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  1. Please could you send me some photographs. I will pm you.
  2. Please could I have the coral leotard.
  3. Please could I have the black Xs sauna suit. Thanks
  4. It is the signature leotard without the seam under the bust. It is an amazing cut and very flattering. Just too small for my daughters whe are 15 and 19.
  5. Please could you tell me if this leotard still available. Thank you.
  6. I have a new Claudia Dean World leotard that I would like to sell. There are no tags but it has never been worn as it was too small. In excellent condition. It is an XL child which should fit around age 12-14 years. I would like £35.00 ovno.
  7. It’s a yes for my dd. Good luck to everyone else. Fingers crossed.
  8. We are waiting for my younger daughters email too. Nerves are shattered as some of her friends have already received theirs. Has anyone heard of any yes emails yet?
  9. There is a real waitlist and people do get places offered from it. They do not say this to everyone. There are many “No” emails unfortunately.
  10. There are about 28 girls in my daughters year I think. Hope this helps.
  11. Well done to everyone with positive results so far. Well our letter came today and we are delighted that my daughter received funding for upper school. A huge relief. Lots more results to arrive yet but it is fantastic to know that she has a place for September.
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