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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/dec/21/cats-review-tom-hooper-taylor-swift-judi-dench-idris-elba-jennifer-hudson-ian-mckellen
  2. I think Melissa Hamilton is doing the pas de deux and O'Sullivan the first movement.... It's Yuhui Choe who was in the first movement a few years ago and very good indeed....
  3. MAX

    Is this fair?

    joyofdance : your daughters are in a good school with a smart teacher ! 😊
  4. Yes I have sadly very often the same impression with Hirano, by the way if a dancer is sick or injured he/she should not be dancing ! I same him clearly marking some steps in Mayerling, I think it was last year it 's very surprising and clearly annoying... I simply now avoid to buy an ticket when he is dancing.
  5. Concerto without those difficult orange costumes ? Cynthia Gregory was so strong, beautiful, beautiful work.... Those legs !
  6. How old are your students Pas de Quatre ? all this is quite interesting !
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