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  1. JNC. Look, the fact that not everybody can be familiar with everything discussed on this forum surely doesn’t render a topic redundant? Several dancers have already been mentioned on this thread whom I have never heard of. Surely all discussions add to our knowledge?
  2. I know no more than anyone else, being reliant for information on media and social media reports, all available on public forums. My point is not who was at fault or who said what to whom, but rather the management of their departure from the point of view of the paying public. Alina and Johann were major stars, high calibre artistes who had been at RB for a good length of time and who had brought acclaim to ROH through their performances. Many people, like myself, followed them devotedly and had no reason to suspect that this pleasure was about to end so abruptly. My argument is that whatever the circumstances, however strained relations might have become, RB owed it to their fans to organise a fitting tribute. For many of us who were there that night, the first we knew was when we walked through the doors and the place was buzzing with the news. It was too late for me to get any flowers although some people managed it and bouquets rained down at the end. And we all waited, and waited for somebody to come on and say something and nobody did. I was in the Stalls and there was quite a few calls of ‘shame.’ KOH should have concentrated on what was due to fans who wanted to see their favourites honoured or, at the very least, recognised. Years of outstanding performances should have counted for something. When I contrast this shabby treatment with the endless tributes to Darcey and, subsequently, Acosta received, I feel quite sour.
  3. I also think Campbell would make an excellent Romeo and was v.surprised that he wasn’t given a chance in the last run. I always liked him because he has a strong stage presence, but his Oberon was magnificent and made me see him through different eyes
  4. Were you there that night, Fiz? Apart from the shock and the sadness, there was this strange atmosphere as if people just couldn’t believe it. Whatever went on with management, not marking their departure in any way was so shabby and made management look mean-spirited. I am a great supporter of what KOH has done with RB but there is no excuse for his complete failure that night. Like yourself, I was a huge fan of Cojocaru and Kobborg and don’t think there is another pairing that even comes close. Kobborg is also an interesting choreographer and should have been given a chance at ROH. Acosta was allowed to indulge himself twice with mediocre and costly results. As for Watson, nobody mentions him anymore. If he hasn’t left, then he might just as well have for all we hear of him. It is all Muntagirov on repeat play, with some Campbell fans asking why he doesn’t get this or that role and the occasional look in for Ball. Interestingly, I also feel that Macrae is unappreciated. A very different dancer to Watson and not always my first choice, but he is a sparkling performer with stunning technique but remains a little unloved.
  5. They do for me. Durante repeatedly lost out in favour of Darcey and then left in what seemed a manufactured row. Kobborg was coming to the end of his dancing life and deserved to be given a quality farewell of the calibre bestowed on Acosta. Losing Cojocaru should never have happened and failing to give her and Kobborg a proper sendoff probably means that we shall never see her at ROH again which, for me, is a travesty. Equally, I am at a loss to understand why Watson is not dancing as he cannot continue forever and It would be nice to enjoy him while we can. I can imagine the uproar there would be if forum favourites Nunez and Muntagirov were similarly treated.
  6. As I understand it, Ed Watson has been back from injury for some time which makes it even more difficult to understand why he is not dancing at ROH.
  7. And Alina and Johann. Now you saw them, now you didn't. I arrived for Mayerling and was told it was their last night at RB. Yes, I know there had been problems with management but this is one instance where KOH should have been big enough to bid them a proper goodbye. Not for RB but for their many fans over the years. It was a terrible way to let the top couple, two of the greatest dancers in the world, go.
  8. Viviana Durante. Such a beautiful dancer but Darcey had all the limelight. And now... Ed Watson. Seemingly vanished with no fanfare, no announcement, no acknowledgement of his immense contribution. I never thought he would be discarded so quickly
  9. May I echo Bridiem. I, too, decided not to go this season. Prices are steep which means fewer Manon's and Coppelia's and South West trains have slid from poor to dire. It has been a great pleasure to watch this forum every morning and experience the pleasure of the Bolshoi through some inspired and beautifully written reviews.
  10. On a more light-hearted note, I thought this pic had the opposite effect and that Sergei looked anything but fit! But please, anybody who attends Verona, give us your verdict. I am pretty sure that everybody on this forum would be genuinely over the moon if it is reported that Mr. Polunin dances wonderfully.
  11. You make some good and reasonable points, SBF but I doubt many will be prepared to say so, so don’t expect many likes! However, I am not sure that castigating the Yawn comment is particularly appropriate for such censure. BBB can and will speak for himself but I took it as a flippant but not ill humoured remark.
  12. Perhaps the Russians do not share our passion for Elf ‘n’ Safety?
  13. Me, too. I would welcome your Verona reports. Look, I can be obsessive about Edward Watson and am sad about the fact that he seems to have been forgotten, but I would admit difficulties if I saw them. His last Mayerling was superlative compared to others but not, IMHO, quite up there with previous performances. Francesca Hayward is my personal top dancer but although her Juliet was the best I have seen, I think she has more to give. You have to call it warts and all which doesn’t make you less of a fan. I watched Polunun’s Marguerite and Armand with Rojo again just now and was reminded of that night when I was spellbound by his charisma, self-assurance and technique. I saw him on two few occasions at RB but he never failed to impress and those are fond memories. I have been a stern critic almost ever since for the simple reason that his performances, both in execution and choice of material have been sub standard in almost every respect. The cult of personality he has built around himself has done him no favours but I am willing to hope that his association with the wondrous Kobborg and Cojocaru may be helpful. We shall see.
  14. Fiona, I admire your persistence and I will be genuinely interested to hear how Verona works out, but you could hardly be described as an objective observer. The reason peoples hackles go up is because you and one or two others constantly praise Polunin in such an OTT way that your opinion lacks credibility. I have never heard you admit to even the slightest flaws in his performance when, self-evidently, there have been some howlers. Similarly, when you use Instagram posts by people connected with Verona as evidence that the performances will be fantastic, it is viewed as just more hype. Let’s wait and see what happens.
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