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  1. Well, you must be using a different Waterloo to me. I can’t agree that the purpose of a demonstration is to disrupt others lives. There are many subjects I feel passionate about but I don’t think that gives me the right to ruin people’s leisure time. I cannot use the underground and rely on buses which are routinely re-routed when there is a demo. Taxis refuse to cross the bridge/ or can’t get through. Only two weeks ago a taxi driver told me Waterloo was fast becoming a no-go area. I am sick to death of an ordinary semi-disabled female of no political persuasion having no rights because I am heterosexual, don’t ride a bike and am not an ethnic minority, a serial protestor or a virtue signaller.
  2. The 12 noon start is difficult for those of us travelling distances, particularly on a Sat. Trains from Dorset are dramatically cutback at weekends and are so full it’s not always possible to get a seat. Add in the fact that almost every Saturday there is a demo about something or other, means I have had to give up Sat matinees. Why London can’t confine demos to a park so that the rest of us can go about our business is beyond me.
  3. I’m guessing that the rehearsal time involved necessitates at least two performances
  4. So agree Lizbie. Juliet, possibly more than any other ballet, gives wonderful opportunities for young dancers and I would like to see the more mature Principals held back from this one. There is so much other stuff for them to do.
  5. Don't want to be disagreeable, Helen, but if I book to see the Royal Ballet, I expect to see dancers who epitomise the Royal Ballet style. I happen to think its the best around but, even if I didn't, its what I would expect to see. Prosaically, I don't go for a Chinese and start longing for Chicken Vindaloo!
  6. Utterly incredible. Seems the media believe anybody in ballet gear must be in Swan Lake
  7. Fair point. I suppose I was curious what injury could keep a dancer who was nearing the end of his career out for nineteen months. Not a sprained ankle, surely?
  8. Oh dear. Is there some mystery here? Don’t have any idea what injury he has had that has caused 19 months out and there is never any news. Now people seem to think he is finishing. What is going on? Not prying and don’t want gory details but don’t fans deserve some information?
  9. Good news indeed but is it just the small role in Firebird? I am so hoping he will be back for a full season or more. Perhaps he has been working with McGregor on his new full -length?
  10. I agree with Capybara and whilst many would disagree I would prefer to see Juliet as the province of the younger dancers. However good the acting, there is something a little silly about a mature Worman in her late thirties pretending to be a child with a doll.
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