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  1. No, you’re right. Predictably there’s always the usual suspects.... You really would have to be ?....?......I know not what to take offence at such an innocuous statement. Puzzled
  2. Err, a joke? Humour? Honest irony? Self-deprecation? What on earth else could it possibly be? Disappointing Dave.
  3. Would just like to point out that the Deputy Chief Medical Officer is, thankfully, not running the country and her remarks were unfortunate, Necessarily and understandably, scientists are purists and concerned only with a particular project. She may well have been correct in her comments that it would take six months to get rid of the virus but those charged with taking a wider view know that locking down the country for six months is simply unsustainable. We have to get the U.K. moving again and likely deaths have to be balanced against the harm that the so-called cure is doing. It is not
  4. Personally, I can’t think of anything more daft in these straitened times than abandoning Scarlett’s Swan Lake. Yes, many of us have reservations about certain aspects of the production, but it has been widely acclaimed. Most importantly, it sells fast and well and RB’s dancers have prepared for it. Ditching it when the economy has just been trashed would seem like artistic judgement gone mad. The official line is that Scarlett has no case to answer so why would our first rank ballet company wrinkle its hyper-sensitive nose? This is a time for clear thinking in order to rebuild finances s
  5. Take your point Darlex. As people will know, I am pretty much at the top of the list of Ed Watson's fan club. I didn't include him because I mentioned him so many times and sound like a broken record. And nobody else seems to ask which I find strange because if Muntagirov or Ball or Campbell vanished, these boards would be awash with complaint! Okay, I know he was due to appear in Dante (I have booked for 3 performances without even knowing if it is great or the other thing...), but he has been off stage now for two and a half years and nobody ever says anything. Why
  6. Of course we don’t know but we DO know what Kobborg and Cojocaru have said since, clearly documented. As I have said before - and doubtless will again - it shouldn’t matter to us, the audience. We see only the performances on which we base our liking for artistes. This is theatre, not politics. A formal marking of the departure of the leading ballet couple from the top UK ballet company should have been appropriately recognised for the audience. There wasn’t anyone there that night who didn’t share that view. For the same reason, I have no interest in what may or may not have
  7. Cojocaru and Kobborg have made it clear in interviews that they thought their departure was badly handled. In any case, this is about more than Management favourites - there is surely a duty to fans? We are not sheep taking our cue from a Management as to which artiste is in or out. If you had been there that night you would have seen for yourself the strength of feeling. A rare misstep from KOH who appeared petty. i must take issue with your view of the succession. Losing an internationally acclaimed star, for many of us the greatest ballerina of her generation, surely merits
  8. SO share your view, Love Classics. Alina is in a class of her own and should be dancing with the premier company on the premier stage in London. I have no idea what went on but it was clear from the shameful way their last performance went unmarked by management that relations had soured. I am not sure Alina could have stayed and not just because of her relationship with Kobborg. They had been casting this couple less and less over the preceding two years, so much so that I had written to RB about it, and I think her face no longer fitted. I cannot remember if they left befor
  9. Oooh, err!! There is an irony to all this: as Mr. Scarlett will find it difficult to find work in the immediate future, he could perhaps have teamed up with Mr. Polunin, if only....
  10. Because at this time, most people don't have Mr. Scarlett top of their worries list. All they needed to do was let it go and then when somebody decided they must probe the matter, simply say that they have no plans to work with this gentleman in the forseeable future. I've spent my life in press relations and almost always recommend being open about events, but in this case sleeping dogs would have quietly faded away. I hold no brief for Mr. Scarlett, but I do think the statement is pretty awful. But then ROH have form since the late but not lamented Lucy Sinclair took charge.
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