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  1. Nicola Tarry classical ballet training in Kent - on social media - offers a training programme for elite students who don’t attend vocational school.
  2. The only classical ballet CAT scheme is at Northern Ballet, Leeds if that is a possibility? I believe ?Nicola Moriarty in the south-east may have started a scheme for vocational students who wanted to stay at home but to train at a vocational level. I can’t find any posts but I believe it may have been mentioned on the forum? My apologies if I have invented it! I believe Natalia Kremen in London may also offer a vocational level scheme.
  3. I agree with Jane - if it were me I would contact the principal and others in writing (so that it is documented) and possibly phone them and ask to arrange a meeting in addition, maybe when you collect your child for half term? If you aren’t allowed to know how they have dealt with the bully, you are surely entitled to ask for clarification of what support your child will receive and from whom and that they have put in place measures to prevent recurrence for your child or for any other child. I would also include in the letter that boarding school is a new experience for you and for your child and that their confirmation of how things are being dealt with in relation to caring for your child and prevention of recurrence will understandably go a long way to reassure you and your child and help them settle. If you think it would help, couch it in terms of suggesting that you are possibly being over-anxious (I stress that I don’t think you are being over-anxious at all, but it won’t hurt to put the ‘blame’ for your wanting assurances as to how it is being dealt with onto yourself, rather than your child) to ensure that you and your child are reassured simply because they are already dealing with settling into a new school and boarding life.
  4. And I am still astounded by John and Johannes’s performance. Absolutely amazing. DD and I keep re-watching it 😉
  5. There is a stage presence, an understanding of the style of the dance and a ‘likeability’ factor about Judy which goes a long way in my view and allows me to overlook her less than stellar dancing more than would otherwise be the case. Oddly, despite being an actor, I didn’t think Katie ever (in all 3 weeks) had that same stage presence and distinction between dance styles. I think Katie’s dance off performance was much better than her competition performance but lacked Judy’s ‘selling’ of the dance - and neither of them is a good dancer. Katie also seemed quite ‘clumpy’. I would have saved Judy because of her ‘sparkle’ and the way she ‘sold’ the routine. Having stage presence and ‘selling’ a routine can’t be taught.
  6. Possibly because Tuesday was the opening night and an opening night which sometimes seemed destined never to happen, with the lockdowns and Covid restrictions? I’m sure my emotions would have been on a knife edge of joy had I been there on Tuesday but perhaps that is what is missing (understandably) today?
  7. So do I, hfbrew! Music too. I have a copy of the 1984 revised syllabus book and am swamped in nostalgia whenever I look at it. Some seriously difficult moves in early grades!
  8. I have read something about new trainers technology which may be part of the reason for very fast times. Will try to find it as I am now thinking that I have dreamed it!
  9. My heart was in my mouth watching her get back out there. Such courage!
  10. We have also heard of a UK student declining their offer of a WL place and deciding to stay at home and be an Associate instead.
  11. Whether or not she was injured is irrelevant to the allegations made by the director of the Mikhailovsky.
  12. I have just seen the announcement that Beatriz Stix-Brunell, First Soloist of the Royal Ballet, is leaving the company to attend Stanford University. How amazing - and how heartwarming to see tangible proof that pursuing a dance career from an early age need not limit future steps in any other direction at all!
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