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  1. My ds walked away from offers in London for similar reasons, even though he is confident travelling around London independently. He decided for himself that he would rather be in a school environment, with staff who knew him well and could provide support holistically, rather than having to live independently at just turned 16, especially considering the pandemic situation!
  2. Both of mine didn’t give up anything else until they went to vocational school at 11. However they weren’t trying to do multiple things to a very high standard which is what your dd sounds like she is doing. Dance was very much the priority but they still did other after school things too, just once or twice a week.
  3. I think lots of people end up buying two pairs in different sizes so they have two ‘odd but matching’ pairs each time they get new shoes - it’s an expensive problem!
  4. This was us last year when ds had four to choose from including RCS. In the end we let him make the final choice. He didn’t choose the one I would have - I would have chosen RCS - but he’s very happy where he is.
  5. There were definitely places awarded from the waitlist last year because my ds and others went elsewhere. Well done and good luck! Fingers crossed for everyone.
  6. Oh that’s interesting, they never used to have an ‘ordered’ list, they’ve always said it was a reserve ‘pool’ because they looked at the overall picture of who had accepted or gone elsewhere, and where there might be spaces in boarding etc. It wasn’t as simple as who was next on the list.
  7. Not really the point of the thread but Birmingham isn’t really the north. My dc have gone to vocational schools at 11 because there just wasn’t the amount of local training at the right standard here, for them to be able to ‘compete’ for upper school places at 16, not without spending between six and eight hours in a car both days every weekend! No mid associates for Elmhurst near us, only Royal MAs with very few places. Some areas of the country are much better served by dance organisations than others.
  8. I’m not sure, it’s odd. There’s no confidentiality clause attached to an mds award. There might be for school bursaries though which is different.
  9. I’ve heard nothing about this, but that’s likely to be my dd thinking that it’s not an interesting thing to mention, if she’s actually aware of it at all!
  10. Hypermobility doesn’t equal flexibility. My ds is very hyperflexible but has never been able to get centre splits flat. His hamstrings can get very tight too, unless he keeps working at it. Dd is similarly hyperflexible but has to work at all her splits. Neither had all splits when they got their mds awards.
  11. Yorkshire Ballet Seminars. They’re not taking applications this year because everyone has had their places rolled over from last summer, but in ‘normal’ years it’s one to definitely consider.
  12. In buildings leased from the university on Liverpool Road.
  13. There are some y12 girls in the lower school girls accommodation block.
  14. There will be lots of movement yet, some of you will get nice surprise phone calls/emails in the next few weeks when other schools make their offers and all the shuffling of waiting lists is done.
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