available at DAM clinics in Manchester, Leeds, Wolverhampton and possibly London (may not yet be open).
  10. If a PCR test will be accepted, I highly recommend DAM Health for anyone able to go to Liverpool (on Rodney Street). Results and a certificate signed by a doctor were received within 4.5 hours of the test for 3 members of my family - results guaranteed within 24 hours of testing. £99 I believe.
  11. Rumer Godden: it’s A Candle For St Jude, not a Candle in the Wind 😂 and Listen to the Nightingale. I confess that I found copies of these quite recently and re-read them with enjoyment and I am considerably older than 12 and read widely and voraciously. Jean Ure: the other one is Hi There Supermouse.
  12. I loved (and re-read as a teenager 😉) the Moth Graham books by Jean Richardson (The First Step, Dancer in the Wings and One Foot on the Ground) and also the dance books by Jean Ure (Nicola Mimosa, A Proper Little Nooryeff and one title which currently escapes me). The Rumer Godden dance books were also enjoyable - ?Candle in the Wind (although I’m now doubting myself about that title - and humming the Elton John song) and at least one more. I shall try to find the correct title/s. I also preferred Curtain Up by Noel Streatfeild to her Ballet Shoes. (I realise that this is probably sacr
  13. I couldn’t agree more. I got very tired hearing that one associate scheme had continued to reject a particular child for 3 years solely because she wasn’t tall for her age and that another child had only had successes at various festivals because a relative of hers had once been a well-known teacher in the area. It is very easy to ‘blame’ any perceived successes of a child who isn’t one’s own on something that isn’t the extremely likely truth that they were simply a better fit at the time for that particular scheme/festival category, etc.
  14. DD was lucky enough to be taught by Brenda Last on a few occasions. She found her demanding, incisive and exceptionally inspiring. This coaching will be a joy to watch, I’m sure.
  15. Tears streaming down my face at that, Tango Dancer! 🤣🤣👏👏
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