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  1. I had thought a similar thing @BellaF 😂 (I always think that anyway but this confirmed it 😆)
  2. DD is due to go into year 5 at Elmhurst in Sept (current year 4) and we haven’t heard anything from them for a while..we have had a few activity packs but there hasn’t been any online offering. I think the teachers must have been furloughed (in fact I know they have as they were unable to write the end of year reports). I would be interested to know what they are doing about auditions as it might give us a steer as to if they are going back? I guess it’s different to RBS as the Elmhurst Birmingham classes are held at the actual boarding school so they would have to consider the implications of that - i.e. many outside visitors coming in every Saturday 🤔 I don’t know how possible that is? We have everything crossed they can make it work..it’s a wonderful class for them.. sorry i know this is an RBS thread..
  3. My DD is a year 4 Birmingham young dancer. We have been told that we aren’t being invoiced for the summer term and so it looks unlikely we will be back before September. They have asked us if we wish to continue our place For year 5 and to confirm. They have sent us a few emails so they are ‘about’ so to speak and so might be worth contacting them? I don’t know about auditions for elmhurst, but RBS have emailed and said they still intend to do auditions for associates if possible before September. I saw ballet boost are doing video applications. I am sure that Elmhurst will make some sort of contact about their auditions shortly? Good luck x
  4. I was wondering, how do these work? Given the latest developments (not sure how these would affect ballet schools) - and the fact that Ballet Boost have just announced video auditions for associate courses - I was wondering if others might follow suit? do you get one shot like in an audition or can they be re done over and over? I’m guessing that not many would know the answer to this as they are not common place? I did have a quick look at ballet boost but as this isn’t something we are actually applying to I am not sure I can find out. also, RBS now seem to have put all their application dates for next year in their website 🤔 which is interesting given we still haven’t done this years? Anyone else wondering what might happen? 🤨 or just me 😂
  5. @sunrise81 we just got our ballet practice mat from the same company, and we have been using it with 3 yoga mats lined up under it, which has been working fab (for us anyway, she is only 8, so we aren’t doing anything advanced on it, just her classes). 🙂
  6. Thanks everyone this has helped a lot. Has totally helped me work out what this actually is. I have just ordered the same size for a lot cheaper from dance and stage (on pre order anyway as it had sold out). She isn’t on pointe, it’s more to stop her slipping on the kitchen floor. The space in our kitchen is larger than the room she is currently in but floor slippier. what would be amazing is a cushioned floor but that is just way out my price range for what this is for. maybe when she is older..I will just have to make sure she isn’t doing a lot of jumping... Thank you!
  7. Has anyone got this? Could they explain - is it cushioned or is it just a vinyl roll? I am weighing up if the new 2m x 1m size practice mat is worth the investment in terms of protecting feet when practicing or is it more of a non slip surface? It is made of Harlequin Cascade. It says it can’t be used on carpet, but on hard floor. DD is currently doing all her online classes in our carpeted playroom, but we have a hard floor kitchen she could use the mat on if this was better? I have never really had to think about dance floor before, but I (like my daughter) have really high arches and have previously done damage to my feet when running on pavement (and my shins)! Over the last few days been suddenly concerned about her doing the same sort of damage on home floor. Am I being a bit over the top? Or is this a good investment anyway.. would be great to get opinions! thank you!
  8. Hello! Sorry to hijack this thread but @balletbean where did you hear about RAD being closed? Do you know if that means summer schools are cancelled? thanks so much!
  9. Astrid

    RBS JAs 2020

    Auditions postponed until the end of the summer term..makes sense and obviously expected...🤔
  10. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is healthy, and coping with this awful situation. DD is so upset as this week have seen cancellations from her chance to dance easter school, her weekly elmhurst class and finally today her dance school closed who have valiantly tried to carry on as long as they could. They are going to be running their classes online which has lifted her spirits and we are going to be fact timing dance friends and trying to make the best of it. EYB have also been great at trying to keep as much going as they can or rearranging. The one thing I was wondering about was JA auditions this year! RBS put a message out saying they were planning on still running them in April and May, but wonder what the alternative would be if they couldn't? This is just so astonishing isn't it! Sending love to all on here who are dance teachers or dance school owners. As a fellow small business owner I recognise how stressful this must be. x
  11. Astrid

    RBS JAs 2020

    @BattementBatty I think maybe they realised adding the numbers of places vs number auditioned was fuelling the endless debate and decided to put us out our misery by removing that section 😅🤓
  12. Astrid

    RBS JAs 2020

    @Fairydust Birmingham..Realised that if we get the second date it easier to make it work than to try and get to another centre. There are two choices of dates which are two weeks apart (because of that extra BH on May 8th). So if anyone else Birmingham we will be there 🙂@Spamcat possibly? xx
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