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  1. Well I agree with you Sim but I must say that, sadly, Paris Opera Ballet has been unable to maintain some parts of their repertoire (Lifar for instance). They even seem to be a second NDT at the moment by the way !
  2. Fumi Kaneko is at the right position as a first soloist with The Royal Ballet. I don't see her as a principal.
  3. Yes I am sure it is good for company morale, we can definitely feel a positive energy ! That said I must mention I was a bit disappointed by those pas de deux, they were ok/good but not what I was expecting from those dancers. As if, sometimes, the choice of what they were dancing was too ambitious for them. But it is maybe how one can progress ! Even McCormick and Velicu were very nervous, with a major problem in the adagio. But how talented they are !
  4. What a shame ! Calvin Richardson was absolutely stunning in tuesday morning rehearsal ! According to the NYTimes Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui was busy working in Munich AND London at the same time and it shows ! Medusa seems so unfinished and the dancers so lost that it is embarrassing for The Royal Ballet (and a waste of time for the audience).
  5. I am afraid the first cast did not have enough rehearsal time either !
  6. After Muntagirov and Corrales, Daniel McCormick seems ready for the Royal Ballet ! Kevin O'Hare can we have him ?
  7. Sumina Sasaki will be joining as Prix de Lausanne apprentice.
  8. Great news for her but am I the only one to find those videos quite hilarious / ridiculous ? Same or even worse : Claudia Dean !
  9. I wonder why KOH is not trying a younger dancer in the company instead of bringing a guest. Joseph Sissens ?
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