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  1. after Cesar Corrales and Vadim Muntagirov, Tamara Rojo is preparing the talented Daniel McCormick for the Royal Ballet
  2. Concerning Raymonda, Sarah Lamb and Vadim Muntagirov were excellent. To my opinion the problem is more the casting of some of the female variations. We can understand that Kevin O'Hare has to cast his first soloists but Melissa Hamilton was ill at ease, Itziar Mendizabal seemed miscast, Yuhui Choe was doing the job as always but she did not seemed to be completely into it. Only Mayara Magri was on top form. The trio was very good too. I really think Mr O'Hare should cast other dancers more suited to those tricky variations. Enigma Variations wonderful, Laura Morera a beautiful artist, what a joy to see her on stage.
  3. Is it the right bio in the programme for Alfreda Thorogood ? It seems more the one of Viviana Durante to me...
  4. So sorry for Steven McRae When we think Reece Clarke was not among the dancers promoted last Summer... Hello Mr O'Hare ??? He should be promoted after yesterday evening.... I really don't understand this policy as Reece Clarke gets more roles than the new first soloist....
  5. I was there yesterday and I must say I did not like the show AT ALL. Main problem is for me the lack of chemistry between the two leading dancers. This Romeo is too young and too feminine for this Juliet. Impossible to believe in their love. They had absolutely no connection anyway. On top of that I found the choreography very basic and some of the dancers looked like students (I know some of them are but it's not something I notice when I go to see the second company of Hofesh Shechter). Some of them were very weak technically and very OTT in their interpretation. Audience loved it....
  6. and the other woman might be Maria Teresa del Real
  7. Thiago Soares is back ? And pity about Reece Clarke, he was so promising a few seasons ago in Sleeping Beauty ! He should get the oportunities now or go into another company ! It does not make sense to me when you see some of the principals...
  8. and what about the new first soloist ? Luca Acri is not cast in anything ?
  9. Thank you Bruce for your answer. I understand your admiration, such courage !
  10. Wait.... I think I have missed something there ! Did Stéphane Bullion talked openly and publicly about his cancer ?
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