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  1. This was 12 years ago now so it was the previous children’s grades syllabus grade 3 and on observing my DD’s older friends in the class, on one occasion along with a qualified RAD teacher friend who was considering moving her DD to the school as she was giving up teaching - she chose not to do so - it was not at all clear that absolutely every child did indeed require at least 18 months if not 2 years in grade 3 as we were all told. There were students who did need additional time, as there are in every grade, but there were also students who had attended all the classes available plus unset classes, who picked up the new work and then the syllabus work quickly and were clearly frustrated at being told that they could not take the exam until they had had at least 18 months of classes and that no individual consideration of individual students’ readiness would happen. The teacher’s later ‘confession’ of her motivation for keeping everyone in the one grade for at least 18 months made me feel that moving DD to a different school was definitely the right decision.
  2. My apologies, for some reason my post has only just been sent and is now out of date - as you have been told that she may not miss her primary exam and may not move to grade 1 and she has reacted as might be expected to the news that she has to stay in primary for even longer, I think the only option is to move her to a different school. I agree with the advice to try out all of the possible schools, regardless of syllabus and to go with your gut feeling - and that of your girls - as to where they are best suited to progress. Lots of luck x
  3. This is so familiar. DD did pre-primary aged 5, primary at 6, grade 1 at 7 and then due to a school move she took grade 3 at 9 and missed grade 2 out. However, had she stayed at her original school she would have had to spend at least 18 months if not 2 years plus in grade 3 before taking her exam as the teacher who took grade 3 told everyone that grade 3 was especially complex even for talented dancers who picked up the work quickly. What she actually meant was that grade 3 was the last class she herself taught and she wanted to maximise her income from the grade 3 students before they went on to other teachers...which she confirmed as the truth to a mutual friend, who passed this on to me without realising that DD had been a student at that dance school. I’m not for a moment suggesting that this is the reason why your DD is being held back. However, as you say, her confidence will suffer and she will become bored and quite possibly disillusioned with ballet altogether if she has to wait so long to take her primary exam. If it were me I would ask for her to skip the primary exam and to be moved up to grade 1 (and possibly to join in some grade 2 classes if she would appreciate extra ‘stretching’). I would also have a look at alternative schools and their usual age bands within each grade so that you have other possibilities if that is refused. I would certainly not leave the situation as it is at present, given your DD’s age and her quiet personality, which may mean she loses all confidence and interest in her ballet if she is told that she has to wait even longer to take her primary exam.
  4. The Telegraph article (thank you for sharing, JNC) is possibly illuminating in that it refers to Cojocaru and Kobborg announcing their resignation only days before their last ROH performance whilst also saying that Cojocaru and Rojo had agreed upon Cojocaru’s move to ENB in the spring. Obviously I don’t know whether it refers to their resignation being publicly announced only days before or whether it was only announced to the RB management days before, but the reference to Cojocaru and Rojo, who had recently also left the RB to take over at ENB, making the decision in the spring does perhaps indicate that this was without the knowledge of the RB management. As has been pointed out, we will never know the actual scenario and why it seemed that their last ROH performance was not as effusively marked as their audience may have wished it to be. Perhaps both ‘sides’ were hurt by the manner of the seemingly ‘all of a sudden’ departure of two of the RB’s stars.
  5. Legseleven

    John Mallinson

    I am so sorry to read this. Sending sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  6. Spamcat, we always had this issue too - very long legs and a very petite frame meant that any leggings/trousers etc which were long enough were comically huge around the waist, hips and bottom. Gap’s Long and Lean jeans and leggings were the only ones which ever came close to looking ‘normal’ - and then they stopped selling this range! Thank goodness that waists can be taken in 😉
  7. Just managed to watch the trailer and I found it disappointing. Jennifer Hudson is really straining and I agree with AnnaC’s comments about the bizarre changing size of the cats and their much less feline appearance when compared to the original production.
  8. What role does Francesca Hayward play? I assumed that it was Victoria, the white cat, which is not as far as I remember a main role in the original production - but may of course have been adjusted for this film.
  9. I have read good things about Northern Ballet School’s summer school but have no experience of it so I can’t assist any further. If most of the students attending stay in the school’s accommodation then I’m sure that your DD would soon make friends with others and travel back and forth together, make evening plans etc. Manchester is a great city with lots happening. Perhaps a call to NBS to ask about accommodation and any evening plans and student safety might set your mind at rest? If you would prefer a more sheltered environment then we can personally recommend York Scholars’ summer school, which is usually held in early August at Queen Margaret’s school, Escrick, North Yorkshire. The students stay on site in the school accommodation and the teaching was great when my DD attended, with Brenda Last and Olivia Pickford amongst others. - I have just Googled it and it is from 5th-8th August at Queen Margaret’s, offering ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre classes. I don’t know if there are spaces available but can recommend it.
  10. Another vote for Capezio Juliets here. Great quality and fit.
  11. My choices would be Morera and possibly Hayward in Coppelia and Naghdi and possibly O’Sullivan in Sleeping Beauty. The ‘possibles’ are those I would like to see but at least will have further performances in the future, whereas I would choose to see Morera and Naghdi this time (although I know that Naghdi will have further chances in the future).
  12. Is there any possibility that your DD’s teacher could go with you for her first pointe shoe fitting? We were lucky that this was available and it meant that although DD obviously didn’t know how pointe shoes were supposed to feel, she had the expertise of her teacher as well as that of the fitter so we felt much more confident that those were the correct shoes for her first pair.
  13. If it were me I would go for Morera/Bonelli given the reviews they have received. Hayward will no doubt dance Manon for some years in the future. But that’s an amazing choice to have and I’m sure that they will all be amazing!
  14. High cut knickers for young girls are very difficult to find, unless things have changed from DD being 6 or 7 and wanting to wear knickers but having been trained by me to consider the prospect of their showing under leotards with horror 😉 We resorted to customising plain white knickers in a size bigger than she needed by cutting the legs as high as possible and then binding the cut edges whilst reducing the waistline. They looked quite odd! but were perfect and invisible under leotards.
  15. DD’s favourite tights are Capezio convertibles. She has also liked Danskins. I can’t remember the make but she had some cheaper ones which weren’t long enough even when we bought the large ones and these were stretched to their greatest extent, so we tend to stick with Capezio as these are tried and tested.
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