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  1. I think some of the non-residential ones are clinging on to the hope that they might be able to run. It’s cutting it fine though since the studios don’t look like they’ll be allowed to open for a few more weeks yet at the earliest.
  2. I think the audition process and therefore the acceptance of places etc is very drawn out this year, due to the need for video submissions etc. We’ve not been told anything about September as yet, I think they’re waiting on more guidance.
  3. Do you still have the first gaynor minden on the list?
  4. Communication with current parents isn’t much better at the moment, just so you don’t think it’s newbies that are having trouble. We can’t get replies to emails either.
  5. Hi i can email you the uniform lists if you drop me a DM with your email add? School should send you it all soon with the details of how to order etc
  6. There will be at least one space. DS decided to take an offer from another school.
  7. Hammond are still charging full fees.
  8. There’s no one actually at school so emailing will be the best way to get hold of anyone.
  9. RCS offer landed in our inbox this morning, fingers crossed for everyone.
  10. It’s not quite as simple as that because each school has a waiting list. So although the initial offers have been made and accepted/rejected, this then triggers another round of offers and handing back of places accepted elsewhere. It really isn’t usually clear until the end of April.
  11. I know a y7 who’s been given a place from the waiting list so there is some movement. There’ll be more yet I’m sure.
  12. They’ll take it off when they do the calculation, but it’s per additional child. Not the one you’re applying for.
  13. It’s the same, approx £2k.
  14. So has anyone given a thought to accommodation?! 😬
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