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  1. Yes, it is amusing. Still, I’ve told them for that sort for money, I expect two weeks in the Caribbean with Mr. Kaufmann!
  2. If I win the lottery I’ll take a table (only £9000) and invite you and anyone else who supported my call for clarity! PS: Don’t buy your outfit just yet because I don’t do the lottery!
  3. An update. As a ticket holder for the first night of Fidelio, I’ve received A special invitation from ROH today to join an intimate dinner in the Floral Hall post Fidelio. Tickets, which will include a pre-performance reception in the Crush Room, are only £2000! For a further sum, I can purchase extra tickets to the performance which are available in all areas except Ampi and Balcony. The cost is eye watering. Well, now we know where the tickets are. I have no problem with initiatives of this sort which I’m sure are vital to funding and I hope that wealthy patrons will snap them up. Just can’t see why they couldn’t have been clear early on.
  4. Hope you pinched the caramels whilst he was asleep! I really think they should ban eating anything during performances.
  5. Ah, so you would like to believe it’s just me, would you? Perhaps I should suggest you read the entire thread or the extensive media coverage that resulted. I have never been a defeatist and if something reeks of fish (even if it is turbot rather than coley),I will call it out. The issue is most certainly not forgotten and I will revive it with the media and other interested parties every time it happens until we get clarity. I gave up forelock tugging many years ago and continue to expect that those in positions of power behave with honesty and integrity.
  6. Twenty percent would be a luxury! I’d even settle for ten percent. i don’t think anyone is dissing Friends. They are clearly invaluable and I quite agree that the incentives to become a Friend must be attractive. However, when Friends are, apparently, allocated ALL the seats to particular performances, then people are going to squeak. More than a month on, still can’t understand the rationale behind this own goal.
  7. Dear Floss, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for that enormously enlightening background history. I have printed it off so I can refer to it. Your knowlege is as enviable as your willingness to share it.
  8. Gush away. Fabulous review and I agree with every word. A really wonderful experience.
  9. Thanks for posting that Janet. Not showing on the Coliseum calendar yet. I still wonder why he is absent from RB.
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