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  1. I wouldn’t be taking my dc to a RAD teacher who didn’t understand the gradings, they’re all very well aware of the two systems and should be guiding their students (and parents) through the most appropriate route.
  2. I’d echo everything Jane says in her post.
  3. It will most likely be 14th September. They usually follow Elmhurst school terms.
  4. Ooh, @balletbean can I ask a Manchester question? Where does the examiner and pianist sit in relation to the barres? Which side of the room etc? My dd and her friend are there next week but no one from their school has used that centre before so they don’t know the layout. Yes, and then the long wait for the results. At least they’re not LAMDA, they take forever!!
  5. @TinyNEDancer the y4 audition in Sunderland usually has around 25-30 in each audition class. The class sizes for each year group tend to be between 8 and 12, but there’s no set number. The teacher is very lovely and your dd will have a fabulous time. Good luck to her!
  6. Again... This is the third year that they’ve held an extra late audition, which seems very unfair on those children who auditioned in November!
  7. Absolutely this! My dd has had her fair share of no thanks emails during her junior associate years but is starting vocational school in September with an mds. Enjoy it all.
  8. Echoing what @sarahw says above, you really do have to just take it day by day. Assessments are horrible but try not to let them overshadow all the wonderful things about their school life. I’ve got one almost finished lower school and it hasn’t been an easy ride at all, but we’re about to start all over again with dc2 so it can’t have been all bad 😱😁
  9. I’m not sure with the mds if they let you switch from a day place to a boarding place (if there is one available). You can definitely decide at the outset to be a day pupil. At 20 miles I would make being a day pupil work. For comparison we are 180-200 miles from our dc’s schools.
  10. Absolutely this. I have one DC already boarding and another about to go. We live far too far from either school for them to be day pupils but this is what I would have chosen had we lived nearer.
  11. They usually have a ‘reserve pool’ not strictly a list. If places become available they meet up and discuss who to give the places to. They said in the last that it depends on things like beds and class numbers too which is why it’s not a strict list.
  12. My dd attends at Hull and both dc have attended ballet boost holiday courses in London, and will do so again this summer. Always had excellent teaching and good advice from @Emma northmore
  13. Ballet Boost at Hull is excellent, I would thoroughly recommend it.
  14. Where did you order from? DS is desperate for some dancewear that isn’t black, navy or grey!
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