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  1. Don't you always with anything I post? It is so predictable. A moderator complaining that a poster cannot post news of a major cast change - well, you just get more and more extraordinary. I have been absolutely clear that 'artistes cannot help illness.' There can be nothing offensive there unless you go looking for reasons to be offended.
  2. She will be back in time for the filmed production. Hmm. I phoned the Box Office and they said they were only told this morning.
  3. Really annoying as had booked especially to see her after a glorious Norma. Nor keen on the replacement who I thought was weak and under-powered in the last production. I know people cannot help illness but tickets are so expensive now, it is hard not to be upset
  4. Hooray somebody else who didn't mind admitting Twyla Tharp was.....
  5. Rojo and Polunin in Marguerite and Armand Falling under the spell of Shylrakov - wish he would guest more Ed Watson dancing as the Indian for Arthur Pita First seeing Francesca Hayward in Rhapsody and thinking ‘oh my goodness’ or words to that effect Ditto Corrales as an officer in Mayerling - wow The pas de deux between Ed Watson and Matthew Ball in Woof Works - incredibly moving Hayward/Corrales/Ball in a transformational Romeo andJuliet Hayward IS Manon Low Points: Too many flops - Strapless, Anastasia, Frankenstein, the World War 1 thing. All for new work but KOH needs to keep a closer eye and intervene more Twyla Tharp - like sliced bread she was probably ground breaking once but things have moved on The over-hyped, over priced new build programme to Open Up ROH to something unidentifiable, coupled with hypocrisy of senior management as they hike ticket prices and restrict availability The furniture in the Vilar/Floral/Champagne Hall. Hideous and inappropriate The loss of Cojocaru and Kobborg - shouldn’t have happened The way the loss of Cojocaru and Kobborg was handled. Management should have been big enough to give the the sort of departure that they and their fans merited The casual way Ed Watson has seemingly gone from being a busy Principal to invisible. And the fact that nobody mentions it And lastly - the price of a glass of champagne! Where are they going with this?
  6. Thank you Maryroses, and sorry everyone for using wrong thread.
  7. Sense of proportion needed here, I think. Or, to use another cliche, reds under the bed, perhaps?
  8. Love the idea of flowers for men. I have twice taken flowers for Ed Watson - not big showy affairs for on stage but small bouquets for his dressing room.
  9. If I must have just ONE it has to be Ed Watson Mayerling 2013 with Mara Galeazzi. As The Telegraph described it, there are nights at the ballet you will remember all your life and this was one of them. It became evident early on that something special was unfolding and there was such excitement in the house. At the end, just silence. And then the roaring and the cheering and a half-dead dancer who had given his all, hardly able to stand. My husband was nearing the end after a long illness and I nearly cancelled but he insisted I go and for those precious hours I was transported. I cried all the way home on the train and it was a release. I shall always be grateful to the wonderful, the incomparable Edward Watson.
  10. SugarPlum: There is no magic way to get tickets, particularly last minute. As others have said, though, people do return tickets because their plans change and these go on the website. Just keep looking and something usually comes up - unless its Fidelio in which case, no chance!
  11. Romeo and Juliet with Hayward, Corrales and Ball. Gave me a totally new perspective on this ballet. Hayward totally convincing, Corrales bursting with raw charisma and untamed excitement, and Ball a revelation oozing entitlement and menace.
  12. This is a bugbear of mine. Coats, hats,scarfs, rucksacks, briefcases, shopping bags have no place in the auditorium and the ushers should take action., As I predicted, Open Up made the situation worse with its constant emphasis on limited cloakroom facilities when the truth was that there was plenty of storage space but problems with queues.
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