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  1. Thank you Bruce for your answer. I understand your admiration, such courage !
  2. Wait.... I think I have missed something there ! Did Stéphane Bullion talked openly and publicly about his cancer ?
  3. It is certainly very difficult to be a moderator, I would not like to be in your place that's for sure. Moderators certainly have to be strict but they have to be welcoming and encouraging as well ! It was not case the other day with Naomi, we all know it.... In France we have the example of a ballet forum where the moderator is very/too strict... The result is now very simple : after a huge success during years people are now kind of "scared" to participate, which is a real pity. Some days there are no posts anymore... Here the way the forum is organized is very different and it's a pleasure to come and read it.
  4. yes wonderful moderation as naomi wants now to stop posting here....
  5. I don't agree at all ! I think that someone, as a moderator, should be glad that people are posting (from the other side of the world ) to give some news and not tell them how they should present their text. But I stop losing my time to write about things that have absolutely no importance.
  6. I think it would be better to say thank you to Jenny Taylor to give us some informations about a performance... It is not difficult to understand who is being discussed with the complete text of NaomiM !
  7. What an incredible chance for this talented young dancer ! https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2019/7/19/1_1930
  8. Highlights Ratmansky trilogy - SFBallet @ Sadler's Wells opening night of Swan Lake - ENB @ Coliseum Matthew Ball in Mayerling Beatrix Stix Brunell and Calvin Richardson in Within the Golden Hour Downlights Medusa (what a waste of talent) Winter Dreams (after Judas Tree last season I start to consider MacMillan as an overrated choreographer...) Hirano in Winter Dreams - how can you cast this type of dancer in a dramatic ballet ? Fumi Kaneko and Daniel Camargo in Don Quixote - where you can see that wonderful technique is not everything...
  9. The Defile should be performed twice 😂 It always seems far too short !
  10. Why Corrales and not Sambé with Osipova ? now that he is a principal...
  11. With this news they should change their plans and announce the rest of the promotions today 😀 But the RB press department seems to be on holidays at the moment !
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