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  1. It’s not going to be today then is it..😑 every time I get a beep I get excited and then it’s an email about 20% off summer at Asda..😅
  2. Gosh Waverley you are right, there is an extra auditor this year isn’t there. That means an even longer wait surely?! 🤦🏼‍♀️
  3. Good luck @JJ700 and everyone else in Bath today! 💃🏼
  4. Good luck to your lovely DD today Spamcat - just think you can spend the time while you wait refreshing emails for elmhurst 😂... I hope she gets to do some improv and show them what’s she got 💃🏼
  5. DD was also quite scared by a lot of the stretching at the first insight day she went to, as well as the fact a lot of girls knew each other (which makes one more confident). At the auditions, we made her a little play list (things like little mix, power) and got there at the last minute, so she was zoned out and didn’t see as much! it worked a treat... @Balletmamatotwo thank you for all your insights into elmhurst it seems like an amazing place. DD enjoyed going to see a ‘real life’ ballet school! @TinyNEDancer good luck to your DD! @Shellym the wait continues - wondering if any chance could be today? 🤔
  6. Hello @Fairydust! Year 4..she was in the 1245 group. Her group was majority boys! are you waiting on year 4 too? x
  7. Sorry JJ700 should also say good luck!! And to everyone else in Bath this week xx
  8. From what DD said she was on her knees, they had to respond to the music so move in time to how he played..I wouldn’t worry too much, I have a sneaking suspicion by that point they probably already know if they like any of them..they would probably just love watching her whatever she did 🙃 they do genuinely have a lovely time i think it’s so they can see their musicality (I’m on a steep learning curve 😂)
  9. Feeling your pain on all counts. Never had so many pointless emails it seems 😂 I feel like it’s going to be Friday maybe? They said before half term. She is away with brownies from Saturday so at least if at a no I get time to prep...😅
  10. @Spamcat strange they were slightly different. maybe because there were more boys in her group. This week is going to be painful I have to say. At least it’s a diversion from the waiting from RBS I guess 🤦🏼‍♀️..also waiting on a job interview I went for. couldn’t be more waiting if I we tried 😂😂
  11. Yes Spamcat she did - She loved it again- she was pretty descriptive - said they went in, warmed up in a circle, did some centre work all in first and second position, plies etc. She said they had to lie on their back and get their leg as close up to their face as poss. No splits, cobra, frog on back. She said they did stand in some positions but didn’t take their shoes off at all. Two improvs - one dancing round the room, one with arms. ‘The lady was taking notes and they had people’s photos’. she said the teacher was ‘more strict but nice’. Sounds completely different to RBS. More dancing. she started talking about her two chances to apply for both schemes again next year so is ready for disappointment but I think just wants it desperately. Amazing school I thought! Anyway! Sorry everyone for that brief diversion - annnnnd back to RBS 😅...💁🏼‍♀️
  12. Lovely to meet you and your lovely DD today, lots of luck to you and your friends little boy and good luck for next week! x
  13. Evening everyone DD had her elmhurst audition today. She said they went in, stood in a circle, did some skips to warm up, then they did some centre work. She said this was in first and second position. Plies and pointing toes..No barre work. They didn’t take their shoes and socks off at all. They did froggie on back, cobra and had to lie on their back and get their leg up as near to their face as poss. They did two bits of improv, one where they danced round the room and one where they just used their arms. There were 21 in her group. They said they want to get the results out before half term. Hope that could be of help to some of you! Seems very different to RBS! 🙃 xx
  14. Yes she has 😅 today was for elmhurst associates. We are definitely done now! 😆 just in car on way home and logged in to give DD description of the elmhurst audition 😁..
  15. Well I’m in a pink top and a leather jacket so do say hi if you see us..lols ballet co blind date 😂 good luck to your DD!!
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