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  1. I am interested in the degas T0 coral and turquoise leotard. Please could you send me some photographs.
  2. Please could you send me photographs.Thank you
  3. Any colour considered. Must be very good condition as it will be used for auditions.
  4. I would like the ainsliewear leotard if it is still available please.
  5. The blue one has sold I’m afraid. The only ones I have left are a lilac Bloch one and a deep red degas leotard.
  6. Hi yes I still have one small wear moi which is capped sleeves and new with tags.
  7. I am so sorry to hear your sad news hbbm. I have a daughter at white lodge and your situation is one that we all worry about and try not to think too much about at assessment times. My daughter has been lucky enough to be offered a further years training which means that she will complete her time there. She has been very happy there too. However, I also have another older daughter who was a Royal Ballet School JA but was put on the waiting list for mid associates as she did not want to go to vocational school at eleven. A place never came up for her and her RBS journey ended which seemed like the end of the world at the time. We decided to audition for Northern Ballet CAT scheme and I must say that it was the best decision that we have made. She blossomed there and was very successful at upper school auditions last year. She did nor audition for RBS again as she felt that it was just not for her which is fine as it is not a school for everyone. However, she is incredibly happy at the fantastic school she has chosen to train at and is doing incredibly well. In fact, we have just returned from New York where she took classes with ABT school. The teacher there was very keen for her to join the school which is incredible looking back at where she was six years ago. A complete turn around. She has chosen to stay at her present school though. New York was just a bit too far from home. I am just telling you this to show you that things happen for a reason and sometimes, at the time, you cannot understand why but things always come right in the end. Just because the RBS does not think that your beautiful daughter is right for their training at the moment it does not mean that she never will be or that she is not perfect for training elsewhere. If she truly loves dance then a way will be found for her to succeed. Good luck to you both for the future and I am more than happy for you to pm me if you need any information re the CAT scheme.
  8. Hi please could I have the ballet rosa leotard.
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