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  1. I think it's a very good decision for the company. A few years ago Jiri Kyliàn decided to remove all his pieces from the repertoire, we don't know what was behind this decision but at the end it was a good way to allow NDT to renew itself.
  2. Yes we are not talking about the same thing, I talk about Scarlett, the person, the human being, you talk about The Royal Opera House, productions and money.
  3. Come on I think this artist does not merit that !
  4. Comments to replace the moments that are "uniquely by Scarlett". The situation is already very sad and I think this artist does not merit more bashing....
  5. How can you write such comments ? it sounds so disrespectful....
  6. Well The Royal Ballet did not communicate in the right way, if this was the case we would not talk that much about it. By the way if Liam Scarlet was not sacked how do you call what just happened ?
  7. Oh no certainly not ! I just wanted to point out they cancel some of his ballets and not his Swan Lake, comme par hasard.... I do think that the way Liam Scarlett is sacked by The Royal Ballet is really revolting (even when you don't know the story which is my case). But the way they have destroyed his reputation, making big announcements like that without explaining anything, is difficult to understand.
  8. If The Royal Ballet wanted to be coherent they would cancel his Swan Lake as well !
  9. I guess the ROH has very good reasons to end the collaboration with Liam Scarlett but I can't help thinking how devastating it must be for him and his family. A very very sad situation...
  10. Not to talk about the virus ? But I mean, in the Europe or not, you should wake up in the UK. How is it possible to go on with shows ? Here (Switzerland) meetings with more than 5 people are forbidden. Shops are closed. I am sorry but the beautiful world of ballet is behind us for some time. It's just being realistics and responsible !
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/dec/21/cats-review-tom-hooper-taylor-swift-judi-dench-idris-elba-jennifer-hudson-ian-mckellen
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