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  1. Hi Annaliesey thank you for this and happy new year to you! we went to the new dance school and did a trial day which she really liked. I found everyone to be really nice and welcoming. We know the dance teacher already as we have had lessons with her previously at the existing school (I forgot to mention that before). I’d say where we live, it’s a choice of these two (unless we want to travel a substantial distance, which currently we don’t). The new school is probably the one where most people go if they want to do dancing seriously later on, but even then there is a real lack of extra training at a younger age where we are, which is why things like the associate classes are so valuable to her - she is just getting so much out of it which she wouldn’t have got previously. I think the thing that I noticed the most is the amount of classes available at the ‘next level’ as you say, they seem to offer quite a lot at an ‘inter’ level where as our current one she would just be doing one ballet class. I guess if she carries on with dancing she would eventually have to increase her hours which she could only really do at the new one. I know the teacher at our current school is very well regarded, so it’s hard to know what’s best here so we sort of have to go on gut feeling? I have also realised as you say that there are options for classes outside the ‘grades’ which has been helpful. It’s been a good exercise for us just to review things and see what else is out there. She is only 8 so trying not to over think it. I mean she could just jack it all in next year 😂 I think we have got a good plan now which everyone seems positive about - thanks to everyone on the forum for your help! 🙃🩰 xx
  2. Ah this is interesting - I had always just thought we would stay where we are but think I realise if she wants to do other types of dancing (which she does) she might have to make the move. I think 8 is too young for her to have to stop doing all the other types of dance she likes so she can do more ballet. Surely it also has to be about fun! 🙂 Anyway we have a trial class this week so we will see! x
  3. Yes it’s a bit like going down a rabbit hole isn’t it, the further you go the further you have to keep going 😂. DD is 8. She is quite opinionated in her plans in what she wants 😅. We have a try our class this week with the new dance school so I guess we will see how that goes!
  4. Thank you for this, this is just how we are feeling! It’s good to hear from people who have done the same..xx
  5. Thanks Tiny - got a feeling the new school wouldn’t like us just doing that, but gotta try I guess! 🤪
  6. Hi TKT! yes I do understand this too! As our little journey has progressed I have found that we seem to come up against obstacles to thinking outside the traditional box so to speak...it’s so hard isn’t it! How old is your DD? There are lots of other opportunities for more ballet out there depending on where you are or what you can manage? good luck with your thoughts..it’s driving me a bit bonkers! haha...xxx
  7. Yes thank for this actually it’s a good idea and we are going to do it - think that would be flood all round! Going to speak to her current teacher also, I feel like they won’t let her do both schools unfortunately but it’s worth a try...it would be fab if she could do both it would solve it all in my head.. xx
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any pearls of wisdom..DD is 8, she has been at her dance school since she was 3. We have always been really happy there. It’s quite a small dance school she is pretty much doing everything she can there. She recently started at elmhurst as a young dancer and is loving it, but now that she has, things are starting to clash. because it is quite small, there aren’t really any alternatives, so for example, she has recently had to stop modern, which she loved. There is a larger dance school which does a lot more, and can be more accommodating, and offer more opportunities (and have been fab at offering all sorts of solutions) but while it makes sense on paper, we both feel a bit sad about leaving our current one - we feel a sort of loyalty. I think I know if she wants to continue doing more then we have to make the move, but it makes me feel bad! DDs view is she is worried she won’t know anyone. she wants to do more dancing but is scared of not having friends..I don’t want to be a pushy mum who does things she is sad about, but she is too young to get it at the moment? anyone got any good advice? 🙂 x
  9. Ok fab if I message you my email could you send me pics, am interested in them if the person above me doesn’t have them! could you also send me pics of the degas ones too? Thanks so much 🙂 x
  10. Hello I am interested in the collections by Claudia ones too - roughly what age is child medium would you say? I’ll just measure her anyway..
  11. Hi @Fairydust! I reckon it would be fine? The waist is pretty big and sits on her hips more so think it would be ok? The bottoms are also zip up. The top is also quite baggy? I did try and PM you a picture but I can’t work our how to do it 😂...
  12. @Spamcat yes the jazz shorts are the boys shorts, I needed help with that too! the ballet shoes are satin Bloch if that’s any help as well? we got the lace up ones because she has such narrow feet I thought it would mean I could pull them in more - which has actually helped as they would have been a bit baggy on the sides otherwise! They are Bloch as well. DD loves it all! I have to say it’s all really good quality. she can’t wait to get going! 💃🏼 Xx
  13. Hi @Spamcat ours arrived today! I went for 8-10 and it fits just right (6-7 would have been way to small in length)! Tracksuit is a bit baggy but she will grow into it - the bottoms are quite big round waist but don’t fall down. We got 7-8. ballet shoes we got the narrow fit and they fit about the same as her current ones and are ok (we got size 3, she is a 2 in normal shoes). Jazz shoes - she is a 2 and we got a 5 (website said to). They are a bit big as she has such narrow feet but they are alright. We got 7-8 in jazz shorts and they are great with a bit of room to spare. Hope that helps?! DD is 128cm. exciting! 🙂
  14. @TinyNEDancer this is going to sound random but have you had any email confirmation of your order? I haven't..but wondering if that's just the way they do it? does it just turn up?🤔 xx
  15. It didn’t say the brand but I have a feeling they could be Bloch? There was a choice of width and the size chart said Bloch on it. Usually Bloch was have been to wide for her but as there is a width choice it might be they are alright. I ordered 8-10 leotard as she has got a similar one which is 8-10..again a stab in the dark 😅💁🏼‍♀️ Feel like she would be too tall for the 6-7? I have to say I love ordering kit..😅 must be a throw back to start of term new stationary and school bags or something? 😆 pretty expensive for it all though! 😬
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