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  1. As we all know there are many wonderful ballerinas at The Royal Ballet but Akané Takada has a very special quality of movement, musicality and "phrasé"; we hope she will be able to come back next season, such a long absence !
  2. Very nice way to answer, thank you for your kind consideration !
  3. Thank you taxi4ballet
  4. With two months to go before the end of the season, it is surprising that the RBS has still not announced the name of its new director. Is there any news ?
  5. I have a lot of respect for Kevin O'Hare but I really think he should quit his position in the next two years, he did a wonderful job but it's time for the company to have a new director. New blood, new ideas and more consideration for The Royal Ballet's history.
  6. https://www.enbschool.org.uk/news.php?ref=lynne-charles-appointed-as-artistic-director-of-english-national-ballet-school
  7. Bad reviews in general, I was waiting to read them before deciding to buy a ticket or not, it's now clear that I will not go
  8. not much time for Mr Sambé to get used to the rake of Garnier !
  9. I work in dance education but had never heard of him, a discreet man !
  10. What was Aaron Watkin's artistic project when he was chosen by the selection committee ? It's hard to say when you look at this 75th anniversary season... Having said that, a new creation by William Forsythe is always an event, but perhaps a little too much in the same vein as the previous director. Taking over from this visionary and exceptional woman is really not an easy task. We knew that, but it's becoming more and more obvious.
  11. The talented Skya Powney is in the Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam.
  12. Having watched the trailer it looks very dated and not very exciting. Please Mr Watkins would it be possible to have innovative choreographers who, in their use of classical dance, move the art form forward ?
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