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  1. That is what is a bit confusing - they can carry on which is fantastic, even in tier 3, but in tier 3, you can’t travel which they also say not to do 🤔 or am I being really dim. I think it’s probably me being dim 🤣 I just want to check I’m doing the right thing. 😅
  2. I was wondering this too, what happens if the tiers are different? 🤔
  3. hello @Spamcat! All year 5 girls in our group, my DD knows all the girls in our group she says it’s the same as last year with ‘some missing’ (who will all be in yours 🙂). They have done so well to get everyone back! Looking forward to them all being together again soon though @Spamcat x and to the return of jazz! 😎
  4. Thank you @In at the deep end that’s very helpful, a while to go for group 4 then yet then. Good luck with your video! 🙂 x
  5. Hello, just wondering have group 3 had their email yet? 🙂
  6. Most of them have mats - and I think most of them have the one they recommend which is basically a yoga Mat style, which Comes with some straps? Most of them have them sling over their shoulders when they carry them in. They use them a lot in jazz as well, I don’t remember anyone having a towel in watching week but I’m sure it would be fine if they say it is? Ours doesn’t seem heavy - just a lightweight yoga style mat? We got it off their list. I’d just go for that one. Hope that helps! 🙂
  7. No I don’t think they will mind at all. They just say a full sole canvas. last time they said full sole satin and while they recommended a shoe solong as they were full sole satin it didn’t matter. 🙂
  8. Oh that is so helpful thank you! I hadn’t seen those. I’ll give them a try! 😃
  9. Is anyone selling a degas 9501 in a 12a? Its to go with quite a brightly coloured skirt so I would consider quite a few colours - not black or navy though. thanks in advance!
  10. I trying to search for an alternative. I’ll let you know if I find one! I think a few have the same problem. The Bloch ones they suggested previously came in a A width and so we got those! But these are so wide? We sized down if that helps at all.. It was slightly better but not much! our local dance shop is a very good one with a national website branch, and they said the Bloch used to do a canvas full sole but don’t do it any more. They said freed were the only ones they knew of (which are the ones they suggest) 🤔 oh well at least they will all be the same 😁
  11. We wear the tracksuit - I think they are having a re brand or something? As we didn’t have the option of leggings before. So you might get an exciting new tracksuit 😅 The bottoms are very baggy so leggings are a good idea I think! They don’t show any pictures do they.. I love a rebrand... The new shoes are pretty ermmm ....interesting 😬 if anyone has a recommendations for canvas full sole that come in a narrow fit? These are very wide. We have sized down but if anyone knows of any others I’d be grateful..
  12. Does what affect her chances being in group 4? They just group them (usually by DOB) because there are X number applying and they have to be split into groups. I can’t see how being in the school or on zoom will make any difference. It’s the same audition. If they want you they want you, if they don’t, just keep going and apply for everything as long as it’s enjoyable?😃 you can’t prepare really for these things because so much of it is based on physical attributes as much as anything. as many people have said to me (and I am seriously no expert in fact the opposite ) - best to just enjoy the teachers, the studio and the chance to dance with a pianist which is a treat in itself (it was for us anyway)! we have had many no’s..probably 50% of things she has tried have been no..it’s hard for sure, but then she just cracks on 🙂. She will have a great time regardless! And you might get a yes which would be icing on cake! 🙂 it’s totally natural to feel nervous I wouldn’t have been able to do these things age 8 that’s for sure..
  13. When DD auditioned for year 4 last year it was about an hour long class, with warm up, stretches, barre and centre work and some improv. I think it depends on your centre as to how many they take (how big the class is). We both really enjoyed the day and got an ice cream in the park after. it’s best just to see it as a chance to dance in the studios with the teachers and the pianist and have fun, it’s a lovely class.x
  14. I don’t know about Manchester but at bham there was about 16-18 girls maybe in our class this year? At bham you can wait in the reception and go to the canteen, but I doubt we will be able to next term I imagine it will be drop and go...As the current students are there having lessons.. We haven’t been told time’s or how it will work yet. X
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